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---item needed---
--------------------------------------------Extra jobs--------------------------------

Weed around the succulents

Water the succulents

Inventory pruners (what is working or needs cleaning)

Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

Water rosemary, thyme and lavender plants
Please type
report Below, thanks!
clean out and reorganize Tupperware container in the garden

Note to all teams RE: pre-compost bins & green waste
Please don't put ice plant / pickleweed in the precompost bins.
put it in black trash bags for garden debris pickup.
When you toss garden waste into the pre-compost bins, please help out by chopping up big stems, roots, & leaves. There's no specific size but large pieces decompose more slowly than small pieces. And very large stems/roots (from broccoli, for example) should be tossed into the green waste can rather than the bins. If you run out of time, ask the next teams to help finish the job. Also, if there's a sheet of cardboard on top of the green waste, toss the new stuff under it not on top. It's sort of a cover to keep moisture in. Thanks!

DELIVERY M & Th -- all harvest deliveries go to Becky's house at 12382 Pathos Lane in Penasquitos. Delivery by 10:00am

  1. plant Peas row 1, direct seed. Contact Roy for seeds and instructions. Check irrigation tape for leaks.
  2. Check row 2 & row 3 for cut worms, remove & spray plants with BT & safer.
  1. hand water row 1, row 4 with watering cans. Water succulents (outside gate), herbs inside garden, & plant on trellis (outside garden with red flag) with hose.
  2. weed, throw weeds in green waste trash can not compost pile.
  3. check row 2 broccoli leaves, especially underside for worms. They are difficult to see, remove by hand and squish.
  4. rake pepper tree leaves from garden 2 entrance, place in green waste bin as well
  1. hand water peas row 1, succulents, herbs, & vine on trellis
  2. check row 2 & 3 plants for worms especially underside, remove.

Thursday, September 21- posted by Jill with Wanda
  • harvested last of zucchini row 1
  • removed zucchini plants, noted nematodes, notified Roy. Placed plants in green waste bags
  • Refurbished row 1, hand watered
  • Fertilized row 2 broccoli with AGgrand, hand watered in
  • checked broccoli for worms, none noted
  • found dead bird in rat trap, removed both traps, as rodent activity low.
  • hand watered row 4 & plants not of dripper

Monday, September 18-
  • students planted cauliflower as marked
  • covered with black row cover
  • applied sluggo plus (Jill)
Saturday, September 16 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • refurbished row 4. Talked to Roy about spacing and he felt that even with two tapes on the row, that the row was too narrow to plant two rows in a zig zag. So we spaced it with one tape at 18" and zig zag it with the other tape.
  • watered all plants that are not on a drip tape. The plant on the trellis is finally climbin.

  1. Refurbish row 4, check irrigation tapes, change if needed, turn water back on.
  2. Students will be planting cauliflower on Monday, please mark along drip tape 18" zig-zag for planting.
  3. water succulents, herbs, plant on trellis
  4. weed
  1. Plant cauliflower, 18" spacing, zig-zag. Will be marked where to plant, by Saturday team. Notes from Saturday team:Talked to Roy about spacing and he felt that even with two tapes on the row, that the row was too narrow to plant two rows in a zig zag. So we spaced it with one tape at 18" and zig zag it with the other tape.
    Sandra from garden 1 can demonstrate and show how to plant
  2. Hand water around plants with watering cans.
  3. Harvest any zucchini from row 1, weigh, give to whoever in garden 1 or 3 is delivering.
  4. If have time cover row with black row cover- place arches along row (like row 3), cover is sticking out of bin in garden along fence, secure with metal hooks hanging on workbench.

  1. harvest
  2. if zucchini is not producing, pull plants, & refurbish row 1
  3. check with Roy if broccoli is ready for fertilizer

Thursday 14- posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda
  • Harvested 1 lbs of squash, no cucumbers.
  • Pulled cucumbers, nematodes noted in roots
  • removed roots from row 4, turned water off, prepped for refurbishment on Saturday, turned water off row 4.
  • BT & Safer row 2 broccoli
  • Removed row cover from row 2 broccoli
  • watered succulents & plant on trellis
  • added more bleach to bucket

Monday 9/11/17
Kyle, Madison and Vincent team
*We checked the Zucchini in raw 1 and found it not ready for harvest yet.
*We cut the leaves close to the roots and put them in compost bin number 1.
*We looked at the cucumber but we did not find any.
*We pulled up the weeds.
*Kyle did some tree trimming.

Saturday- posted by Jill for Kim with Rachel
  1. Fertilize row 1 Zucchini with either Bioflora or AgGrand. Hand water in.
  2. If row 1 zucchini has signs of powdery mildew spray with Serenade
  3. hand water new plants- row 3, succulents & herbs
  4. check row 2 broccoli for cutworms,
  1. Fertilize row 1 Zucchini with either Bioflora or AgGrand. Hand water in.
  2. If row 1 zucchini has signs of powdery mildew spray with Serenade
  3. hand water new plants- row 3, succulents & herbs
  4. check row 2 broccoli for cutworms, Thanks!
*watch out for rat traps, set in southwest corner of garden, near the fence in the corner*
  1. Harvest row 1 zucchini, cut & remove leaf closest to root, place in pre-compost bin 1. row 4 cucumbers (may not be any). Weight harvest and record in harvest record on Back yard produce website or email to JSalafia@san.rr.com
  2. hand water new plants (cabbage & cauliflower) row 3
  3. If time allows pull weeds & place in green waste trash can
  1. harvest
  2. hand water new plants- row 3, succulents, herbs
  3. safer & BT row 1

Thursday, September 7- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet, & Wanda
  • harvested squash & 1 cucumber
  • Sprayed row 2 broccoli with BT, found two cutworms, removed.
  • planted row 3 with-Tender Sweet cabbage and Candid Charm cauliflower (10 plants) west end of row.
  • hand watered new plants, applied Sluggo Plus, & covered with black row cloth.
  • hand watered succulents, herbs, & plant on trellis.

Saturday, September 2 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • sprayed cucs with safer & Bt
  • sprayed zucchinis with serenade
  • put wood chips around succulents and watered in
  • watered all plants not on a drip
  • checked worm compost and adjusted moisture and food content. ( got to keep those worms happy)

Saturday- *no planting today, too hot*
  1. Serenade to zucchini
  2. safer & BT row 4 cucs
  3. compost/mulch around succulents
  4. water all plants not on drip
Off- Labor Day

  1. plant cauliflower/cabbage row 3, cover with black shade cloth (If not too hot)
  2. fertilize zucchini
  3. water

Thursday, August 31- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet, & Wanda
  • harvested zucchini & 2 cucumbers
  • fertilized cucumbers with Bioflora and hand watered in
  • removed zucchini from row 4 & dying cucumber plants-noted nematodes on both (plan to wait & refurbish entire row when cucumbers are done producing)
  • watered succulents, herbs, plant on trellis, & veggies

Monday, August 28- posted by Jill
  • harvested zucchini & first cucumber
  • sprayed safer & BT on row 1 & 4 zucchini
  • watered succulents, herbs, broccoli, & plant on trellis
  • trimmed leaves row 1 zucchini near roots with powdery mildew
  • noted row 4 zucchini at end of cycle & has nematodes. Plan to pull Thursday.

Saturday, August 26 - posted by Kim with Jyothi and Rachel
  • replace drip tape (saved connectors and put into mailbox)
  • refurbished row 3
  • sprayed serenade on row 1&4 zucchini
  • Watered broccoli & herbs

  1. refurbish row 3 (Plan to plant cauliflower next Saturday when temps cooler)
  2. change drip tape row 3
  3. Serenade to row 1 & 4 zucchini
  4. water succulents, herbs, & check broccoli in anticipation of the forecast of high temps next week
  1. harvest zucchini, check cucumbers row 4
  2. safer & BT row 1
  3. hand water broccoli (if dry), succulents
  1. harvest
  2. turn water back on row 3
Thursday, August 24- posted by Jill with Janet
  • harvested last of cantaloupe (3) & zucchini
  • trimmed zucchini leaves, noted row 1 zucchini has powdery mildew
  • weeded
  • fertilized row 1 with 6 cups bio-flora, hand watered in
  • removed cantaloupe plants (noted all roots had nematodes), placed in green waste. Turned off water. Roy will treat before planting.
  • watered succulents, herbs,& plant on trellis.

Monday, August 21- posted by Jill for Tony
  • harvested zucchini & 1 cantaloupe
  • Jill applied Sluggo Plus around broccoli

Saturday, August 19 - posted by Kim with Jyothi and Rachel
  • safer and Bt were sprayed on row 4
  • planted broccoli in row 2 watered them in and changed out the drip tape. Put shade cloth over row.

  1. change irrigation tape row 2- noted couple leaks (Roy will bring down tape along with broccoli plants)
  2. plant broccoli row 2. Plant 18" apart, zig zag along tape.
  3. cover row 2 with black cover
  4. safer & BT row 4 cucumbers
  1. harvest zucchini, check row 3 cantaloupe if ready for harvest (will pull off easily from stem when gently pulled)
  2. hand water new broccoli row 2 (through the cover is fine)
  3. hand water succulents outside garden
  1. harvest zucchini, all cantaloupe
  2. remove cantaloupe & refurbish row 3
  3. fertilize row 1 zucchini
  4. hand water broccoli, succulents , & herbs

Thursday, August 17- posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda
  • harvested last of tomatoes & basil, zucchini (first harvest row 1), 5 cantaloupes not ready (will harvest all next week)
  • removed tomato plants, refurbished row 2, hand watered
  • hand watered succulents, herbs

Monday, August 14- posted by Jill for Pam
  • harvested tomatoes, cantaloupe, & zucchini
  • watered succulents

Saturday, August 12- posted by Jill for Jyothi & Kim
  • sprayed safer soap and BT on row 1
  • watered the succulents
  • weeded

  1. Safer & BT row 1 (Kim, can we do this after spraying serenade on Thursday or should we wait until next week?)
  2. check rat traps
  3. water succulents & other plants
  4. weeding

  1. harvest tomatoes, zucchini row 4, check cantaloupe if ready will pull off from stem easily with gentle pull.
  2. record weights & send to JSalafia@san.rr.com
  3. check rat traps southwest corner of garden, ask Deb in garden 3 to reset if needed.
  4. hand water succulents outside garden
  1. harvest all tomatoes & basil, check cantaloupe, zucchini
  2. remove tomato plants & basil row 2
  3. Check with Roy if row 1 ready for fertilizer
  4. water succulents & other plants

Thursday, August 10- posted by Jill, with Janet & Wanda
  • harvested tomatoes, zucchini, & rosemary (cantaloupe not ready)
  • turned cantaloupe 1/4 turn
  • removed a few dying melon plants from west end of row, noted nematodes.
  • watered succulents, herbs, plant on trellis
  • trimmed rosemary
  • removed leaves from zucchini row 4 with powdery mildew
  • Serenade on row 1 & row 4 zucchini's
  • rat traps remain set
  • didn't see beetles on cucumbers

Monday, August 7- posted by Jill
  • harvested tomatoes, zucchini, & basil
  • one dead rat found in trap. Reset trap
  • thinned succulents
  • hand watered succulents, cucumbers, plants inside garden, & on trellis
  • cleaned up pepper tree droppings on succulents
  • didn't see beetles flying around cucumbers today
  • trimmed dead leaves from zucchini & melon plants.

Saturday August 5 - posted by Kim
  • watered the succulents and other plants
  • sprayed Bt & safer on row 4 and melons
  • reset rat traps
  • Found lots of holes on the new plants in row 4. It looks like cucumber beetles are to blame. Saw quite a few of them flying around.

  1. safer & BT melons & row 4 (cucs & zucchini)
  2. check rodent traps & reset
  3. hand water
Thanks for trimming pepper tree :) It will be professionally trimmed next week!
  1. harvest, check cantaloupe (are ripe when can be removed when gently pulled off stem)
  2. hand water
  3. check rodent activity
  1. harvest
  2. fertilize melons
  3. safer & BT row 1
  4. hand water

Thursday, August 3- posted by Jill with Cheri and Wanda
  • harvested tomatoes, 2 cantaloupe , zucchini, & basil
  • hand watered cucumbers, succulents, herbs, & plant on trellis
  • 1/4 turned cantaloupe
  • trimmed zucchini & tomatoes plant leaves
  • weeded
  • fertilized zucchini row 4 with 2 oz Aggrand
  • removed black row covers from cucumbers and tomatoes
  • noted rodent activity, ate 2 cantaloupe

Monday, July 31- posted by Jill for Tony
  • harvested tomatoes & zucchini
  • watered succulents, cucumbers, & plant on trellis.

Saturday July 28 - posted by Kim
  • sprayed serenade on zucchinis, saw no sign of aphids on row 1
  • checked and reset traps
  • watered all rows and succulents
  • trimmed pepper tree

  1. check row 1 zucchini for aphids
  2. Spray Serenade on row 1 & row 4 zucchini. (Serenade is in rubbermaid bin)
  3. hand water cucumbers, succulents,herbs, & plant on trellis
  4. check rat traps
  5. general weeding, in rows & between. Thanks!
  1. harvest tomatoes, basil (underneath tomatoes), & zucchini.
  2. record harvest weight and email to Jill at JSalafia@san.rr.com
  3. Let Jill know what you did in the garden and observed. Thanks!
  1. harvest
  2. Fertilize zucchini row 4
  3. water
  4. weeding

Thursday, July 27- posted by Jill, with Cheri, Janet, & Wanda
  • harvested tomatoes, zucchini
  • fertilized melons with 4 oz. Aggrand and hand watered in
  • removed black cover from row 1, noted aphids. Sprayed with safer & BT.
  • removed dying leaves from zucchini
  • weeded
  • watered cucumbers, succulents, & plant on trellis
  • 1/4 turned melons
  • replaced 2 cucumber plants

Monday, July 24- posted by Jill
  • harvested tomatoes, squash, & basil
  • trimmed brown leaves from tomatoes & zucchini
  • hand watered new cucumber plants in row 4, zucchini row 1, succulents, herbs, & plant on trellis
  • placed paper plates under melons, turned 1/4 turn
  • noted blossoms on most of the zucchini in row 1.
  • noted rat traps still set with peanut in place

Saturday July 22 - posted by Kim with Jyothi
  • planted cucumber in half of row 4
  • sprayed row 3 melons with safer and Bt
  • watered plants in the garden and succulents

  1. plant cucumbers in half of row 4. Cover with black row cover
  2. safer & BT melons
  3. hand water succulents, trellis plant, & row 1 zucchini.
  1. harvest Tomatoes, squash, & basil.
  2. hand water row 1, cucumbers, all succulents, trellis, & herbs inside garden
  3. weed
  1. harvest
  2. fertilize melons with 4 oz Aggrand
  3. hand water
  4. 1/4 turn melons
  5. remove black cover row 1

Thursday, July 20- posted by Jill, with Cheri and Wanda
  • harvested tomatoes, squash, basil, & rosemary.
  • noted row 1 squash plants leaves with holes & lines- Roy stated "leaf minor" not to do anything.
  • All crops production decreasing, squash plants on west side of row look better, though rodents continue to nibble produce , with traps left set with peanut butter. Bob will apply fresh peanut butter.
  • Decided to leave 1/2 of squash in row 4. Removed remaining squash from east side of row, not all had nematodes. Refurbished half of row, hand watered. Roy will treat for nematodes. Plan to plant cucumbers on Saturday.
  • fertilized zucchini row 4 with 2 oz. AgGrand
  • sprayed safer on row 4 zucchini
  • Removed dried leaves from remaining zucchini while harvesting.
  • weeded & removed dead leaves from succulents
  • watered all plants inside and outside garden, succulent flowers wilting, zucchini row 1.

