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WISH LIST -- Please report needed items before they run out.. BE SPECIFIC as to brand, size, etc. for our shoppers.
WD40 for lubricating tools
SS: Done 2/11
Peanut butter for traps almost used up and very dry
SS: Done 3/2
new sign holders for the little labels we use to show what's growing in the rows
SS: Done 3/2
Row covers
SS: Done 2/17
Black Trash Bags (35 gal)
SS: Done 4/8
Cardboard boxes for harvest -- ran out completely today
SS: Brought some 4/1
SS: Done 4/24

----------------------Guidance -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please harvest some of the large radishes in row 1.
Please harvest a few radishes you missed last week. There are only a couple radishes.

Note from Jane on Saturday, May 19 -- We're beginning Monday and Thursday harvest this coming Monday. Probably nothing from Garden 1 yet, but G

Thursday, May 24-posted by Naomi with Peggy
Harvested 13.5 lbs. cauliflower, 2 radishes.
Weeded. Trimmed tomato leaves touching ground. Garden inspection. Noted holes in leaves in Row 3 (?). Did not treat because of rainy weather.
Delivery made to Becky.

TUESDAY, MAY22nd - posted by Maureen with Tony
  • gathered more branches to tidy up under the trees and placed them near the side walk
  • Roy visited and per his guidance we put a good amount of bio flora on our tomato row 6 --
  • Roy was gone before I thought to ask about our watermelons but he may have checked them out.

MONDAY, May 21 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi,

Fertilized the cauliflower with a little compost for mulch and organic matter.
Watered the native garden.
Seeded a few radish seeds around the cauliflower, in a few places.
No harvest.

SUNDAY, MAY 20 - posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
NOTE to ALL GARDEN 1 VOLUNTEERS: Is there any volunteer who would be willing to fix up/redo the garden 1 scarecrow(s) before the June 3 BYP fundraiser? We have 2 in the far corner. Both are pretty sad-looking. Dick oiled the screws holding the joints so that you can re-position the arms whichever way you want. Will just need a screwdriver.
  • We replaced some of the row 8 watermelon plants, using up the seedlings Roy had left. He's out of town but will ask him to look at the plants when he gets back. Not sure what the problem is. It's not bugs, rodents, or gophers. When we pulled out the dead ones, the roots were tiny--almost nonexistent. No idea what causes that.
  • Dick fixed and pumped up the extra wheelbarrow tire. It's on the floor of the locked tool cabinet and it should fit the smaller wheelbarrow if that one ever needs a replacement.
  • Turned, added to and watered Biostack and 2nd composter.
  • Added second strand of twine to row 6 tomato stakes.
  • All other rows looks good.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden maintenance and clean-up for June 3 fundraiser. Thanks!

SATURDAY, May 19 - Posted by Karen with Dave
  • Garden inspection; looks like a few watermelon plants may need replanted
  • Chopped compost
  • Helped Diana in Garden 3 refurbish herb area

FRIDAY, May 18 - Posted by Bernadine
  • Weeded and watered outside of Gardens. Pruned Statice.

THURSDAY, May 17 - Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy
  • Harvested 1/4 pound of radishes (total 8) from Row 1. Quite a few very small ones still left to mature
  • Rolled up 2 irrigation tapes which had been piled next to their respective faucets and placed on the counter in the shed
  • Baited three of the large mousetraps with peanut butter and placed at the orchard-end of three rows.
  • Helped with some of the harvest in Garden 2
  • Did some weeding and cleanup.
  • Noted serious leak in tape along R3 or 4 but couldn’t locate source with water off
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky's house

Wednesday, May 16 Posted by Kerry with Vicki
The garden looks beautiful!
We pruned Row 1 and 3.
Weeded all of garden 1.
Looks like some radishes are ready to harvest .

TUESDAY, MAY15th - posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Gathered large branches and logs that were scattered near the entrance to the garden -- to help with the BBQ clean up
  • Checked plants for critters -- all looked well
  • Cleared the path in the front of the garden of the over grown pickle weed and other stuff placed it in the green waste garbage can

but may have been from garden two. Just about an inch and a half of roots on them and the plant did not seem eaten. Strange.