Saturday, July 15 - Posted by Kim with Jyothi
  • planted zucchini in row 1 (yellow along the up hillside with green on the down hillside of the drip tape)
  • watered the zucchini and covered them with black row cover
  • hosed off white fly on tomatoes

Saturday team-
  1. Plant zucchini row 1. Roy thinks has mostly/only golden. Plant 2 feet apart, zig-zag, near outside of irrigation tape and inside irrigation tape (Kim you know what to do).
  2. cover with black row cover
  3. Hose tomatoes off with water for white flies/aphids.
  4. No need to fertilize or spray zucchini or tomatoes. plan to remove zucchini next week. Tomatoes towards the end of their production.
Monday team-
  1. Harvest tomatoes & zucchini. Remove "calyx" (green stem) from tomatoes to protect tomatoes from puncture during transport.
  2. record weight and what you did in garden 2 blog and garden 2 harvest record.
  3. hand water- row 1 new zucchini (use a watering can), succulents outside garden, herbs inside garden, & plant on trellis
  4. Watch out for rat traps in far south west corner of garden, near zucchini. If need to be re-set ask someone in garden 3 to do.
Thursday team-
  1. harvest tomatoes & zucchini.
  2. If zucchini production low remove (place in green waste trash bin due to nematodes). Refurbish row.
  3. hand water zucchini row 1.
  4. Turn melons 1/4 turn.

Thursday, July 13- posted by Jill, with Cheri & Wanda
  • Harvested Tomatoes and zucchini.
  • Much less rodent damage to squash, noted a handful of tomatoes eaten. 2 rat traps, peanut butter eaten, trap still set. Bob will get fresh peanut butter and apply.
  • Fertilized melons with 4 oz. AgGrand, Hand watered in.
  • Roy applied nematoed treatment to row 1. He has yellow squash ready for row.
  • weeded.
  • removed dead leaves zucchini.
  • turned melons 1/4 turn.
  • raked up pepper tree leaves inside & outside garden.
  • watered succulents, herbs, & plant on trellis.

Saturday, July 7 - Posted by Kim with Jyothi
  • pulled out zucchinis that were not producing and saw nematodes, put into trash can
  • sprayed safer on melons
  • reshaped row 1 and checked tapes for leaks - there were none
  • watered plants out front of the gate
  • Cleaned up dead zucchini leaves

Saturday team-
  1. safer melons
  2. check row 1 irrigation tapes, run for leaks, change tapes if needed. Finish shaping row if needed
  3. check rat traps and re-set.
  4. remove non-producing zucchini plants, there's 3 or 4 of them on the east side of the row, throw into the green waste can (do to nemotodes).
  5. Water if you have time. Thanks!
Monday team-
  1. harvest tomatoes, zucchini. Weigh & record in harvest record.
  2. asses garden for rodent damage, watch for rat traps 2- near the south west corner of the garden. If they need to be re-set, please ask garden 3 to do.
  3. Water succulents outside garden, rosemary, lavender, thyme, & basil under tomatoes.
Thursday team-
  1. harvest tomatoes, zucchini, & basil
  2. Fertilize melons with 4oz. AgGrand
  3. If production low, remove zucchini plants and refurbish row 4
  4. check rat traps

THURSDAY, July 6- posted by Jill, with Cheri, and new garden volunteer, Wanda, welcome!
  • harvested tomatoes, zucchini, & basil
  • refurbished row 1, turned water back on. Notified Roy, that row was ready for nematode treatment.
  • pulled non-producing zucchini plant from row 4 and noted nematodes. Plan to remove rest of plants next week.
  • 2 rat traps were tripped, Bob will re-set. Garden 3 found a dead rat. Rodents continue to nibble zucchini and a few tomatoes.
  • watered plant outside trellis.

MONDAY, July 3- posted by Jill
  • harvested zucchini, tomatoes, & last of cucumbers. Remaining plants weak, dying, & dwindling production. All roots with nematodes.
  • turned off water to row 1, removed plants, discarded in green waste trash can. Plan to refurbish Wednesday/Thursday, Roy will treat row for nematodes.
  • Found dead squirrel in rat trap. Deb from garden 3 reset both traps. Added peanuts to squirrel trap in orchard.
  • Evidence of rodent bites in zucchini & cucumbers, not tomatoes, melon plants ends of stems/ leaves bitten off.
  • White flies & aphids decreased from tomatoes.
  • Removed wilte/dying leaves zucchini.

July 1 (posted by Kim)
  • fertilized both tomatoes and zucchini and watered in
  • sprayed Bt and safer on both
  • re-set traps for rodents(garden 1 caught a large rat)
  • watered succulents and plants
  • Replaced water and bleach in the sanitizing bucket(we need to make sure tools are sanitized due to nematode)

Saturday July 1
  1. Fertilize Tomatoes & Zucchini. Use Bio-Flora 7 cups/row on Tomatoes. Use Aggrand on zucchini, 2 oz in one watering can full of water & hand water in
  2. Safer & BT to tomatoes & zucchini
  3. asses rat traps & rodent damage in garden
  4. water succulents & plant along trellis, & basil
Monday July 3
  1. harvest cucumbers, tomatoes (remove green stem- calyx- to not puncture other tomatoes during transport, & zucchini.
  2. Weigh & record in harvest record
  3. asses garden for rodent damage, watch & check rat traps
  4. water lavender, thyme, rosemary, & basil under tomatoes.
Thursday July 5
  1. harvest
  2. asses rodent activity
  3. remove dead leaves cucumbers, pull dead plants- check roots for nematode, continue remove dead leaves zucchini.
  4. Water

Thursday, June 29- posted by Jill with new volunteer Cheri, welcome!
  • harvested cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, & rosemary
  • noted fresh rodent bites taken out of several of the zucchini, garden 1 had the same problem. Bob will set rat traps in gardens 1 & 2.
  • Row 1 cucumbers continue to not look well, by the looks of the roots, I think nematodes may be the culprit. Opted not to spray the remaining plants with safer & BT. Hosed off with water.
  • Fertilized row 3 melons with 4 oz. AgGrand, hand watered in. Looks like ends of melon stems bitten off.
  • Discussed with Roy, plan to replant rows 1 & 4 in 2-3 weeks. He will seed cucumber, cantaloup, & more squash.
  • Hosed off tomatoes with white flies/aphids.


Monday, June 26- posted by Jill with Lori and transition students
  • cucumbers continue to not look well, dry wilted leaves, east 1/2 of row all plants had been removed. Fertilized remaining plants with 2oz of Aggrand in watering container, hand watered in with hose. Removed dry leaves. Checked row with water meter, row read "moist". Discussed with Roy, plan to continue to fertilize, he'll increase watering of all rows by 30 minutes, keep cucumbers while still producing.
  • hand watered, basil, rosemary, thyme, succulents, and plant on trellis by pepper tree.
  • trimmed dried zucchini leaves, nearest the root.
  • harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, & zucchini
  • noted some white flies on tomatoes, spayed with hose.

Saturday, June 24th- posted by Jill (for Jyothi & Anaeesh- who were in the garden).
  • sprayed melons with safer soap
  • sprayed tomatoes with hose- which had a lot of white flies
  • weeded in melons & cucumbers
  • watered succulents & lavender
  • trimmed zucchini leaves and bad zucchinis.

Saturday 6/24 (Kim will be out of town)
  1. spray melons with safer soap
  2. using hose spray tomatoes with water to remove any white fly or aphids
  3. weed in melons and cucumbers
  4. water succulents and lavender
Moday 6/26
  1. harvest tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers
  2. fertilize cucumbers with aggrand ( 4oz aggrand in watering can)
  3. water lavender, thyme and rosemary (check basil under tomatoes for water)
  4. weigh and record in harvest record
Thursday 6/30
  1. harvest tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and rosemary
  2. safer soap and Bt on cucumbers
  3. check with Roy on fertilizing the melons
  4. weigh and record in harvest record

Thursday, June 22 (Janet)

  1. harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini weighed. Gave to Elliot. Noted white flies and some aphids.
  2. hand watered basil under tomatoes row 2
  3. under direction, removed a section of dead cucumber plants and put in compost bin
  4. watered succulents, lavender, rosemary, thyme and the plant with red flag outside garden trellis

Mulched and watered succulants.
Monday, June 19 - posted by Kim
  • harvested tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers
  • watered plants
  • cleaned up the dying leaves on cucumbers

Sunday 6/18 (Suzanne and Sue)
Covered tomatoes with black shade cloth (as requested by Roy)

Saturday, June 17 (posted by Kim with Jyothi and Aneesh)
  • fertilized tomatoes and zucchini
  • sprayed Bt and safer on both tomatoes and zucchini
  • watered all plants
  • cucumbers are not doing well, some in the middle of the row are dying.

Saturday 6/17/17
  1. Fertilize Tomatoes & Zucchini. Use Bio-Flora 7 cups/row on Tomatoes. Use Aggrand on zucchini, 2 oz in one watering can full of water & hand water in
  2. Safer & BT to tomatoes & zucchini
  3. hand water basil under tomatoes & plant outside garden trellis
  4. Kim do we bring a bag of Bio-flora to our storage under the tarp? If so can you replenish our supply either under the tarp or in the blue tub? Thanks!
  1. Harvest cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, weigh to pounds
  2. remove wilted/dead leaves from cucumbers
  3. hand water basil under tomatoes row 2
  4. hand water plant with red flag outside garden trellis
  5. write report in garden 2 blog & record weights in garden 2 harvest record, Thank you!
  1. harvest cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini (include rosemary) & weigh in Lbs. have all harvested by 9:30 am. Give to Elliot in team 2.
  2. hand water basil under tomatoes row 2
  3. contiune to remove wilted dead leaves from cucumber plants
  4. water succulents & plant with red flag outside garden trellis
  5. write report in garden 2 blog & record weights in garden 2 harvest record, Thank you!

Thursday, June 15- posted by Jill, with new garden volunteer Janet, welcome!
  • harvested; cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash.
  • sprayed safer & BT to row 1 cucumbers
  • deadheaded and trimmed lavender plant
  • cleaned up cobwebs around succulents outside garden
  • hand watered basil in row 2, tomatoes, ones on north side were wilting, hand watered succulents, lavender, herbs, & plant outside trellis
  • removed one dead wilted cucumber plant from east side of row one, plant next to it looked wilted as well, removed wilted leaves. Roy thought animal damage?

Monday, June 12- posted by Jill
  • Harvested zucchini, cucumbers, & 1st tomatoes. Garden 1 to deliver.
  • Fertilized row 1 cucumbers with 4oz Aggrand mixed with one watering can of water. Hand watered in with hose.
  • noted cucumber's some of the leaves have holes in them, didn't see evidence of snails. Plan to spray with Safer,BT, & apply sluggo on Thursday.
  • planted 8 (4 on each side) basil plants, from green house, between tomatoes.
  • removed old, dry, dead leaves from cucumber & zucchini plants.
  • Spoke with Roy- leave white cover off melons & not to fertilize yet

Saturday, June 10- posted by Kim
  • removed white row cover from melons and weeded around the plants
  • sprayed safer soap on melons
  • checked tomatoes no aphids , but there were white flies. So, sprayed with water
  • watered all the succulents

Saturday 6/10/17
  1. remove white cover from cantaloupe
  2. weed in & around cantaloupe
  3. spray melons with safer
  4. Spray tomatoes with water if aphids seen
  5. Water rosemary & lavender , succulents & plants outside fence
  1. Fertilize cucumbers with 4 oz. of Aggrand & 1 watering can full of water. Water in with hose after.
  2. Harvest
  3. Check with Roy re: Fertilizing of cantaloupe & recovering with white cloth

  1. harvest (include rosemary)
  2. safer & BT row 1 cucumbers
  3. trim lavender plant
  4. weed around succulents and outside garden gate

Thursday, June 8- posted by Jill
  • harvested cucumbers, yellow squash, & zucchini
  • Weeded between rows 3 & 4 and row 4 & fence
  • continued to remove old zucchini leaves during harvesting, the ones nearest the root
  • noted ant activity on cucumbers and zucchini
  • hand watered plant outside garden on trellis

6/5 (Gale) harvested Zucchini and cucumbers

Saturday, June 3 (posted by Kim with Jyothi present)
-applied bio-flora to both the tomatoes and zucchini
-sprayed safer and Bt to both tomato and zucchini rows
- weed three aisles between rows 1 up to row 3 (the top two aisles still need to be weeded)
-check on melons they looked good

Saturday 6/3/17-
  1. Bio-Flora 6-7 cups each to row 2- tomatoes & row-4 zucchini (per Roy)
  2. Apply Safer & BT (may combine in one container per Roy) to Tomatoes & Zucchini (Kim use your judgement on the tomatoes, if there's still lady bugs & ants do we want to spray?)
  3. Weed inside garden
  4. check cantaloupe under cover
  1. Harvest zucchini & some cucumbers may be ready- Check with Roy &/ garden 1 & 3 , I sampled an 8" cucumber on Thursday and it tasted great! cucumbers should be 5-7" in length and approx 2" dia. for harvest
  2. Weed
  3. Water rosemary & lavender inside garden, succulents & plants outside fence
  1. Harvest zucchini & cucumbers
  2. Weed
  3. check plants for insects/worms
  4. continue to remove leaves from zucchini when harvesting

6/1 (Vic) We harvested zucchini, checked the cucumbers for aphids, cut damaged leaves off of zucchini & cucumbers, and sprayed safer soap on the cucumbers.

Monday,May 29- posted by Kim
  • harvested zucchinis
  • there is something on the zucchini leaves, Deb from garden 3 thinks it is some kind of mite and can be treated with safer soap.

Wednesday -
  1. compost bin #1
  2. mix finished compost
  3. move wood chips to orchard
  4. prune pepper tree
Thursday -
  1. Harvest
  2. check for aphids on cucumbers spray with hard spray of water if you see any
  3. check for any affected leaves on zucchini plants and remove (there are mites on the leaves)

Saturday, May 27- posted by Jill, with Jyothi, Aneesh, Jyothi's husband, & Kim
  • Sprayed safer soap to cucumbers in row 1 for aphids
  • hand watered row 1 down center where Bio- flora was applied Thursday
  • Applied row of twine to support tomatoes in row 2. Noted aphids on plants, but also several lady bugs & ants.
  • Removed black cover from row 3 cantaloupe, hand watered young plants, all look good. Applied white cover as Roy recommended.
  • Weeded
  • several zucchini will be ready for harvest Monday

5/25 - We harvested zucchini, sprayed safer soap on cucumbers and watered them. Also, we put a black cover
on row 3, spread Bio-Flora in the dirt and watered the row.

5/24 - We planted cantaloupe in row 3. brought wood chips over to the orchard and pruned compost in bin #1

5/22 harvested green and yellow zucchini, and refurbished row 3

  • DONE harvest
  • DONE refurbish row 3 - recipe in the book (use the mixed compost)
  • Plant melons
  • Compost bin #1
  • mixed compost pile
  • move wood chips to orchard
  • prune pepper tree
  • harvest
  • cover new plants with black row cover
  • spray safer soap on cucumbers in row 1

5/20 welcome to Jyothi our new Saturday volunteer, she will be joining our team with her son. We fertilized row 2&4 and trimmed the zucchini plants. Also, saw some rat or mouse droppings in the back corner where all the work was done to level out the table in garden 3. Shored up the corner with hard wire cloth. All the plants look great.
5/18 We harvested zucchini and rosemary, sprayed safer soap on the zucchini. We took the black cover off row1, and over turned the soil in row3. We clipped .75 lbs. of rosemary.
5/17 replace drip tape in row 4(checked the water pressure and all looks good) We also moved wood chips into the orchard and chopped up compost from bin1 and moved to bin 2

5/15 No aphids found, we harvested the zucchini and rosemary, did some composting and weeded the fruit tree area.

  • DONE harvest also harvest some rosemary
  • DONE check for aphids on zucchini and tomatoes
  • DONE spray Bt on tomatoes
  • DONE water rosemary and lavender plant
  • DONE weed
  • mix finished compost
  • prune pepper tree
  • spread wood chips in orchard
  • prune composer bin #1
  • harevest also harvest some rosemary
  • spray safer soap on zucchini
  • please take off black row cover from row 1 (roll up and put away in bin)
  • start refurbishing row 3 (please use compost from the middle pile, thanks)

5/11 (Vic) We harvested cabbage and zucchini , pulled up the cabbage plants, sprayed safer soap on
the tomatoes, put sluggo down on the squash plants. we also tore up cabbage leaves for the compost and weeded.
5/10 prunned the pepper tree, mixed the finished compost pile and moved wood chips into the orchard

5/8 Harvested cabbage and zucchini, saw a few snails. Also did some composting (cutting plants).

  • DONE harvest cabbage and zucchinis please watch out for drip tape, it can be cut easily
  • DONE spray Bt on zucchini
  • DONE Look for and remove snails, I saw quite a few on Saturday
  • DID SOME weed
  • mix compost
  • prune in compost bin #1
  • move wood chips into orchard and spread them out
  • prune pepper tree
  • harvest zucchini and rest of cabbages please watch out for drip tape, it can be cut easily
  • spray safer soap on tomatoes
  • spread sluggo around the squash
  • weed

5/4 (Vic) We harvested zucchini and squash. We sprayed BT on tomatoes. We weeded and watered the plants.
  • DONE harvest cabbage and green/yellow squash (first ask if anyone is making a delivery in garden 3) directions on how to do the weighing is in the folder
  • spray safer soap on the zucchini and DONE tomatoes only
  • DONE check cucumbers in row 1 for aphids and sprinkle sluggo on the row (located in tupperware bin inside the garden)
  • clean up compost area and work compost bin#1
  • mix finished compost
  • spread mulch on hillside
  • prune pepper treprune ice plant
  • harvest cabbage and zucchini
  • spray Bt on tomatoes
  • check for aphids on cucumbers and zucchini
  • weed and water around succulents

5/1 harvested 5.5 lbs of zucchini, 2.75 lbs of bok choy,
6.5 lbs of cabbage. We saw a 12" garter snake!!!!

4/27/17 We harvested cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and zucchini. Row1 was treated with Sluggo. We watered succulents and the pots for the garden #1.

4/26 we tied up the tomatoes with a second row of string. We also, spread mulch on the side of garden 3 to help out with the weeds. Also, mixed the finished compost.

4/24 (Gale) finished tasks. Lots of caterpillars eating the leaves of the cabbage and the lettuce at the end of the row of the cabbage. Several zucchinis are ready to harvest.
  • remove cabbage plants that were harvested last week. Put into compost bin #1.
  • spray Bt on remaining cabbage plants. Be sure to spray inside the heart of the cabbage.
  • check for aphids on the squash plants, spray safer soap if you see any.
  • water succulents by the gate to garden 2
  • weed
  • compost bin #1
  • finished compost pile
  • prune pepper tree
  • spread wood chip on hillside by garden 3
  • harvest cabbage (there are two or three Chinese cabbages also ready at the end of row 3)
  • check on the zucchini and squash plants there might be some that are ready ( harvest when the zucchini is about 10-12 inches; just like you see in the grocery store
  • check on the cucumbers. Please Shake sluggo onto row 1. (Sluggo is located in the 1st Tupperware bin that is located inside the garden, under the white row cover)

4/21 - (Kim) - went to the garden to put a shade cloth on the cucumbers and noticed a giant leak. Was able to fix it.
4/20 - (Vic) We harvested cabbage, sprayed BT on the tomatoes, and weeded the garden and outside of the garden.

4/19 - (Kim) We started to mix the finished compost today. We also replaced some of our cucumbers that were eaten by snails and tied up the tomatoes. One tomato snapped at the base I will replace it on Saturday.

  • check row 1 - cucumbers were planted over the week off. Some had died. Call Roy to see if he has any replacements, also apply sluggo ( found in the Tupperware bin inside the garden under the black shade cloth)
  • hand water with the watering cans all the rows
  • spray safer soap on the squash and cabbage rows
  • weed
  • compost bin #1
  • prune pepper tree
  • mix compost
  • harvest cabbage and maybe squash
  • Spray Bt on tomato plants
  • weed

4/12 (Suzanne and Sue)
Some of the cucumbers in row 1 didn't make it, but irrigation looked ok. Watered the tomatoes a little. The hose had been left on, so we turned it off. Noticed some water in the area behind the last row on the west end (by garden 3 work station), but not sure where it's coming from...could be a hole in the irrigation tape.

4/8 - Fertilzed the garden today and I also sprayed with safer soap and Bt. The garden looks really good. We are ready to plant in row 1.

4/5- refurbished row 1 It is now ready for whatever Roy has in the greenhouse. ( We talked about cucumbers)
4/1 - (Kim) check on the garden, the plants looked good.
  • refurbish row 1:
  1. 1/2 bag of chicken manure
  2. 1 bag of worm castings
  3. 6-8 cups of pre plant fertilizer
  4. 1 wheelbarrow full of "mixed compost"
  • Spray Bt onto the cabbage (recipe on the thuride bottle: 2 tbsp per spray bottle)
  • if time weed
  • pre-compost bin #1
  • mix finished compost
  • weed walkway between gardens 2&3
  • prune back ice plant
Thursday ( conference - nobody at the garden)
  • harvest cabbage
  • fertilze the cabbage with fish emulsion
  • weed around the succulents

Next Monday (April 3) Roy will have a group of middle school students at the garden 9:30-11:30 for a community service project. He plans to have them spread the pile of shredded tree trimmings that is at the start of the driveway. Other tasks are also welcome. If you have any input to that project, let me know and I'll pass it along to Roy.

3/29 completed Wednesday tasks! cabbage looks good.
3/27 completed Monday tasks, some aphids on the broccoli leaves.
3/25 - checked on the garden, tomatoes still look very stunted compared to garden 3 which was planted the same day. Hopefully they will start growing soon.
  • pull out broccoli plants that are finished
  • hose off aphids on broccoli with a jet stream of water
  • spray with safer soap
  • weed inside the garden and around the succulents
  • work pre compost bin #1
  • mix finished compost
  • move wood chip to around compost bins and tool shed
  • prune ice plants
  • harvest the rest of the broccoli wash all aphids off
  • check and if needed harvest cabbage. They are a small head of cabbage
  • fertilize cabbage with fish emulsion
  • check under row cover, make sure that the squash are doing good
  • weed
3/30- We harvested broccoli and cabbage. We checked for bugs, weeded, and raked the rows. The new squash plants are doing great. He pulled up the broccoli plants and fed the tomatoes and cabbage with fish emulsion.
3/23- We harvested broccoli, planted zucchini, watered the zucchini, and put the row cover on the new plants.
3/20- some of the broccoli looked a little brown. we will need to add the other half of the worm castings to the row.
3/18- checked on the garden, the plants looked good (tomatoes look a little sluggish - compared to garden 3's tomatoes, which were planted same day)
  • DONE. remove broccoli plants that were harvested - put into compost bin #1
  • DONE Fertilize row 1&3 with fish emulsion
  • NOT FINISHED start refurbishing row 4 - you don't have to finish
  1. 1/2 bag chicken manure.
  2. 1 bag of worm castings
  3. 1 wheelbarrow full of mixed compost ( middle pile)
  4. about 6 - 8 cups of pre-plant fertilizer - inside first Tupperware bin - under black shade cloth
  • finish refurbishment
  • compost bin #1
  • spread bark mulch around tool shed
  • prune pepper tree
  • harvest any broccoli
  • plant cucumber or squash in row 4 (I will call Roy and have plants delivered) row 4 has two drip tapes. You will be planting every 18" on the down hillside of the tape. Please stagger the plants. There is a measuring stick on top of the table.
  • cover the plants with white row cover

3/16 (Vic) We harvested all the carrots and green onions from row 4. We turned the soil also.
We harvested broccoli . A few weeds were picked around the entrance to our garden.
3/15 (Gale) spread mulch where it was needed.
3/13 (Gale) no aphids! Covered row 3, weeded the beds also.
3/11 (Kim) - checked the garden out, all looked good.
  • DONE remove all yellowing leaves from broccoli & cabbage plants. ( rows 1&3)
  • DONE check all rows for aphids
  • DONE fertilize rows 1&3 with fish emulsion
  • check the rows make sure they have been watered. And water if dry.
  • Did some. weed around the succulents in front of garden 2.
  • DONE pre-compost bin #1
  • WORKED ON IT finished compost pile
  • WORKED ON IT prune ice plant
  • weed walk way between garden 2&3
  • DONE added the mulch walkway
  • harvest all the carrots, onions, and garlic in row 4
  • sanitize shovels and turn over the soil in row 4
  • weed around the succulents and walk way in front of the garden

3/9 (Vic) We Harvested Carrots, sprayed BT and safer soap on rows 1,3&4, we also weeded.
3/8 (Kim) we worked on the compost bin#1 today. Also, prune some ice plant by garden 1.
3/6 (Gale) Completed 1 & 2, and did some weeding. We watered the broccoli rows as some parts looked dry and some plants were smaller than others!
3/4 (Kim) checked the plants under the row covers. The plants look healthy. Keep an eye on the broccoli. They are starting to produce.

  • DONE remove the string from the stakes. Throw away the string and put the stakes in a pile on the other side of the containers. There should already be stakes in a pile.
  • DONE fertilize rows 1,3, & 4 with fish emulsion. (1/4 cup or 4 tablespoons of fish emulsion to one watering can)
  • STARTED weed throughout the rows.
  • compost bin #1
  • mix finished compost
  • prune ice plants
  • weed
  • harvest any carrots available
  • spray Bt on all plants in rows 1,3, & 4 (will have the spray mixed and ready to use for the students)
  • weed

Mar. 2 - We harvested snow peas and carrots. Pulled out the pea plants. Pulled out stakes and string. We racked the snow pea area.

Mar. 1 (Kim) planted tomatoes, cleared out iceplant, and worked in compousting bin 1 and 2, and mixed finished compost.

Feb. 25 (Kim) fertilized rows 1&3 and got row 2 ready to plant tomatoes.

Monday (rained out)
  • DON'T DO - WE WILL PLANT ON WED. plant tomatoes 18" apart in row 2. I have started two holes on the down hill side of the drip tape as examples. (Frost might be a factor - I will let Roy be the judge - we may plant tomatoes on Wednsday)
  • start taking out the pea plants (if there is time)
  • take stakes out of row 4 - remove string and throw away. (If there is time)
  • DONE - plant tomatoes if Monday's forcast is frost
  • remove pea plants
  • remove stakes and clean off string
  • DONE mix finished compost
  • DONE work on compost bin #1
  • harvest carrots & peas
  • finish removing any pea plants, stakes and string
  • check row 1&3 for aphids
  • water succulents
  • work compost bin #1

Feb. 23 - harvested the peas and started to pull them out. Will have monday and Wednesday teams finish with pulling out the peas.

Feb. 18 - fertilized all rows with fish emulsion and recovered the rows.

Feb 15 - refurbished row 2 and it is ready to plant. Roy has celebrity tomatoes ready any time. Next week is a week off from school. Most likely will plant the week they get back.
Feb 13 - cleaned out row 2, removed weeds and turned over the soil. Also broke up all the leaves for compost! Luke did a lot of weeding around the garden.
Feb 11 - Didn't go to the garden due to rain.
  • DONE remove all cauliflower plants from row #2 and put into compost bin #1.
  • DONE get long handled shovels from shed and sanitize for 4-5 minutes.
  • DONE clean row #2 of all leaf litter and weeds
  • DONE rinse shovels and turn over the soil ( lightly dig to loosen up soil in the row)
  • finish refurbishing row # 2 with compost, chicken manure, worm castings, and fertilizer.
  • work on compost bin #1
  • prune ice plant in orchard
  • harvest row #4 (peas and carrots) work until about 9:15 , then stop and weigh whatever you have. Also, in the blogs' harvest records could you let me know if the weights are in ounces or pounds. Thanks.
  • fertilize row #4 with fish emulsion
  • weed inside the garden

Feb 16,2017 (Vic) Harvested snow peas and carrots. Fertilized row 4 with fish emulsion. We then weeded.

Feb 9 (Vic) Harvested cauliflower and snow peas, and carrots. Rinsed the cauliflower with water. One cauliflower had a lot of aphids.

Feb 8 (Kim)- pruned more pickle weed in the orchard. Starting to clear up around the trees. Also, pruned plants in compost bin #1 and put into bin #2.