MOeNDAY, MAY 14 - posted by Sandr with

Watered the native garden.
Applied fertilizer to the cauliflower plants.
Seeded some radish seeds in open space of the cauliflower.
Seeded some sunflowers along two corners of the garden in the front.

SUNDAY, MAY 13 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Thank you Dave for doing the Sat blog report!
Thank you Tues team for taking care of those watermelon plants in row 8!
Checked all rows and everything looks good.
Turned, added to and watered Biostack and composter #2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: With all of the new plants, we'll mostly be keeping an eye out for worm and rodent sightings for the next couple/few weeks. Today we also started tidying the garden in preparation for the June 3 BYP Fundraiser/BBQ. Hope everyone plans to come!! Here are some things you can do if you have time: trim the ice plant (pickleweed) and other plants that are starting to cover the walking path directly in front of the front fence of the garden. Please put cuttings in green waste can rather than in the compost bins. Can also trim some of the unhealthy looking parts of the nasturtiums along the inside back fence. Feel free to tidy up any other spots. The weekend of the the BBQ we'll clean the tables and chairs. Thanks!

Saturday, May 12 - Posted by Dave with Heather
Replanted 3 pepper plants
Worked compost bin 1.

FRIDAY, May 11-posted by Annette with Bernadine
Watered Row 2, it looked a little dry. We will fertilize next week, according to the fertilizing schedule.
Pulled what I thought was a weed in Row 1 only to discover a very large white Radish. It is on the counter.
Checked all Rows and everything was being watered and looked good.

THURSDAY, May 10 - posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy
  • Welcomed Peggy as our new member
  • Harvested 1/4 pound radishes from R1. Left many small ones still in place
  • Removed wire hoops from R5 and R7 and placed along fence
  • Delivered a very small harvest (1 box combined from all three garden) to Becky's house

WEDNESDAY, May 9th - posted by Tammy with Estela, Kerry, & Vicki
  • Garden looks good.
  • Staked toms in R3.
  • Prune plants & weeded.
  • Watered the R3 well. and fertilize with BioFlora too.
  • I looked on the fertilize log, have we kept up with the fertilizing for rows 1-2? If you haven't done so, please fertilize.
Friday team fertilize R2 if it needs to be done.
Monday team Fertilize R1 if it needs to be done.

TUESDAY, MAY 8th - posted by Maureen with Tony
  • With Roy's help we planted Sugar Baby Watermelon starts in row 8, watered them in and sprinkled with Sluggo plus
  • Found two approximately 10 inch (squash?) plants left in the walkway between two rows - they did not match any thing size wise that we have in garden one
but may have been from garden two. Just about an inch and a half of roots on them and the plant did not seem eaten. Strange.

MONDAY, MAY 7 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Cleaned up the dead leaves from the plants.
Applied Sluggo around some of the plants in different rows, that had leaves chewed on by insects.
Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, MAY 6 - posted by Lori, with Dick
  • After Roy demonstrated, Ahbi (from Garden 3) and I pruned the Row 6 tomatoes (counting 2 branches below the "first hand" of blooms and removing any below that). Also added first level of string for support (also following Roy's demo). (Roy had already pounded in the stakes for us.) I don't think we'll need to do any further pruning. We'll add other levels of string as the plants grow.
  • Thank you (again) Sat team for refurbishing a row (this time, row 8).
  • Turned, added to and watered Biostack and composter #2. Biostack temp was 115 degrees, which is pretty good.
Tues team: Contact Roy about plants for Row 8. More info to follow. Will email additional info before Tues because I want to double check a few things with him.
Thurs team: Harvest.
Sat team: Pull out all wire hoops (that were there for row covers) and put them back next to the fence. Also, if row 8 has new plants, lightly sprinkle Sluggo Plus around the plants in that row. Precompost.
Sun team: Check new plants, biostack, general maintenance.