Feb. 6. (Gale) saw aphids on the baby cauliflower plant.

Feb. 4 (Kim) Saw a lot of aphids on the cauliflower. Sprayed with safer soap and a jet spray of water. Fertilized row 1 with fish emulsion and decided to re cover the row because of the aphids.

  • Done Remove picked cauliflower plants from row 2 and put into compost bin #1.
  • Done Spray rows 1,2,3 & 4 with safer 3 in 1 soap. There is another pump sprayer in the big Tupperware bin closest to the gate to the garden.
  • Done check for aphids
  • Did some weeding
  • DONE work composter bin #1 and move pieces to bin #2.
  • DID SOME prune ice plant
  • DID SOME bundle orchard prunings
  • harvest peas and cauliflower. There might be some carrots ready too!

    (please harvest all cauliflower, no matter what size, we are going to get the row ready for tomatoes next week)

  • fertilize row #4 with fish emulsion
  • weed

Feb. 2 - We harvested cauliflower and snap peas today. We rinsed and weighted the cauliflower. We took off cover from row 1, and pulled up the stakes. Didn't see and bugs.

Feb. 1 (Gale)- sprayed rows with BT 1 & 3, worked on tearing up leaves in compost bin 1, got started on pruning ice plant- put them out to dry. Lots more to prune.

January 30, luke beds were dry, two caulifour ready to pick, (Gale) mixed a bottle of BT. Ready to use!

Jan. 28 (Kim) - pulled off row covers on rows 1&3 to check the health of the plants. Row 1 looks great. Row 3 had some bug damage. Put sluggo on the row. Watered both row 1&3 -(not sure if Roy turn water back on). Looked for aphids, saw some on one cauliflower and sprayed with water.

  • DONE check the rows and water if needed. (Water was turned off due to the rains and have not been turned back on)
  • DONE un-do row covers on 1&3. Mix in the sprayer labeled BT (thuricide) 1 tablespoon Bt to 1 bottle - sprayer of water. Spray both on top of the leaves as well as under the leaves on both rows.
  • Pull weeds in the rows.
  • DONE put row covers back on row 1&3
  • DONE check for bugs rows 2and4 only
  • DONE lay out blue tarp, start pruning ice plant into small pieces to be dried out. (Needs to be dried out before going into compost pile)
  • bundle up prunings from orchard
  • DONE check compost bin #1
  • harvest sugar snap peas and cauliflower. (Don't forget to log in the weights)
  • if time undo row cover #1 and fertilize with fish emulsion. (4 tablespoon of fish emulsion to 1 watering can)

January 26- posts by Teresa
6.5 lbs of cauliflower
10 oz of snow peas

Jan.25- the garden looks healthy .luke

Jan. 24 - We are going to start our "job site" next week. This week, we will be going up to the garden to check out where everything is and to show the new students and staff where things are located.

Jan. 21 (Kim) - checked on the garden today to see if there was any damage. Didn't see any.

Jan. 16 (Kim) weeded between rows 3&4. Wednesday will finish weeding rows 1&2. Fertilized row 4 with fish emulsion.

Jan. 14 (Kim) cleaned up row 2. Thank you Theresa and Donna for your help with harvesting. Helped Diane with clean up of the orchard.

Jan. 12 (Theresa and Donna)
  • Cauliflower 24 lbs. (Beautiful heads!!)
  • Snow Peas 5 lbs.
  • Cabbage 4.75 lbs.

Jan. 7 - (Kim) Refurbished row 1 today and will plant either broccoli or cauliflower on Monday.

Jan. 5 - (Barbara K. & Donna from Garden 3) thank you for harvesting and the information on the aphids and worms. Kim
  • Snowpeas 2lbs. 8 oz.
  • Cauliflower 10 lbs. 14 oz.
Cauliflower has aphids and green worms.

Jan. 2 -(Kim) Planted row 3 with cabbage. Talked to Lori from garden 1, and she will let her team know to harvest. Will start on refurbishing row 1 later this week and will plant either on Saturday or Monday.

Dec. 26 - (Kim)Row 1 is cleaned up with only about 5-6 cabbages left for harvesting this week. Started on the broccoli row, will finish up after harvest on Thursday. Then we will refurbish on Saturday and plant next week when the students return.

Dec. 22 - (Kim) We had a fantastic harvest today. All three gardens had a wonderful selection for Becky. Saturday, I will clean up the garden and start preparing the row for a new planting.

Dec. 15 - (Kim) Went to the garden today to drop off some compost in the worm bins. I also, checked on the garden to see if I needed to do anything before the rains but all looked great.

Dec. 12 - (Kim) We cleaned up row 1 & 3. Remove plants that have been harvested. Everything looks good.

Dec. 10 - (Kim) the garden looks good. We will finish harvesting rows 1 & 3 in the next two weeks. Then refurbish those rows and replant at the beginning of January.

Dec 8 -(Patty) Harvested today. Thanks, Patty.
2.5 lbs Peas
5.0 lbs Broccoli
14.5 lbs Cabbage (6 heads)

Dec. 5 -(Kim) The garden looks great. So we sifted the compost from Miramar and retuned the larger pieces to the third compost bin. Patty from garden 3 will come by on Thursday to harvest the sugar snap peas.

Dec. 3 -(Kim) Fertilized all rows with fish emulsion. Helped garden 3 with refurbishing a row.

Dec. 1 (Kim) Went to the garden early (6:15) to harvest before work. Was able to get some broccoli and cabbage and put it by the gate in garden 1. Also, noticed that three more cabbages were taken.

Nov. 28 - Cleaned up the rows around the garden. checked in the broccoli that has been eaten by critters nothing new was chewed on. The traps that were set, were tripped. But nothing was caught.

Nov. 23 - sprayed Bt on rows 1-3. Recovered row 2 with white row cover. It looks like a critter was gnawing on some of the broccoli. Will look for traps on Saturday and set a few.

Nov. 21 - Harvested broccoli today. Planted a Black-eye Susan by the trellis. In time it should hide the worm compost buckets.

Nov. 19 - Fertilized all rows with fish emulsion. Finished cleaning up the Black-eyed Susan that was inside the garden. SOMEONE harvested a cabbage. Please let me know what the weight was, so I can enter it into the harvest record.

Nov. 14 - Sprayed Bt on all four rows checked the health of the plants and everything looks great. Our Broccoli is starting to produce. The black-eye susan is out and the trellis will be moved next week.

Nov. 12 - Checked on the garden. Everything looks good. We will start work on removing the Black eye Susan on the far end of the garden in order to use the trellis in the front as a screen.

Nov. - 7 Added another row of string to the peas. They are growing fantastically. We are going to put up a screen around the worm compost and fertilizers. It will eventually become a living screen with Black-eye Susan vines and Scarlet runner vines.

Nov. 5 - Changed out the shade cloth for the white row covers. Checked the plants for bug activity, didn't see any. Fertilized rows 1 & 2.

Oct. 31 - No student volunteers were available today. So, I stopped by the garden after work to see if anything needed to be done today. But the garden looked great! Bruce did a fantastic job on repairing the gate, thanks.

Oct.24 - Worked on cleaning all the tools and sanitizing. Also, pruned the ice plant in front of garden 1.

Oct. 22 - The garden looks great! Fertilized the broccoli with fish emulsion. Also, sprayed with both Bt and safer soap. Added another string layer to the peas. This week we will keep on cleaning the garden and sanitizing the tools and wooden stakes.

Oct.17 - We pulled a bunch of weeds from the garden today. Also, we did some general garden cleaning and sanitizing. Checked the peas and helped them back onto the string trellis.

Oct 8 - Patty from Garden 3 - I watered the peppers in last row. They were looking extremely dry and wilted. Might want to check the irrigation line. it is turned on but as I said the peppers on the far end of the row were very dry.

Oct. 3 - Planted cauliflower today. The peas look almost ready. We will start on refurbishing row 4 to get ready for the peas.

Sept. 26 - refurbished row 2 today. It is ready for planting. But it may be too hot on Wednesday to plant. Will talk to Roy about when it will be a good time to plant the cauliflower.

Sept. 24 - Got the rest of the tomatoes out today. Decided not to refurbish the row today, and have the students do it on Monday. It is supposed to be very hot on Monday. We will then plant the row of cauliflower on Wednesday. Also, put 3 trays of peas in the greenhouse.

Sept. 19 - harvested the bell peppers and melons today. Also, started to take out the tomatoes in row 1.

Sept. 17 - Fertilzed row 4 with fish emulsion. On Monday, we will take out the tomatoes. And on Wednesday, we will refurbish the row. Roy said that he will hopefully have some cauliflower ready by then.

Sept. 12 - took our new students up to the garden. We planted a row of cabbage. The garden looks good.

Sept. 10 - (Kim) Refurbished row 1. We will plant cabbage on Monday. Helped Steve refurbish a row in garden 3.

Sept. 5 - (Kim) planted a row of broccoli covered it with shade cloth. Also, pulled out row 1 tomatoes and will work on refurbishing the row throughout the week. Roy has cabbage for us to plant next week.

Sept. 3 - (Kim) pulled out the zucchini in row 3. Found nematodes on the roots. Will treat for them next week. But we did get the row ready for planting. Steve from garden 3 helped with the refurbishing. Fertilized row 4, and saw that there are a lot of bell peppers ready for harvesting. We will pull out row 1 tomatoes next week and extend the row with the soil that came out of the raised bed.

August 27 - (Kim) started to take out the zucchini today. Pulled about half the plants. Monday's team will harvest the rest of the zucchini, so that Thursday can refurbish the row. I do believe that there are nematodes in row 3, will have to ask Roy what to do. Fertilized row 4. Cantaloupe are ready. Just pull gently, they will come off the vine when ripe.

July 30 - (Kim) Fertilized row 4, both the cantaloupe and bell peppers. We have broccoli and cauliflower started up at the greenhouse. They should be ready to plant around the beginning of September.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered this summer. The garden looks great! Kim.

July 29 (Vicki S./ Kim K.) - Harvested tomatoes, zucchini, and green peppers. Picked off dead leaves from squash plants. We raked and weeded in between the rows, and watered the plants. There was no signs of pests.

July 23 (Kim) - Fertilized bell peppers with fish emulsion and pruned the sunflower. All the other rows look as expected for this time of year. I have asked Roy to seed a couple of trays (broccoli and cauliflower). When we are back in session, we will start to prep the rows that will be planted first, and get the garden ready for fall plantings.

July 21-students harvested tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, and peppers. Students sprayed plants with insecticide.

July 20 - Students racked, watered palm trees, watered succulents, checked for bugs, mixed soil.
July 18 - Students harvested tomatoes, squash, green peppers, and red pepper. They watered the palm trees, and weeded. The plants look good. The serenade looks like it did the trick.

July 15 - (Kim) sprayed serenade on the squash plants to help with the powdery mildew. Lightly fertilized the bell peppers and squash with fish emulsion. Started to spread the soil from the raised bed and realized that there is too much soil and will have to wait until the tomatoes play out to finish spreading soil.

July 14 - (Kim) Went to the garden this afternoon and saw that the raised bed was gone. Thank you Bruce! It looks great.

July 14- Student harvested tomatoes, peppers, squash, and zucchini, They also helped unload garden compost bags from a truck.

July 13 - Students swept sidewalk, picked up trash along curb in front of garden, trimmed pepper tree, watered palm trees and succulents.

July 11 - Students swept sidewalk, weeded, raked pathways, harvested tomatoes, and harvested tomatoes.

July 9 - Fertilized rows 1-3 with bio-flora. Fertilized bell peppers with fish emulsion. Watered the cantaloupe. Sprayed the zucchini with serenade for the powdery mildew.

July 7- Students harvested tomatoes and zucchini. They also lightly watered and sprayed the tomatoes and squash with insecticide.

July 6 - Students swept sidewalks, harvested tomatoes, mixed compost, watered succulents, watered palm trees, and light watered the 4 rows.

July 3 - (Kim) FYI - Harvest days are MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. If you plan on harvesting any other days, could you ask the other teams if they plan on making a delivery. There is no point in harvesting if there is no delivery.
thanks, Kim

July 2 - (Jenn) Watered all plants, weeded and trimmed the basil. Used water to knock the aphids off the tomatoes, saw a couple of lady bugs. Hey Jenn. Thanks, Kim

July 1- Harvested tomatoes, onions, zucchini, green peppers, and tomatoes. Students watered the garden box.

June 30 - Harvested tomatoes, onions, zucchini, yellow squash, and a few green peppers. Thew away plant waste in compost bin 1.

June 29 - Students swept sidewalk outside of garden, watered palm trees, and mixed compost.

June 27 - Harvested tomatoes, yellow squash, onions. Picked weeds, watered succulents, sprayed aphids with Safer Insecticidal Soap . Aphids were on the squash and tomatoes.

June 24 - (Kim) Fertilized all four rows with bio flora. When fertilizing row 1, I noticed thousands of white larva wiggling around in the soil. Pretty sure they are ants, but I don't know. They could also be fungus gnat larva? Students from abraxas will be here next week. They will be harvesting and doing general garden maintainence.

Note from Jane on Monday, June 20 -- Warmest congratulations to Deborah Webster on our Garden 3 Monday team. She has just become a Master Gardener! How fortunate we are to have Deb on our team.

Saturday June18 - Lots of aphids on the tomatoes. Gave a heavy dose of water to knock them off, instead of spraying with safer soap because there were a lot of ladybugs. Hopefully, this will help control the aphid population. Bell peppers still look very sad. They just are not growing.

Monday June 6 - Went to the garden early this morning and noticed a few squirrels in the traps. watered the onions in the raised bed. Everything looks good.

Sunday June 5 (from Lori, G1):
THE SQUIRRELINATOR TRAPS WORKED: WE CAUGHT 2 SQUIRRELS IN EACH OF THE 2 TRAPS SET ON SAT MORNING. Roy will take care of the squirrels and reset the traps. Apparently, unshelled peanuts did the trick. Be sure to contact Roy if you see squirrels in the traps.

June 4 - Set up the traps with Shirley from garden 1. And watered the onions.

May 30 - Fertilized the squash and peppers with bio-flora. Only harvest a small amount of zucchini's that were not eaten by a critter. The rest went into the worm composters.

May 28 - Fertilized the tomatoes with bio-flora. Sprayed the tomatoes with safer soap. Started to prune zucchini's and noticed that most of the zucchinnis were munched on. I am assuming that a squirrel is the culprit. I will look into the leak on Monday.

Note from Jane on Tues May 24 -- Check out the great diagram of the garden, including details of the irrigation system, prepared by our irrigation specialist Mark Devlin. It's on the Irrigation System page under Garden Guidelines -- direct link Irrigation System -- Repairing Leaks

May 22 (Suzanne) - Noticed a leak in last row of garden 2. Puddle formed between last two rows, around the middle of row. (Water was off by the time I got there, so I couldn't see exactly where it was coming from.)