Saturday, May 5th posted by Geeta with Dave, Trish, Karen and Anagh
- Refurbished row 8
- Garden inspection
- Removed White covers
- Thank you for new batch of Compost

FRIDAY, May 4- posted by Annette with Bernadine
Watered Rows 2, 3, and 4 by hand. All new plants look good, but wanted to give extra water because of heat. Took off dead leaves from Row 1 Cauliflower.
Cleaned up counter and organized boxes.

Thursday, May 3-posted by Naomi
Harvested 25 lbs. cauliflower row 8.
Harvested 4 small radishes that pushed to surface in Row 1 . I didn't even weigh them. Other radishes were also pushing to the surface but they were tiny so they were
re-planted. Roy said to wait on the radishes.
Per Roy's instructions, all plants were removed from Row 8 so row can be refurbished.

WEDNESDAY, May 2 posted by Tammy with Estela
  • We weeded a little bit but not much because of the rain.
  • Bush beans are coming in R4 that we sowed.
  • I did not get to R1 leaks because didn't know where it was.
Friday Team - Check on all the rows to see if they need to be watered extra. If you have nothing else to do, look at the task list.
Monday Team - Check on all the rows to see if they need to be watered extra.

Note from Diane -I dropped off some mulch by the driveway. This is to be used in the orchard, please do not take it for the other gardens. Thanks.

TUESDAY, MAY 1 - posted by Tony
  • No flowers yet on row 6 tomatoes
  • cover partially blown off row 5 zucchini’s replaced
  • no signs of pests
  • light weeding throughout Garden 1

MONDAY, APRIL 30 - Posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Cleaned up
Watered the native plants.

SUNDAY, APRIL 29 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Nice work Sat team! I love that you took the initiative to refurbish row 5 yesterday. And because you did that, we were able to plant zucchinis
  • in that row this morning. 14 green zucchini (dunja) plants; 14 yellow zucchini (golden glory) plants. Watered and covered. (I got Roy's instructions RE row covers confused last week. Sorry. He just wanted the cover off of the tomatoes. We're keeping the other new seedlings covered for now--until it gets too hot to do that.)
  • Checked all rows; all looked.
  • Row 1: I think you have water leak in the tape that's closest to the street, near the middle of the row. Sorry, forgot to mark it.
  • Turned, added to, watered Biostack and other composter.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: The row 5 tomato plants have first blooms but they haven't turned into flowers yet. If you see flowers, please contact Roy. That will be the signal to prune and stake the plants--and he's expecting to hear from us when we see the first flowers (so he can show us what to do). We soaked the 7 stakes in water/bleach solution today and Roy will get us the remaining ones we need. Continue to check rows for bugs, critters, etc. Pull weeds if you see them. Usual garden maintenance.

Saturday, April 28 - Dave, Heather and help from Rachel and Kim
Refurbished row 5.
Worked compost bin 1.
More tomato stakes will be needed when plants are ready to be staked.

Friday April 27 - posted by Bernardine
Row 2 planted peppers, water.

THURSDAY, April 26 - posted by Elliot with Naomi

  • Row 1 harvested 0.5 pounds radishes (mostly 2 big ones). Many more small ones have pushed to the surface, hopefully more productive harvest next week.
  • Row 5 harvested 28 pounds cauliflower, and removed the last of the plants to composting (roots to trash). The row will be ready to begin refurbishing.
  • Row 8 harvested 11 pounds cauliflower and removed the plants to composting, along with plants that showed no sign of forming heads. About a dozen remain with small heads and Roy recommended giving them another week to grow so the refurbishing process can be staged over two weeks.
  • Used the cover that had been removed from Row 6 to cover the seedlings in Row 7. Cover is a little tattered and drooping here and there, could be improved.
  • Delivered the very small harvest to Becky's house
WEDNESDAY, April 25th - posted by Tammy with Kerry & Estela
  • Prune all plants by removing lower leaves on plants that were yellowing.
  • We weeded the garden.
  • Tidy up the cabinet.
  • We did not plant anything in R2 bc Roy didn't have any to plant.
Friday Team - I spoke with Roy, and he has peppers for you to plant by the little tables. Plant them 12 inches apart, 3 inches away the drip tape on one side. Then on the other side zigzag them from the other peppers. Any questions call Roy.
Monday Team - Tidying up the cabinet if you can, if you have nothing to do. Check for the succulent containers if they need watering. Thank you for volunteering.