May 16 -Harvested 6.25 pounds of zucchini. Watered the onions. And added Bio-Flora to the tomatos.

May 9 - today at the garden, we found a new bug. It's a beetle with long yellow and dark stripes down the length of the wings. When I looked it up, I found that a type of cucumber beetle looked just like it. We found it on our squash plants. Has anyone else seen something similar?

May 7 - stopped by the garden today. Everything that has been replaced still looks healthy. Maybe it's a virus or fungus that is taking all these plants, or maybe not. We will wait and see.

May 2 - Harvested 5 pounds of cabbage also onions and carrots. Put bio flora on the squash. Found out FROM FARMER Roy THAT THE STUNTED PLANTS MOST LIKELY HAVE A VIRUS.

Apirl 25 -Today we havvested onions and some rosemary. Notice that the rows were watered. Hopefull, the watering issues are worked out. Went to the greenhouse and got three more tomatoes to replace those that didn't make it. Saw a ratttersnake today.

April 21 - I have been stopping by the garden everyday to check on the water. There has been no water on the plants since last Friday. I will go to the garden after work on Friday to see if there has been any water. We did have water last Friday. So, I am wondering if garden 2 only has water on Fridays. I am on my third attempt at growing zucchini an I am all out of seeds and plants. The tomatoes in row 2 are looking very weak and in need of replacing. Also, the peppers in row 4 are looking very poor. I am watering these as heavily as possible. I think they will make it if I water everyday after work.

April 18 - Watered the onions in their garden box and then checked the health of the plants. Decided to pull out 2 tomato plants and replace them from the greenhouse. Weeded around each row of the garden and noticed aphids on each pepper plant and sprayed with safe soap also.

April 9 - Tied up the tomatoes. Added fish emulsion to the cabbages. Finished planting the peppers.

April, 4 - We first prepared the row then we planted bell peppers and onion today. Also we harvested Cabbage and it ended up to be, weighting 4.5 pounds and watered peppers and onions. Last we cleaned up around the compost.

April, 2 - Replaced drip tape on a couple of rows. Restaked tomatoes the correct way. And watered the onions. On Monday, we will plant the peppers.

March 28 - We harvested the cabbage today and it weighed 2.5 pounds.The tomatoes were staked and tied in row 1. We also added more squash plants.

March,26 - Tied the tomatoes this week. This week we will take out the cabbage in row 4 and refurbish. We will also stake the tomatoes in row 1.

March 21 - We didn't have harvest today. Instead, we fertilized the cabbage with fish emulsion. Then worked on breaking down compost bin1# . We also pruned back the ice plant.

March 19 - Watered the raised bed and fertilized tha cabbages. Noticed that one of the cabbages in row one was gone. please let me know how much it weighed so it can be recorded. Thanks.

March 14 - Today we harvested all the carrots. we also planted onions. Then we went to the greenhouse to check on the bell pepper plants. they will need about 2 week more in the greenhouse. Elenor worked on compost bin.

March 12 - The garden looks great. Got the stakes in for the tomatoes. Cleaned the cabbages up they are looking good.

March 5 - Refurbished row 1. We left the cabbages on the bottom row and will plant tomatoes on the uphill side of row 1. We will continue to help clean up the garden for the fundraiser.

Feb. 29 - Today we weeded the garden. It looks fantastic. We also planted zucchini in row #3.

Feb. 27 - Finished prepping row 3 for a Monday planting of zucchini. Checked on the cabbage. Lots of aphids. Sprayed with safer soap. We will start sprucing up the garden for the fundraiser.

Feb. 22 - Harvested peas & carrots today. Row 3 was half dry and wet at the same time. Will let Roy know to turn water up. Started row prep. in row 3. Squash will be ready next week for planting.

Feb. 15 - Thanks Suzanne. We had a huge harvest today of broccoli. The heat was getting to them and it looked like they might have gone to flower sooner then expected. We have zucchini the greenhouse, will check on Wednesday to see how far along they are.

Feb 14 (Suzanne)
Purchased over 50 mouse and rat traps which are on the counter in the garden 1 work station along with the peanut butter for bait. I set two traps in the work station because it appears the mice are living in there.

Feb. 13 - Fertilized with fish emulsion on row 4. Weeded around the cabbage. Checked on the tomatoes everything looks great.

Feb. 8 - Harvested Sugar Snap peas and carrots. We planted tomatoes and watered the tomatoes . We also, planted Thyme and cilantro.

Feb. 1 - Harvested beans, did row prep on row #2, and amended soil.

Jan. 30 - Fertilized with fish emulsion. Checked traps caught another rodent. While setting traps again, the little vermints were popping their heads out of the holes. So frustrating.

Jan. 28 - checked the trap today, and caught what looks like a vole or gopher. One down and ? more to go.

Jan. 25 - Harvested peas, cauliflower, watered, weeded, inspected for insects. Found aphids on broccoli.
Jan. 6 - checked the garden out after the torrential rains and they all survived. cleared out the drainage ditch out by the orchard, and dug out the peach tree. It was covered up by dirt. A few cabbage plants were eaten by mice??? I will ask Roy Friday if he has any plants to replace the ones eaten.

Jan. 2 - Fertilzed again. The new plants are doing well.

Dec 19 - Fertilized with fish emulsion, rows 1 and 2. All the new plants look great. They all survived the frost. I think that the garlic and onions have something called garlic rust. No real organic treatment that I could find, but to remove affected leaves and throw into trash can. Also, sanitize all tools, and wash hands after working with plants.

Dec.9 - checked the garden out today. Everything looks great. In fact, we are going to harvest the rest of the cabbage next week and replant the row around the 21st.

Dec. 5 - Fertilzed with fish emulsion. Pulled some weeds and watered the raised bed. Noticed the cauliflower being eaten. Covered the leaves up over the flower heads in hope of discouraging birds from doing more damage.

Nov. 30 - Our garden total for the month is 53 pounds.

Nov. 25 - Check the garden today. Everything looked great.

Nov. 23 - Had a fairly good harvest today. Also, cleaned up around the plants, removing all the yellow and dead leaves.

Nov. 21 - Planted a row of broccoli on Friday. Covered it and watered the row. On Saturday, we will water it again due to the heat. And we will check it on Sunday.

Nov. 18 - got the row refurbished. Thanks for the supplies. Didn't have enough time to plant the broccoli. We will plant them on Friday.

Nov. 15 (from Lori, garden 1): FYI: we caught a squirrel in one of the traps (far end of R7 in G1). Nothing in the other traps--yet.

Nov. 14 - Took out the broccoli this week. We will turn and amend the soil to the best of our ability due to low supplies. Hopefully, we will be able to plant another row of broccoli after our thanksgiving break.

Oct. 19 - planted sugar snap peas today'

Oct. 12 - Pulled out the melons today and started to prep the row. We will finish on Wednesday. Next week we will plant sugar snap peas.

Sept. 28 - harvested the big watermelon today. Looked great. Our total for the month is 18.75 pounds.

Sept. 19 - Thanks to Jen for her help today. We have been having a lot of problems with cabbage worms and bagrada bugs. Jen helped with picking and spraying for these little critters.

Sept. 16 - Our cauliflower row was all dug up when we arrived today. I am assuming that the critter who dug up the row was a raccoon or such, in search of grubs.

Sept. 12 - Spent the morning picking bagrada bugs off of the cabbage. Also sprayed Bt and safer soap on all plants since I found cabbage worms the other day.

Sept 11 - BAGRADA BUG ALERT! I will spend time picking them off on Sat. Also, I think there is a black shade cloth up at the playhouse. We will get that out and use it where the worst infestation is.

Sept. 8 - brought our new students up to the garden today. Showed the around. Looks like we will have a good crew this semester.

Sept. 6 - We had a good week. Only two plants have died in the entire three rows that we have planted. Those will be replaced sometime next week. Also, I am pleased with how the Chinese cabbage is growing. We will be seeding for more of these this week, as well as seeding for snap peas.

Sept. 1 - Our August total was 92.75 lbs. We also planted three rows on Monday. One each of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

August 24 - Started on refurbishing the rows for our winter crops. Took out all the tomatoes in row 4. We will be back on Wednesday to continue our work.

July 31 - We harvested 189 pounds of veggies this month. Way to go!
Note from Jane -- This is wonderful, Garden 2 team!! You're helping so many people.

July 25 - cleaned out the cucumbers from the raised beds. And fertilized the zucchini.

July 19 - The rats or mice or whatever they are has finely found garden 2. A good 90% of the melon were eaten. I have set a few traps out along the back fence line. This is where they seem to be coming in.

July 1 - harvest for June was 586 pounds. Our best on record for garden 2. Great job everyone.
Note from Jane -- WOW, Garden 2 team!! This is fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful work.

Note from Jane on Wed, July 1 -- Roy just dispatched a snake in the compost area. He thinks it's the one in the photo. Caution remains the order of the day.

Tuesday, June 30 - Learned from Roy today on why you should use bio flora every two weeks on your tomatoes. It is because it has a higher number on its potassium and potash which aids in production of fruit and flowers. -Good to know-

Before we left the garden today, Dick spotted a very small snake tightly coiled behind the compost piles (these are the piles on the ground: from Biostack, mushroom farm, and Miramar). I took several photos and tried to look online to see if it was a rattlesnake or gopher snake. I think it might have been a baby rattlesnake. If anyone is an expert, I can send you my photos. Mainly wanted to alert everyone to keep an eye out, especially if you're not walking on the paths because this little guy blended right in with the wood chips and leaves on the ground. It's probably after the mice, which is not a bad thing. But definitely don't want to surprise a rattler, if that's what it was. Lori

Photo uploaded by Suzanne
Photo uploaded by Suzanne

Monday, June 22 - Went to the garden today to train our Summer school staff and students.

Friday, June 19 - had a great harvest today. Going to the garden Saturday to get it ready to hand over to the summer school crew. Put the bio flora in the bin by the shed. ( Just need to label it)

Monday, June 8 - Went to the garden early to harvest today. (about 6:30) I will do this again on Wednesday. Harvested about 15 pounds each of tomatoes and zucchinis. The lunch box peppers are just about ready for harvesting.

Saturday, June 6 - Did a heavier fertilizing on rows 2,3 & 4, since I was out of town last weekend. I also checked to see if anything was missing. Everything looks good. We also will be going to our summer schedule of staff volunteers then switching to summer school student volunteers.

Saturday, May 16 - checked out the garden today. The rain did wonders. Everything looks great. Monday, we will try planting melons.

Wednesday, May 13 - Our melons were not ready to plant today. We will plant them on Monday.

Wednesday, May 6 - Took out plants in row 1. We will prep the row on Monday and hopefully plant melons on Wednesday.

Monday, May 4 - Replanted cucumbers in the raised bed. The ones we planted two weeks ago died in the heat. We then covered with a shade cloth. Tied up the tomatoes.

Wednesday, April 29 - Harvested 32 pounds this month. Found the bio flora sitting in the sun by the patio. I put it under the tarp in garden 2 for now. Don't know where it will end up, maybe the new shed when it's ready?

Monday, April 27 - Had a small harvest of zucchinis today. Started to take out the nasturtiums. The cucumbers that we planted last week look a little over heated. Watered very well, hope they bounce back.

Note from Jane on Saturday, April 25 -- We received a thank you note from the Bernardo Gardeners Club. It said (about the garden tour), "It was a love fest! People were so impressed with the care, effort, and love invested in your garden. We can't thank you enough."

Wednesday, April 22 - Cleaned up the raised bed today and planted some cucumbers.

Wednesday, April 15 - Harvested the kale and chard today. Also, tied up the tomatoes.

Wednesday, April 8 - Spent some time harvesting today. Also, cleaned up inside the garden. Still have some weeding to do inside. Next week when the students are back from break, we will weed around the pathways to the gardens.

Saturday, April 4 - tied up the tomatoes again. Noticed little tiny tomatoes starting.---Time to start fertilizing. Added cotton seed meal to the peppers for a higher nitrogen kick.

Thursday, April 2 - Stopped by the garden after school to water. Everything looks good. Our garden total for March was 31 lbs.

Monday, March 30 - running low on fish emulsion. Will purchase more next week. Got a lot of weeds pulled in the tomatoes, but there are plenty more to pull. Spring break is next week, so no students. But a few people willing to volunteer over the break to get the garden ready for the tour.

Wednesday, March 25 - Pulled the sugar snap peas out today. Sprayed water on the kale to get rid of the aphids.

Monday, March 23 - tied up the tomatoes today. Helped Suzanne with pruning her tomatoes. Looked at our kale and peas, and decided that they could be pulled out. They are not producing anymore or have way too many aphids.

Wednesday, March 18 - planted zucchini and squash today. Sprayed for aphids on the tomato.

Monday, March 16 - Row 2 is ready to plant zucchini and squash. Lots of aphids today. Sprayed with water, then followed it up with safer soap.

Wednesday, March 11 - Continued to remove broccoli plants. We brought ladybugs for the garden today. It was a lot of fun watching the ladybugs attack the aphids on the Kale. We even got to see a ladybug eat an aphid.

Monday, March 9 - We put stakes in between the tomatoes. Next week, we will tie them up. We also started to take out the broccoli plants.

Saturday, March 7 - Finished pulling weeds inside our garden. Everything looks really good. Decided to pull the row covers off for the event on Sunday. We will decide on Monday whether or not the row covers will go back on, on Monday.

Wednesday, March 4 - We were able to help out with the weeding. We started across the entrance to our garden and worked up the hill towards garden 3.

Monday, March 2 - Finished planting row 4 with basil and onions. Weeded between the rows.

Wednesday, Feb. 25 - Our total harvest for the month of February was 47.75 pounds. We also planted a row of bell peppers.

Monday, Feb. 23 - planted a row of tomatoes today inbetween the rain. Got the row covered

Wednesday, Feb. 11 - rows 3 & 4 are in the process of being refurbished. On Monday 23rd, we will plant tomatoes, and on wed. We will plant bell peppers.

Monday, Feb 9 - Took out plants in row 3. Started to turn the soil and add amendments to the row. Will finish the prep on Wednesday, and plant on the Monday we get back from break. ( monday 23)

Note from Jane on Saturday, Feb 7 -- A big thank you to the volunteers who took part in our garden-side clean-up this morning! Led by Janice, the clean-up crew removed unneeded items and tidied the area. You'll see the result when you come for your gardening day this week.

Wed. Feb 4 - Brought two new crews up to the garden for Monday and Wednesday. Everyone seemed to enjoy being there. Next week we will be taking out plant in row 3 & 4. And then start prepping the rows for new plants. Tomatoes and peppers will be going in soon.