TUESDAY April 24th Posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Planted cantaloupes in row 7, watered them in and sprinkled with some sluggo plus
  • Put row cover on back fence away

MONDAY, April 23 - posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Removed the row cover from row 1. We have it drying along the fence, so could you please put it in the bin on Tuesday?
Checked for aphids in the entire garden, but did not see any.
Watered a few plants in the native garden.
Everyone is doing good work at the garden.
The green beans were watered and look good.

Sunday, April 22 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Checked all rows. Everything looks good. Pulled some small weeds.
  • Turned, added to, watered Biostack and composter #2.
  • Have asked Roy for help pounding stakes in the ground for the row 6 tomatoes. I'll contact team by email if he wants help with that. Not sure which day he'll be able to do it.
  • Rows 5 and 8 will be next rows for refurbishing, probably in the next 2-3 weeks.
CORRECTION: Roy texted me Sun afternoon to say he removed the cover from the Row 6 tomatoes. It's too warm for the covers now. So that means there's also no need to cover the melon seedlings that will be planted this week. Thanks, Lori.
Tues team: The seedlings weren't quite big enough for planting today. Roy says they'll be ready on Tues. If they're not on the table or bench waiting for you, contact him when you get there. (Let me know if you need his phone #.) It'll be Athena cantaloupes (since no one else has planted melons yet and the other gardens ea have 1 row of zucchinis growing already). Plant them in row 7, on the downhill side of the watering tape, as close to the tape as possible, 18 inches apart. Water the plants after they're in the ground then sprinkle a small amt of Sluggo Plus around them. If you have time, go ahead and cover them. If you run out of time, either Thurs or Sat team can do that.
Thurs team: Harvest. If you guys are ever short on time, can leave the plants/roots in the ground (after harvesting) for next team to pull them out. Up to you. If new seedlings in row 7 arent covered, and you have time, please do that. Or can leave it for Sat team.
Sat team: check all rows; precompost. (I know that some weekends you have more people than others. When possible, I'll try to set tasks that require more work for the days when you have more people. But it doesn't always work out that way. Looks like you help out with the other gardens when you have extra hands--and I'm sure they appreciate the help.) If row 7 didnt get covered, please do that.
Sun team: check all rows; compost; weeds; etc. Help with stakes?

Saturday, April 21- Posted Geeta with Dave, Trish, Karen and Raghav
-Sprayed row 8
-Worked on compost bin 1 - used bag of grass
- Garden inspection

FRIDAY, April 20-posted by Annette with Bernadine
Refurbished Row 2. Put back the watering tape and turned on the water. Ready to plant with whatever Roy has available. That row had Squash last year, so something else would be preferred.
Watered Row 3 and 4 by hand. Everything looks well watered.
There is quite a lot of Cauliflower that looks ready to harvest.

THURSDAY, April 19 - posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Row 1 harvested 1.5 pounds radishes and did some weeding between the row and fence.
  • Row 5 harvested 41 pounds cauliflower and processed removed plants:leaves to compost bin and roots to plastic trash bags
  • Row 8 harvested 21 pounds cauliflower and processed removed plants:leaves to compost bin and roots to plastic trash bags
  • Turned on water to the single irrigation tape in row 7.
  • Delivered to Becky's house the harvest from Garden 1 plus a box of lemons left in the shed. No harvest today from the other gardens.

WEDNESDAY, April 18 - posted by Tammy with Kerry & Vicki
  • We planted R4 with bush bean seedlings that Roy had for us. And we also sow directly seeds west side of row. Please keep watering that row everyday until the plants get established.
  • Cabinet area was a mess again, doors were open, the counter was messy & dirty. Can everyone help with keeping this area clean please.
  • We pruned a little bit.
  • Thank you Monday team for refurbishing R4.
  • Not sure if R2 has been refurbished? If I missed it in the blog? If the next team can refurbish it that would be great! We didn't have time.
Friday Team - refurbish R2 if it hasn't been done. Also find out from Roy what you can plant there instead because we planted beans. I am not sure if we should have another row of this? Keep up the work you are doing.
Monday Team - Thank you for refurbishing R4. Keep up the work you have been doing.

TUESDAY April 17th Posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Sprayed row 5 cauliflower with '3 in 1'
  • Row one's row cover had partially blown off and was re attached

MONDAY, April 16 - posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Refurbished row 4.
Watered the native plants.

Sunday, April 15 - posted by Lori with Julia
  • It looked to us like Sat team refurbished Row 7. Assuming we got that right, thank you for doing that. It looks fabulous! Roy says he'll have plants for us by about next Sunday. Will either be zucchini or cantaloupe, whichever seedlings are ready first. Decided to only use 1 watering tape in that row. We'll see how that goes. Can always add the second one for the next crop if we like that better.
  • Checked all rows. Most of the plants look great.
  • Spotted aphids again in a few of the cauliflower plants in row 5. Gave them a hard spray of water. If you happen to see what looks like shredded leaves near the centers of some of those plants, we're pretty sure that was the work of a very large grasshopper. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for him (or her?), the grasshopper will not be eating any more plants.
Tues team: spray row 5 cauliflowers with insecticidal soap; check other rows for aphids, weeds, etc.
Thurs team: harvest (saw a couple of nice big cauliflower heads in row 8); both watering tapes are currently turned off in Row 7. Please turn one watering tape back on (the one that's stretched down the row) so soil will be moist for planting.
Sat team: spray row 8 with insecticidal soap; precompost.
Sun team: plant zucchini or cantaloupe in row 7 or if not ready, will pass along to Tues team. Biostack.

Saturday, April 14 ?

FRIDAY, April 13-posted by Annette, with Bernadine
Row 7- harvested the rest of the Broccoli and pulled up all the plants. Dug up the row, it is now ready to refurbish.
Row 2- After calling Becky, who said she would take more Broccoli today, decided to harvest the rest of the Broccoli. Some of the heads were small, but looked like they were almost going to seed.
Pulled out all the plants in Row 2, put leaves in the compost bin.
Many bags of roots and stems were put in trash bags and carried to trash. Found the new Trash bags and put them in the long storage bin
Harvested Broccoli - 10 lbs, delivered to Becky.
There are some large Cauliflowers ready to harvest.
Three Rows are ready to refurbish. Roy said to contact him to see what he has available to plant. We are thinking about Green Beans in Row 2.
The large purple plants at the end of Row 4 are Mustard. We had them growing in one of the Square beds a few years ago and they keep sprouting. They are pretty , but can be pulled. They keep coming back.

THURSDAY, April 12 - posted by Elliot, with Naomi
  • Harvested 48.5 pounds broccoli from Rows 2, 4 & 7.
  • Removed all plants from row 4, ready for next crop.
  • Left about a dozen plants in row 2 which seemed likely to be ready next week, removed everything else.
  • Left half a dozen plants in row 7 which seemed likely to be ready next week; ran out of time before removing the plants that had been harvested..
  • Didn't have time to check row 6 tomatoes; can the next team check?
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens to Becky's house -- all broccoli today.

WEDNESDAY, April 11 - Posted by Tammy with Kerry & Vicki
  • We planted Tomatoes "Celebrity" in R3. Please water this row everyday until they get established.
  • Thank you Thursday team on removing all plants in R4. If the next team can refurbish that row, that would be great!
  • In R4, we will be planting bush beans.
  • Also, the shed that is not locked that faces the garden, we cleaned the counter area. It seems to become a dumping ground. Either we are running out of room?? Let's try and keep that area tidy. Put things away or throw them away. Also let's clean the counter when we are done.
  • The purple thing is a mustard green. Very spicy. Very good to eat. In the brassica family.
Monday team, if R4 has not been refurbish yet, please do so. You don't need to do anything else because that will take up most of your time.
Friday team, please keeping doing what you are doing. If you can wash the plastic baskets that we collect for the harvest, that would be great. They are pretty dirty.