Thurs. Jan. 29 - Went to the garden today to drop off more mushroom compost, and noticed that someone was helping themselves to the succulents in front of garden 2. There are other areas around the compost bins were some succulents have been taken. Reply from Jane -- Oh boy. We've always known we are vulnerable to theft. Anyone can come and take anything at any time. The question is what to do about it. Was the person taking cuttings or whole plants?

Just cuttings. Everything should grow back. Just unfortunate that it happened.

Wed. Jan. 28 - I was able to bring students up to the garden today, even with a change of semester and new students starting next week. We harvested cabbage and cauliflower and Veronique from garden 3 took our veggies to Becky. We harvested 72.5 pounds for the month of January.

Sat. Jan. 24 - Watered the raised bed and checked to see if the winds did any damage. All looked good.

Mon. Jan. 12 - It was too wet to work in the garden. But we did spread wood chip on the hillside.

Wed Jan. 7 - Had a good harvest today. We also cut up leaves into smaller pieces to put into the compost. Started to work the rock outline for the new path.

Saturday Jan 3 - fertilized row 1,3,&4 with fish emulsion.

Friday Jan. 2 - Went to the garden to see how things fared. All the plants are doing well.

Tuesday Dec. 30 - the harvest total for December is 44 lbs. Didn't get to the garden today ( out sick)

Sat. Dec. 27 - worked on the worm compost bins. Almost have enough to put into the main compost pile for everyone. Watered the raised beds. All the rows looked good.

Wed. Dec. 24 - harvested a bunch of cauliflower today. Another critter got in and dug up a bunch of onions, beets and carrots in the raised bed.

Note from Jane on Fri, Dec 19 -- Bruce has installed spring hinges on all three garden gates so they'll close automatically. This should minimize the chances that visitors will leave the gates open. Thanks, Bruce!

Dec 17 - This week we planted more broccoli. Our cauliflower is starting to get big, so over the next few weeks we will be harvesting the cauliflower.

Note from Jane on Dec 16 -- A big thank you from Garden 1 for the delightful holiday card and delicious candies! Merry Christmas to all our Giving Garden friends.

Dec. 14
Note to Kim (from Lori, garden 1): Skunk or something continues to get into garden 1; wreaking havoc with plants in row 8. Couldn't find any holes under the fence. Only other possibility is that boxes, table, & buckets next to the fence are creating handy step stools. So I moved all of these away from the fence (including the fence between gardens 1 & 2). Hope that's ok. We'll see if it helps this next week--or not. Also, I cut a low-hanging branch off of the tree (next to same row 8) and left it in bin #1 for your students to chop up.Thanks!

Dec. 12 - This week, we pulled out the broccoli plants in row 2. Next week will prep. the row for planting more broccoli.

Nov. 29 - We picked 35 lbs for the month of November. Our broccoli plants are done producing. So,starting next week, we will be taking the plants out and replacing them with more broccoli.

Note from Jane on Wednesday, Nov 26: As you'll see when you come to the garden, Boy Scout Thomas Crimmel, his troop mates, and their parents have added rocks to mark the garden entrance and have leveled the seating area by the side of the garden. New furniture is coming next week, courtesy of Sunshine Care. CAUTION Leveling the seating area has created a steep drop-off on the side of the seating area that faces the Garden 1 gate. We are in the process of installing a barrier to prevent accidents. In the meantime please be careful. We don't want anyone to take a tumble and be hurt.

Nov. 24 - fertilized the cauliflower and cleaned up around the garden. Noticed that there were a few aphids on the cauliflower. Will keep an eye on them, so they won't get out of hand.

Nov 17 - Took out the zucchini in row 1. started to turn the soil. Either Wednesday or Monday of next week we will be planting sugar snap peas.

Nov 10 - There was not a lot of work for us inside the garden today. We decided to help out with what the Tuesday group does on their day (no school on Tuesday)

Nov 8 - talked to Janice, and she has possible new project for our guys. Said she will stop by to talk it over.

Oct 29 - total harvest for October is 166.5 pounds. We planted cabbage today. Broccoli is looking better. Very little aphids.

Oct 27 - Amended the soil today. Wednesday we will plant cabbage. Saturday, we had a lot of aphids under the row cover with broccoli plants. Need to check under the row covers more frequently.

Oct 22 - Started clearing out row four. Next week we will be planting cabbage.

Oct 15 - Tuesdays team worked on the compost pile. They also started to prune back the tree around the toolbox. We got our lettuce in today.

Note to Kim from Jane -- Please see my emails about the idea of changing to Wednesday-only harvest for the cool season. I'm trying to work out the logistics among the gardens. Thanks!

Oct 13 - Planted a row of cauliflower today. On Wednesday, we will plant lettuce in between. I will have Tuesday team prune the tree around the toolbox and continue to work on the compost.

Oct. 12 - Question from Lori, Garden 1 Sunday team, for Kim:
Would it be possible for your students to trim the tree that has branches growing over the long wooden tool box near the composting bins? It’s not urgent but whenever they can get to it, it would be really helpful. Thanks.

Oct 8 - started to remove plants from row 3. The row has been turned and chicken manure was added. Kim will finish with the row on Saturday and the students will plant cauliflower on Monday.

Oct 7 - Mixed the compost in the finished piles. Started to cut up the leaves in the compost bin and put the pieces into the middle bin.

Oct.6 - We had a pretty big harvest today, lots of zucchini. We are waiting for the melon to be ripen, so we can plant our cauliflower.

Oct 1 - We planted carrots, radish, and beets today. While looking for cabbage loppers on the broccoli, we found that bagrada bug. Got rid of them the best we could. Is there a better way to get rid of these guys?

Sept 30 - We just started our garden maintence group. They will be helping to keep the compost pile moist and turned. Also, they will be pruning the pepper tree and salt bushes back.

Sept 26 - Starting on Sept 29, we will start sending students up to the garden an a more regular basis. It has been a later start for us due to a lot of changes to our program. But there were a lot of dedicated staff and students who helped out this past month and kept our garden going. Our new schedule will be: Monday and Wednesday - harvesting and garden care. Tuesday - garden maintence team. They will weed all around the total garden, water and mix the finished compost pile, and prune back the ice plants and pepper tree. See you next week.

Note from Jane on Sept 26 -- This sounds great! Many thanks for all the good work of the Transition Program Team!

Sept. 17 - We will be covering our broccoli today. hope the heat won't destroy them.

Sept. 3 - Planted a row of packman broccoli. We will need to watch it through the hot spell that is coming this weekend.

August 29 - Our August total was 146.25 pounds.

August 27 - Getting ready to start planting broccoli. Row 2 will be cleaned up on Saturday. Bruce mentioned that there is a section of drip tape already cut for row 2. We will replace the drip tape Saturday and Hopefully on Wednesday the students will be at the garden to plant the broccoli
August 1 - planted cantaloupe in row 3. Our harvest for the month of July is 182.25 lbs

July 18 - planted zucchini in row 1. Started a worm compost area. We will be working out how to use this new resource for everyone.

July 4 - pulled out the watermelon. Next week will have the students turn over the row, and get it ready to plant more zucchini. The spaghetti squash are close to ready as well. we will let them sit in the raised bed another week befor pulling them out completely.

June 30 - We harvested 341 lbs. this month. Next week, we will be taking out the watermelon plants and spaghetti squash and replacing them with more zucchini and bell peppers.

NOTE from Jane on Wednesday, June 18 -- Passing along a note from Ruthanna -- Becky would prefer it if we used low flat boxes for the cherry/small tomatoes rather than big plastic bags. The weight of the tomatoes squashes the ones on the bottom. Also, don't wait for the tomatoes to be completely soft as they too squash easily under the excessive weight. Ruthanna is offering to drop off low flat boxes at Gardens 2 and 3.

June 9 - Chuck fixed the gate. Thanks Chuck. Everything is doing good. Cucumbers are looling a bit rough. will most likely be taking them out and replacing with more zucchini.
June - 6- Harvested cucumbers and bell peppers today. Jane, I fixed the one corner that was really bent. But if Chuck wants to look at the other corners that would be great. They are starting to stick out, because the frame is bent. Thanks.
June 4 - Planted the tomatoes today. Noticed that the screen in the gate to the garden is broken.
Note from Jane: I'll see if Chuck can fix the gate.

May 28 - We harvested 100 lbs this month. Took out the green beans and will plant tomatoes next week.

May 12 ,2014 Monday garden 2
today we harvested yellow squash-1.5 lbs, cucumbers- 3.25 lbs, zucchinis-5.5 lbs, green beans 4 lbs. it was windy today and it will be 80-90 today
josh and annie
no lawrence.

May 7 - Harvested all the onions in the raised bed. And planted spaghetti squash today.

April 30 - We harvested 32 pounds this month. I think the monday crew is accidently cutting the drip tape. So please be careful when cutting the zucchini off the plant.

April 23 - We are starting to harvest a lot of zucchini. But, we can't forget to look for the green beans. They are definately ready for harvesting.

April 2 - We harvested 13.9 lbs for March. We started to prune back the pepper tree, this week.

March 19 - Planted cucumbers today. Also, we worked on mixing the compost pile together.We shifted one shovel full from the biostack pile and one shovel full from the mirimar pile and put it into the middle. It makes a really nice mix.

March 12 - planted green beans today put some sunflowers in.

March 5 - planted zucchini and bell peppers in row 2 today. Started clearing row 4. Will finish adding amendments to row 4 on Saturday, and will plant green beans on monday.

Feb 26 - We harvested a total of 40.75 pounds this month. Also, row 3 has been planted with tomatoes. we will start planting row 2 and 4 next week.

Feb. 19 - Row 3 needs to be turn and amendments added. When done we will be planting tomatoes. Also, row 2 will soon be ready to turn. squash and bell peppers will be going there.

Feb 12 - noticed powdery mildew on the snap peas and aphids on the kale. Next week we will be turning the soil to get ready to plant tomatoes.

Monday, 2/3/14 with Annie, Josh, Ms. Jen......it rained last night, so no need to water the garden. Annie and Josh picked weeds and the the dried leaves from the plants. ...jd

Feb.3 - We have two trays of tomato, basil, and bell peppers up in the greenhouse. Soon we will be preping rows 2 & 3 for these veggies. We harvested 43 lbs in January.

Dec. 27 - the total harvest for December came to 33.4 lbs.

Dec. 11 - Harvested chard, kale, beets, cabbage,and lettuce today. Also, the wind did a lot of damage to row covers, trash cans and the trash was thrown all over. We cleaned it all up.

Dec. - 4 - Harvested Chard, Kale, carrots, and beets.

Dec. 2 - Put string up for peas, put last piece of plastic around the tomatoes, watered onions, weeded, pulled up broccoli plants, and trimmed lower leaves of plants in garden.

Nov. 27 - Our total harvest for November was 29.93 lbs.

Nov.18 - Weeded, Spread wood chips on garden pathways.
Nov. 4 - Skirted broccoli plants, weeded, trimmed pepper tree, watered box garden.

Nov. 6 - harvested radishes,beets, and broccoli. Covered our admendments under a blue tarp.

Nov. 1 - Our total for October is 3.5 pounds.

Oct. 28 - Weeded, trimed pepper tree.

Oct. 21 - Planted carrot, raddish, sweet pea seeds. Planted two winter tomatoe plants. Watered beds, and succulents. Raked pathway.

Oct. 14 - Planted cauliflower plants and watered them. Watered succulents.

Oct.7 - Started winding up string from tomatoe plants, watered succulents, garden box, and carrot/raddish areas. Weeded.

Oct. 2 - Tomato plants are out. Next week we will start on amending the soil and hopefully start on planting our cabbage and broccoli.

Sept. 23 - Weeded, Watered box garden, planted succulents, trimmed tomatoe plants down.

Sept.18 - Harvested over 30 lbs. of basil today.

Sept. 9 - The cabbage did not make through the heat of the weekend. We reseeded cabbage at school.

Sept. 4 - Planted a row of cabbage today. Will have to watch with the heat.

September 2 - Our August totals were 149.91 lbs. Plus a row of broccoli and cauliflower went in.

August 26 - We harvested tomatoes and zucchini. We also, pulled out the pepper plants in order to get ready for fall planting.

August 23 - Noticed all the admendments for the garden. Thank you! We will be using these hopefully next week.

Note from Jane on August 2 -- Wow, Giving Gardeners! I am so impressed! Thank you for your wonderful work and great results.

August 2 - Our July totals were 412.25 lbs. Great job Transition students. Thank you for all your hard work.

July 13 - Took out the watermelon plants. We harvested all we could with those. We will have to ask Roy what can be planted at this late in the season. Our tomatoes and zucchini are doing very well also.

June 28 (note from Jane) -- Wow, Giving Gardeners. I'm so impressed with your great work and your great results. I follow your blog each time you post, and I love to see how well your garden is doing. Thank you -- your hard work is helping a lot of people.

June 28 - Our June total is 239.25 lbs. Good job everyone, thank you.

June 11 - We are gathering a great summer volunteer crew. The garden will be covered Monday's, wednesday's, and Friday's. Also, a crew on saturday's.

June 5 - We are gong to town with our harvesting. Lots of zucchini.

5/29/13- We harvested Zucchini 17.318 lbs and Cucumbers 1.908 lbs.

May 15 - We are starting to get veggies ripe more constantly. Finally, it is starting to look like summer.

May 6 - The garden looks great so far. The zucchini are going to town. And the cucumbers should be ready to plant next week.

Note from Jane on April 29 -- Way to go, Giving Garden! Thank you so much for your beautiful garden and your wonderful produce.

April 29 - Friday we harvested the last of the onions and our monthly total of produce was 26.69 lbs.

April 24 - We will be pulling out the rest of the onions on Friday. We are thinking of planting cucumbers in the raised bed.

April 21 - We helped weed along the palm trees today.

April 15 - Added fish fertilizer to the squashes and pulled weeds.

April 12 - Pulled a ton of weeds and harvested onions.

April 10 - Watered, pulled weeds and compost. Added fertilizer to the bell peppers.

April 8 - Staked the tomatoes and planted inbeteen with basil. We pulled a lot of weeds.

April 1 - Roy gave us a few more bell peppers to finish out the last row. We will be weeding alot to get ready for the hort. tour on Sat.

March 22- cleaned out row three. Saw evidence of gophers. We will finish turning the soil next week in preparation of our last planting.

March 20 - We Pull weeds and turned the soil. Friday we will add admendments to the soil.

March 18 - We have one final row to convert. On wed. we will harvest that row and start turning the soil.

March 13 - Planted our watermelon plants today

March 11 - planted a row of tomatoes today. There might be a gopher in our garden, but the rain washed things around and I can't tell.

March 6 - We put off planting tomatoes until next week due to potential frost.But we did start to prepare row 1.

March 4- We planted zucchini and cucmbers today.

Feb 25 - Big harvest today. Wed., we will start turning the soil and adding admendments.

Feb. 15 - Pulled most of the broccoli out and pulled a lot of weeds today. Next week I will be turning the soil (no students). When the students get back, we will add the admendments to the soil and start planting.

Feb 13 - We are getting ready to prepare our row for a new planting. row four will be tomatoes. We are just waiting for the cabbage to finish so we can amend the soil.

Feb 8 - Millie Edwards garden amendments replenished. NOTE - in a couple of weeks we can pick up a donation from Kellog for a pallet of amendments about 10 miles north of Escondido - let me know if you have a truck and can help pick them up.

Feb 6 - We harvested today. And pulled a lot of weeds. We may not go Friday because of the rain.

Feb 4 - Fertilized all the rows and pulled weeds. We started to spread mulch around the palm trees to help out with weeds.

Jan 30 - The gopher is back. I think he has been going back and forth between the two gardens.

Jan 28 - Brought tomato seed tray up to the greenhouse. These should be ready around the first of march. Introduced new students to the garden and greenhouse today.

Jan 22 - Planted more cauliflower and broccoli

Jan 18 - Went to the garden a little later than normal and noticed that it had already been harvested.

Jan 16 - We have broccoli and cauliflower ready in the greenhouse. We should be planting these next week.

Jan 14 - More broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.We have more plants up in the greenhouse for another round of broccoli and cauliflower. Garden 1 still has the gopher.

Jan 11 - Harvested some more cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Noticed that garden 1 had more gopher issues. I will be there on Sat. to help out with the gopher issue.

Jan. 9 - Harvested some more cauliflower, but new to our harvest was cabbage and carrots. We also put more radish seeds in the ground.

Jan. 7 - The gopher moved on. (That is to another garden, bummer.) We had a good harvest over the last couple weeks. Not much today.

Dec. 26 - Harvested more cauliflower and a little bit of spinach. Still didn't get the gopher. Plus, he is now in garden 1. I worked for a while looking for the gophers tunnel. Couldn't find one, will try again on Sat.

Dec 19 - Went to the garden to check on frost damage. Didn't see any. The gopher is a smart one. He filled up both tunnels where the traps were. I didn't have time to find another tunnel will try again in a few days.

Dec 17 - It was too wet for us to go to the garden today. So, we seeded more cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce in the classroom. The cauliflower is very close to being ready for harvest.

Dec 14 - That sounds great. I will be there on Saturday, so we can try that trap then.

Dec 13 - posted by Jane: Here's an offer from Diane Foote on our Saturday team:
We're fighting gopher(s) in our yard at home. My husband got a newer type of trap after being unsuccessful with the others and we caught one with it. Want to try that one? Let me know and I will bring it.

Dec. 12 - Gopher is back!!!! Set a trap again, hope it works. Fertilized the cauliflower, carrots, radishes and beets. And spread more mulch around.

Dec. 10 - No sign of the gopher for about five days. Maybe an owl or hawk did the work. There was no harvest today, so we started to spread mulch (the bark) around some of the palm trees and surrounding areas.

Dec 3 - gophers, aphids and cabbage worms oh my! Its never ending. Things look great, but there is still damage from the gopher. By my count, we lost five broccoli plant to this gopher.

Nov 28 Today we harvested letruce and watered the plants in the raised bed. And the gopher is still on the loose.

Nov. 26 - Still got gophers in the garden. This one is smart and has been filling the holes where the traps are. Harvested radishes and lettuce today. Lynn and her daughter, Erin worked in the garden over the holiday.

Nov. 14 - Got another gopher on Monday. We finished planting the cabbage row today.

Nov. 7 - Thanks Jane and Roy for checking on the watering schedules. It most likely was so hot that everything seemed very dry. Just was a little nervous. We finished planting all the broccoli and cauliflower today. Only row four needs to finish up. We have cabbage and spinach to be planted n Friday.

Nov. 5 - IT'S HOT!!!! We did a lot of extra watering today. It almost seems like the water is not on in our garden. I saw that it was on in both of the other gardens, but our water was dry. We harvested our first radishes of the season. NOTE FROM JANE -- I'll report this Mark and Roy!

Oct 29 -- We pulled out the last of the vegetable plants from the summer. Then ammended the soil for the snap peas. OUR OCTOBER TOTALS CAME TO 79.97 POUNDS.

Oct 24 - Removed all the plants in row 2. The row has been amended and is ready to plant broccoli and lettuce on Friday.

Oct 17 - Planted more lettuce today. Also, started to take out the tomatoes.

Oct 15 - Planted lettuce inbetween the cauliflower
and the cabbage.

Saturday, Oct 13 - posted by Bruce
Garden amendment status:
  • Garden 1: 3 bags compost, 1.5 bags fertilizer, 2 bags worm castings, 1 bag chicken manure
  • Garden 2: 2.5 bags compost, 2 bags fertilizer, 1 bag worm castings, 1 bag chicken manure
  • Garden 3: 2 bags compost, 1 bag fertilizer, 1 bag worm castings, 1 bag chicken manure
No need to buy more amendments today.

Oct 10 - Planted spinach and bok choy in row 4. We will start getting row 3 ready. Broccoli and lettuce will go there.

Oct.8 - We planted onions in the raised bed today. Also, removed all the zucchini in row 4. Added the admendments to the row.

Note from Jane on Sunday, Oct 6 -- the composting team is asking all three gardens to please bag their green waste for a while rather than putting it in the pre-composting bin because it's more than our operation can handle. There are black trash bags in the big "redwood" storage box by the pre-composting bins. I'll check with Roy to see if he would like our bagged green waste for his composting operation.

Oct. 5 - We had a good harvest today for the small amount of plants that are left.

Oct 3 - Thanks Bruce for checking on things. I appreciate it.
We planted a row of carrots today. But did not harvest anything.

Oct 3 (Bruce)
I did an amendment check
  • Garden #2 - On-hand: 3 compost bags, 3/4 chicken manure, 1/2 bag general-purpose fertilizer, 0 worm castings; Need: 1 bag chicken manure, 2 bags worm castings

I'll pick up the needed supplies on Saturday or Sunday (4 bags chicken manure, 6 bags worm castings, 1 bag general-purpose fertilizer - for all 3 gardens). I'll check supplies the first Saturday in every month, and resupply as necessary that weekend.

Oct.1 - Got row one cleaned out and ready to plant carrots and radishes.

Sept. 28 - We grew a total of 189.77 pounds of produce this month. Today, we took out one row of tomatoes in preparation of turning the soil and planting new plants. Good job everyone.

Sept 26 - The green beans are gone. The zucchini plants will go Friday. Next week we will be able to plant some spinach and cabbage.

Sept. 12 - The green beans are slowly being pulled out. There are a few that are still producing. We have cauliflower, beets, onion, bok choy and cabbage up in the green house. But that will be in a few more weeks. That means we will have time to turn the soil and prepare it for a for a great winter harvest.

Sept 10 - waterered the raised bed. Harvested
tomatoes, basil, tomatoes, Basil, Bell pepper,
and zuchini.

August 31 - Went to the garden, noticed that the green beans are looking a little ragged. Pulled a few that were really infested with aphids.

August 29 (Transition) - We got the gopher yesterday. Today we had another good size harvest.

August 26 (Transition) - Stopped by the garden to try for that gopher again.

August 24
We harvest tomatoes, Green pepers, Zuccihini, cucumbers, Green Beans, Butternut squash, Basil
Still working on getting that pesky gopher.

August 22 (Transition) - Harvested tomatoes and cucumbers. Found another gopher.

August 20 (Transition) - Harvested a bunch of tomatoes today. Noticed that production is falling off on some of the zucchini and tomato plants. Also the butternut squash will be done in a few weeks. It's a good thing that school is starting up, so we can have the students help with planting more seed trays and turning the soil in the rows.

August 15 (Transition) - Pulled some weeds and watered the spaghetti squash. Everything looks great! School will be starting up again next week. And we will have a whole new set of student volunteers.
Reply from Jane - Delightful! We welcome your new students to the garden.

Note from Jane on Aug 14 -- Garden 3 is going to start leaving its Saturday harvest in an ice chest at Garden 1 for Garden 1's Sunday team to deliver. It's just a way to keep things fresher than leaving them on the Garden 1 counter. I'm letting you know in case you harvest on Saturday and would like to add your harvest to the ice chest. Patty Grosch, the Garden 3 Lead Gardener, will bring a frozen ice pack each week to leave in the ice chest with their harvest, and she'll take home the thawed one to be frozen for the next week.
Thanks, Jane for the info. Kim

August 10- (posted by Donna) Went to the garden in the evening after it cooled off. I picked the small weeds in the cucumbers, beans and tomatoes and removed dead leaves. I didn't see any evidence of insects or damage from them. The cucumbers are getting big already and I saw a mature green bean. Everything seems to be getting adequate water despite the warm weather. Should we be bringing our own equipment (shovels for the mulch and compost?) I didn't see any there. I will bring them next time. DONNA, THERE IS ARE SHOVELS, RAKES, AND A PITCHFORK IN THE RED STORAGE BOX DOWN BY THE COMPOSTING AREA - Bruce

August 8 (Transition) - Went to the garden after my two week vacation, and everyone did a fantastic job keeping the garden healthy and producing. Thank you! The July total came to 313.49 pounds.
Note from Jane -- WOW! That's an amazing amount. Many thanks to the entire Giving Garden team.

Note from Jane on Sunday, July 29 -- A warm welcome to Patty Grosch (pronounced GRUSH), who has agreed to be the Lead Gardener for the Millie Edwards Garden (Garden 3). I hope you'll all get a chance to meet Patty and welcome her to the fold! Our four Lead Gardeners are now Janice Schock in Garden 1, Kim Franzen in Garden 2, Patty Grosch in Garden 3, and Sharon Tooley in the Rolling Hills School Garden. What a wonderful team we have!

THURSDAY, JULY 26 (posted by Jane) - Chuck has built a workbench for the Millie Edwards Garden, and he asked me to note that its position in the northwest corner means that gardeners in The Giving Garden can use it too.

SUNDAY, JULY 22 - Posted by Jane -- What a beautiful event Sunshine Care put on for us yesterday afternoon. Many thanks to Sunshine Care for all they do for us.

SUNDAY, July 22 - posted by Jane
Sharp eyes by a volunteer in the Millie Edwards Garden on Friday has prompted me to post a message to all gardeners.
If you spot a blowout in your own garden OR IN ONE OF THE OTHER GARDENS, please do three things:
1) Mark the spot where the blowout is occurring (with a flag or stick or whatever you can find),
2) Turn off the water to that row by turning the lever at the end of the row, and
3) Post the problem on your blog right away so action can be taken to repair the damage and get the row back on line.
This is a case where all the gardens need to "watch each others' backs." Thanks!

July 18 (transition) - Fertilized the garden today, and watered all the plants. Laura and I tied up the tomatoes. Did not harvest. Noticed that there are grasshoppers and aphids in the green beans.

July 16 (Transition) - Stopped by the garden today to see how everything is going. It all looks great! Thanks to all the volunteers. They have spent a bit of their summer here keeping thing growing.

July 11 (Transition) - Today, we planted more spaghetti squash, fertilized the peppers, and pruned dead leaves throughout the garden. Roy also gave use some more sunfllowers to plant out front.

July 5 (Transition) - I stopped by to check on Sue D.(to see if she has any questions) and to plant some more flowers out by the Giving garden sign. The spaghetti squash looks to be at the end of it life cycle. I will be pulling it on wednesday.

July 4 (Transition) - The students came by on Tuesday to work in the garden. They harvested and watered the plants. I stopped by today to plant more cucumbers. Added more wood chips outside the the far fence.

July 1 (Jane): Wow, Giving Garden team -- your June harvest total is amazing! Congratulations and thank you from the entire Backyard Produce team.

June 29 (Transition) - Summer school students came today. They harvested zucchini, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash. The row with cucumbers have been pulled. And we will be planting more cukes on wednesday.

June 26 (Jane) - Congratulations to the Garden 3 team -- today was planting day! Finishing touches remain on their garden, but this was a red letter day. The team goes into tending mode as of tomorrow. Most are new to gardening. Roy will direct their efforts. I know we'll all offer our encouragement and support as they join us in our grand adventure. Kudos to all who helped to create the newest garden.

June 22 (Transition) - Harvested more tomatoes, cukes, spaghetti squash. Aphids still remain a problem on the cucumbers. They will most likely be pulled in the next couple of days. Roy has some cukes sprouting in the green house, that we could replace them with.

June 20 (transition) - Harvested tomatoes, spaghetti squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. Still fighting the aphhids on the cucumbers.

June 17 & 18 (Transition) - Started to harvest tomatoes. Also, we have aphids in the cucumbers. I have been trying to hand pick them off as well as, spray them with insect soap. I think that I have stayed ahead of them. Will continue to treat for the rest of the week.

June 15 (Transition) - Harvested tomatoes, cukes, and zuc. Added more bark around the pepper tree and benches.

June 13 (Transition) - Harvested zuc., cukes, and spaghetti squash. I am adding mulch around the benches under the pepper tree.

June 13 (Jane) - Mark has been installing the irrigation for Garden 3, but he has just reported that he is finished and the water to all gardens should be back on as normal.

June 11 (Transition) - Thanks, Jane. The students painted the bench and had alot of fun doing so. I trained another group of volunteers.

June 10 (Jane) - I visited the garden today and saw your potting bench for the first time. Love it!

June 10 (Transition) - Trained the Sunday crew. Thanks, Karen and kids for your work.

June 6 ( Transition) - A lot of new plants going into the garden this week. We had more zucchini and green beans planted. Next week we will start our new harvest times, with our new set of volunteers.

June 6 (Jane) -- A big thank you from the Backyard Produce Garden Project for the very nice certificate from the PUSD Transition Program. We have it in our covered workbench for all the volunteers to see. Very nice! We're delighted to be your partner.

June 1 - (Transition) Had another good harvest. We pulled out the snow peas on wednesday. And will finish out the row with more zucchini.

May 23 (Transition) - Harvested our first spaghetti squash. It was close to 4 lbs. Our snow peas are starting to produce less veggies. We will be pulling them next week. In their place, we will plant more zucchini (which we have started at school).

May 21 (Transition) - Harvested green beans and carrots today. Also, planted some more hot peppers. Found some aphids on the green beans. Hand picked them off. We will be pulling the snow peas soon. At school, we are seeding more zucchini to replace the snow peas.

May 18 (Transition) - Harvested more zucchini, green beans and snow peas.

May 16 (Transition) - Harvested zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, snow peas, and green beans.

May 14 (transition) - Harvested and delivered zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, and radishes.