TUESDAY April 10th Posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Sprayed row 7 broccoli down with water then applied '3 in 1'
  • Succulent pots outside of garden one were watered along with the two cacti near the compost

Sunday, April 8 - posted by Lori, with Dick and new garden 3 Sunday volunteer Abhi
  • Checked under Row 6 cover; newly planted tomatoes look good.
  • At least 4 of the Row 5 cauliflower plants have aphids--and Roy says more will get them. At Roy's suggestion, we gave all plants in Row 5 a hard spray of water (into the center of the plants, which is where the aphids are and where the new little cauliflower heads are trying to grow). And then we sprayed all plants in that row with insecticidal soap (again, aimed at the center of the plants rather than the outer leaves). The way to spot aphids is to look for leaves that have curled in on themselves at the edges. If you see that and peel back the edge of the leaf, you'll probably see a whole colony of aphids.
  • Turned, added to, watered Biostack and composter #2.
  • Hey Tammy or anyone else: do you know what that tall flowering burgundy-colored plant is at the end of row 4? We're all wondering.
Tues team: Give hard spray of water to all row 7 plants (mainly in the center of the plants). Then spray all of them (again, aiming for the center) with insecticidal soap. (It's called "3 in 1.")
Thurs team: harvest; check rows, especially check row 6 tomatoes.
Sat Team: Give hard spray of water to all row 8 plants (mainly in the center of the plants). Then spray all of them (again, aiming for the center) with insecticidal soap. (It's called "3 in 1.") Precompost (Precompost looks great!)
Sunday team: check all rows for bugs, etc. Pull weeds. Biostack.

Saturday, April 7- Posted by Geeta with Heather, Trish, Karen and Dave.
- Garden inspection
- Helped garden 2&3

- Kudos to Heather!! For working on Compost Bin 1
- Row 4 - The tall plant with Burgundy leaves and yellow flowers - is that weed?

FRIDAY, April 6- posted by Annette with Bernadine
Refurbished Row 3 and put back one drip tape.
Checked all rows; everything looked good.
Row 4 has lots of Broccoli that can be harvested .

THURSDAY, April 5 - posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Row 3 harvested last cabbage - 12 pounds. Removed remaining plants for composting
  • Row 4 harvested 6.5 pounds broccoli. Many more should be ready next week.
  • Checked remaining rows, all seemed OK.
  • Delivered harvest from all 3 gardens to Becky's house.

WEDNESDAY, April 4 - posted by Tammy with Estela, Kerry, and Vicki
  • Please if Friday or another team can refurbish R3 for planting. We will only use one drip tape for R3 per Roy.
  • We will plant whatever Roy has us to plant.
  • We pruned around the garden.
Friday Team - if you can refurbish R3 that would be great! Thank you!
Monday Team - keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!

TUESDAY April 3rd- Posted by Maureen with Tony
  • All rows looked good. New tomatoes all doing fine.
  • Weeded garden one and then jumped the fence and continued in Garden two and the Orchard

MONDAY, April 2 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Watered the native garden.
Pulled weeds and trimmed off yellow leaves on the plants.
Planted radish seeds in row 1 with the cauliflower.
Heidi helped with Garden 3.
Some of the cabbage looks ready to be harvested.

SUNDAY APRIL 1 - posted by Lori with Julia
  • Planted tomatoes (BHN variety...can't remember exact name--not Celebrity) in row 6, watered, sprinkled lightly with Sluggo Plus, and covered. (Wooden stakes at the side will eventually be used in row 6.) We moved broken stakes up to playhouse on the hill.)
  • Other rows look good; a lot of nice little broccoli heads growing in rows 4&7.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden maintenance. Also check tomato seedlings. Contact Roy if need replacements.

(Earlier entries are archived -- ask Jane)
TUESDAY, MAY 8th - posted by Maureen with Tony
  • With Roy's help we planted Sugar Baby Watermelon starts in row 8, watered them in and sprinkled with Sluggo plus
  • Found two approximately 10 inch (squash?) plants left in the walkway between two rows - they did not match any thing size wise that we have in garden one
but may have been from garden two. Just about an inch and a half of roots on them and the plant did not seem eaten. Strange.