May 11 (Transition) - Planted butternut squash and tomatoes today. Harvested radishes, zucchini, and green beans.

May 9 (Transition) - Roy gave us 8 tomatoes today we were able to get tham planted. Harvested zucchini.

May 7 (Transition) - Spent the entire time harvesting green beans. 3lbs. worth! Will plant tomatoes on Wed.

May 4 (Transition) - Finished turning the soil today. We will plant tomatoes Monday.

May 2 (Transition) - We harvsted more cauliflower and carrots today. Then, we started to amend our soil so we can plant tomatoes and butternut squash. Fertilzed with Fish emulsion and sprayed for powdery mildew with seranade.

April 30 (Transition) - We are starting to take out the broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce plants in row 3. On Wednesday, we will amend the soil. our plan is to plant either tomatoes or butternut squash.

April 27 (Transition) - Harvested green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli today. Also, side dressed (fertilized) the tomatoes. Monday, we will fertilized the zucchini.

April 25 (Transition) - We worked on weeds today. There were a ton on the outside of the fence.

April 23 (Transition) - Roy sprayed copper on the tomatoes this morning.Then showed us how to prune the infected leaves off the tomatoes. We harvested green beans today. We also made our first delivery to Becky's Mom.

April 20 (Transition) - Did a walk around the garden today and noticed that a few tomatoes have black spots on their leaves. ( Need to figure out what that means). We did harvest green beans today as well as broccoli and zucchini.

April 18 - (Transition) - Thank you Jane! Today we harvested snow peas. Checked on the green beans. They are so close to being ready to pick. Also, some of the broccoli can be picked (maybe on friday).

April 16 (Jane) -- I stopped by the garden today. I LOVE your sign! And your garden looks fantastic. Congratulations to all!

April 16 (Transition) - Pulled up all of the radishes today, so we can plant more. Got two rows of radish seeded. All the veggies are growing very well. We also put up the "GIVING GARDEN" sign today. Soon there will be sunflowers planted around it, and succulents inside the retaining wall holes.

April 13 (Transition) - Stopped by the garden today. Harvested some lettuce. Everything is looking great.

April 9 (Transition) - Today we harvested the rest of the bok choy. There was lettuce and radishes to harvest, also. We walked through the garden to see what else needed to be harvested. The snow peas, green beans and zucchini will be our next big harvest items.

April 6 (Transition) - We attached the fencing to the post. Also, harvested more bok choy and our first round of lettuce.

March 30 (Transition) - Did a lot today! Harvested bok choy and more radishes. Planted a few more cucumbers and another tomato plant. We also put stakes in the ground so we can start tying the tomatoes up. We tried to attach the fence to the post. Didn't work. We will have to figure out another way to attack it. ( maybe dig out the the dirt around the fence to pull it to the post?).

March 28 (Transition)- Today we harvested Bok choy and radishes. we also uncovered a couple of rows, because the green beans and squash are starting to flower. And we want to encourage the bees to stop by. Still a lot of snails
March 27 (Jane) I love the photos you just posted, Transition team!

March 26 (Transition) - We looked at the plants today, to check the health of the plants. We noticed that some of the bok choy was eaten. So we sprinkled some more sluggo along the rows. Hopefully, this will take care of the issue. We also staked the snow peas, so they will start to grow upwards. Lots of snails!!!!

March 23 (Transition) We had another radish harvest. It came to 6.10 oz.

March 22 (Girl Scouts) We pulled weeds, planted the peppers and hand watered the raised bed and new plants.

March 21 (Transition) - We mixed the soil and finshed filling the "planters". We then planted basil and oregano. Roy taught us how to prune tomatoes. We will stake them sometime next week. We also spread sand inbetween the pavers to stabilize them.

March 19 (Transition) - Did not get a chance to go to the garden today. There was too much rain and mud. I (Kim) went to the herb class, at sunshine care, with Janice Pepin on Saturday. We stopped by the garden after the class to recover the rows. Roy handed out herbs for people to take. I grabbed a couple for our garden. Thanks, Jane! It is exciting.

March 16 (Jane) Warmest congratulations on your first harvest! This is a red-letter day. Your garden is wonderful.

March 16 (Transition) - OUR FIRST HARVEST!!!!!!! Today we harvested radishes. We got 1/2 pound. We also, are preparing the retaining wall pavers to use as "planters" for our herbs.

March 14 (Transition) - Today we pulled some weeds in rows 3 & 4. The block pavers that are holding back the dirt in our entry way, are perfect "planters" for the herbs we want to plant. So, we dug out the dirt in order to mix it with compost, worm castings & fertilizer. Then we started to refill the holes with the mixed soil.

March 12 (Transition) - We weeded the row with tomatoes (row 2). It looks great. Maybe in the next week or two, we will be able to plant the bell peppers.

March 9 (Transition) - Weeded, water, and checked for snails. Everthing looks good.

March 7 (Transition) - Checked on the watering. Leveled the pavers (the area where the garden bench will go). Garden bench will hopefully be painted this friday and ready to be installed next week.

March 5 (Transition) - Water is back on. Today, we pulled weeds and checked around the garden for snails and other insects.

March 3 (Transition) - Hand watered the plants. Everything looks good.

March 2 (Transition) - We put pavers down where our garden table will go. We also planted lettuce inbetween the broccoli and cauliflower. There's no water going right now, so we had to hand water all the rows.

Feb 29 (Transition) - We added some more bok choy and then weeded in row 4. Checked for aphids and sprayed Insect soap on the broccoli and cauliflower. The plants all did well with the rain. We will have pavers on friday to lay down for the workbench. Thanks, for the info on a cover.

Feb 28 (Bruce) - when you get your workbench, I suggest you get some kind of cover (tarp?) to not only protect it from the elements but to keep it clean from leaves, dirt, bird droppings, etc. Kind of like that for deck furniture or BBQ.

Feb 27 (Transition) - Filled in the bok choy, where plants had died off. Also, planted another row of radishes and carrots. Checked for aphids on the cauliflower and broccoli. The water tape for the broccoli seams to be dripping very slow.(May not be enough water) We will have to check the broccoli and water by hand if needed.

Feb 25 (Girl Scouts) - Cucumbers and zucchini were planted, weeds picked, ag cloth put over 4th row, and all new seeds and raised bed watered.

Feb 23 (Transition) - Roy was able to exchange the sluggo for the sluggo plus. So, that was sprinkled around the plants this morning. Added a couple more broccoli plants to fill in empty spaces. Checked for aphids and hand picked them off. Also, sprayed them with Safer's Insect killing soap.

Feb 22 (Jane) Love the photos just posted

Feb 22 (Transition) - Checked the cauliflower and broccoli for aphids. Hand picked them off. Roy stopped by to give us tomatoes. So, all of the tomatoes are planted. Roy mentioned that on Friday, he will give us a spray for the aphids. Hopefully, this will take care of them.

Feb 20 (Transition) - Went to check on the garden today. Noticed that all the rows needed watering. Checked the broccoli for aphids, and hand picked them off. Then checked the cauliflower also. They had aphids too. We will check for aphids again on Wed.

Feb 17 (Transition) - We stopped by the garden today and saw a little bit of damage done to the row covers. We had to replace one covering due to wind tearing up the fabric. We also counted how many plants were still growing. And determined that some of the bokchoy needs to be replaced and the same with the lettuce. We also planted one row each of carrots and radishes. We will plant another row later.

Feb 15 (Transition) - Today, we planted cauliflower and broccoli. The broccoli had aphids on them, so we dip the plants into water and brushed those little buggers off. We will need to keep a close eye on these to make sure they are all gone.

Feb 13 (Kim) - Just started to add garden lists. Will be adding other guides soon.

Feb 13 (Transition) - The garden is looking fantastic. Today, we planted the bok choy. We also added the rest of green beans to finish out the row. Roy mention that the water is turned off because of the rain. We will have to water by hand if needed.

Feb 12 (Girl Scouts)- Today, we spread 10 bags of much, planted 7 tomato plants, pulled some weeds and placed the white ag fabric over the tomatos. (On the wire rings.)

Feb 10 (Bruce) For the fence near the gate, the post where the workbench will go needs to be replaced; I placed one on the ground on the outside; the one in the ground is bent and out of line; and the fence can't be straightened out. Once the new post is in, the fence can be tacked to the gate post. I've been waiting until I get rid of my ailment - first congenstion in nose then respiratory system, now ear infection:( I need to get Roy's post driver down to get the post in. I was also kind of waiting until the workbench gets in; Kim wants to put in landscaping stones where the bench will go.
Feb 10 (Jane) Wow. What an accomplishment! What fun to see the beginnings of such a wonderful project.

Feb 10 (Transition) - 120 green beans went in today. What a job! Actually we were short by 5, and they are just starting to sprout. So, Monday we can finish with those. We made an attempt to patch the hole in the fence by the gate. Needs more thought and attention. We also planted all the spaghetti squash that were ready. More to come as well. All the hanger wires are in place. Roy mentioned that he has celebrity tomatoes ready to go in. We have about 7 big boy tomato plants ready. So if we get about 6 celebrities from Roy, that will fill up our row for tomatoes. Lynn, hope this is good for the girls.

Feb 8 (Transition) - Our group today, planted the rest of our snow peas and all of the soybeans. We made a slight change in the planting plan due to plants not making it back at the classroom. They are now in the same row as the snow peas. Snow peas are on the top tape and the soybeans are on the downhill tape. Where the soybeans would have gone we can plant poblano peppers. Asked Roy if he thought this would work, and he said it was fine. We pulled alot of weeds inside the garden and added more hanger wires at 4' intervals.

Feb 6 (Transition) - We started planting today. There are only 6 snow peas planted, but it is a start. We also finished putting up the hanger wires and added the ag. fabric on row 4(top row). If it is not raining on Wed., we will finish the snow peas and soybeans. Friday, we plan on getting the green beans in the ground. If the girl scouts want to get into the action, we have bok choy and spaghetti squash very close to ready. And the carrots and radishes can go in at anytime.

Feb 5 (Jane) OK, you guys -- knock it off! :-) The adult volunteers keep asking me how come OUR garden never looked that good. You are doing such a fabulous job. It's a pleasure to watch your garden come together so beautifully.

Feb 5 (Bruce) I checked out the entryway and it looks fine. I think the gravel will over time settle down into the dirt, so it'll probably have to be graded to keep the gate clear. I had noticed earlier that there were a couple of sizable rocks in that area, but the gate had cleared them ok. Today I removed them and moved some of the gravel around a little bit. It'll be fine now.. For the planting, you should get some more compost bags (Roy has another place to get it free by the truck load), so each plant can get another dose of compost around it when it goes into the ground. You might be able to see that the previous beige decomposed-granite 'soil' is still evident in the row mixture, and each planting you will be adding more compost, so over time the old soil won't be so noticeable. After the planting you should get some more wood chips or mulch as the foot traffic will spread out what's in the paths now.

Feb 5 (Girl Scouts) - We met three volunteers from garden #1 this morning. They pulled the flowers from the south side of our garden since they were "bad bug" attracting plants. They replanted them by the tree that lies between the 2 gardens. We spread out 3 bags of mulch both inside the garden and on the path that leads to the gate. We had to pull the fencing remnant and dig approximately 2" of dirt from the gate area in order to give the gate clearance to close. We also spread 2 bags of pea gravel at the opening of the gate. Bruce, please let us know if anything else needs to be done in this area. Thanks.

Feb 3 (Bruce) - What's the time frame for the workbench being completed? I put up a couple of saw horses and a sheet of wood inside the garden area to use in the meantime. I suggest a couple of 2'x2'x3' plastic storage boxes for material, small tools, and supplies at the garden site (instead of in the blue storage house). Kim, on Monday, maybe your crew could spread out the mulch bags (areas missed near the gate entrance and exit and on the west side inside the fence) and gravel bags (just inside and outside the gate on top of fencing remnant) that the Scouts dropped off.

Feb 3 (Transition) - We measured out the rows for planting our seedlings. Then we labled the areas to help make it easier when the time comes to plant. On Monday we will be planting our snow peas. We might have time to plant the soybeans, if not, those will be planted on Wednesday. We also weeded the outside fence line around both gardens. Lettuce, cauliflower,and broccoli will be next. They are almost ready.

Feb 3 (Girl Scouts) - Gravel and mulch were delivered to the garden yesterday. We started the pepper seedlings and delivered them to the green house this morning. Our plan is to start seedlings for the zucchini and cucumbers next week.

Feb. 1 (Transition) - Our work crew today helped level the beds. Now the tapes lay down level, so hopefully there will be no puddling in the low spots. We then tested the tapes for any leaks. We also cleaned up trash around the gardens. We also tightened up the fence around the gate - had to dig it out some.

Jan 30 (Bruce) - Mark was there and installed the valves and irrigation tape. The connection needed some time to dry, so I'll test it on Wednesday (when the transition goes next). The timer is connected, and the scheduling will be the same as the lower garden (I think it's 10 minutes per row each day). I'll turn on the valves after a successful test so the rows can stay somewhat moist before planting and to see if there are drainage problems.

I noticed that a couple of the rows still have a mound and are a little low on one end, so they should be spread some more before planting. I used one of the wide boards to tamp down the rows to flatten them out and it became obvious then. Kim, i'll point it out on Wednesday. I'll dig out the fencing next to the gate so it can be attached. Kim layed down a fencing remnant under the gate-swing, and Kelly Mcconville said he'll get some gravel to spread around the gate area.

I put down another wide board where the workbench will go so it won't have to sit directly on the ground and so anything stored under the workbench won't be on the ground. It's level now, but some mulch could be put under it and around the workbench area. Lynn said they could get mulch in bags for anything extra needed instead of having to wait for another Miramar trip.

Jan 30 (Transition) We worked on leveling out the beds so that the tape could be laid down. It is my understanding that Mark will be by to lay the tape down sometime today. I did not deliver the wood for the table on Friday. Was not sure exactly what time was best for Arturo to show up. Will try again this week.

Jan 29 (Bruce) The scouts spread out the mulch in each path. They layed out some landscape mesh around the workbench area and put mulch on tope of that. I cut one of the railroaad ties and put one piece from the wall toward the South side to provide kind of a platform for the workbench - Lynn brought some concrete bricks for placing under the workbench to level it and so it wouldn't sink into the ground.

Jan 28 (Girl Scouts) Thank you, Bruce. Janice, Kim mentioned that you have the seeds and trays at your house. Is there a good time for me to pick them up this weekend?
Jan 27 (Bruce) Here are my thoughts: The last time I Iooked, the paths needed to be smoothed out some before the wood chips could be put down - to take out the mounds and holes; the remants could be put on the low side of the raised bed to make the ground more level instead of sloping to the fence below. I'd think 2 or 3 sand bags could be used for sand on each side of the gate, perhaps 1/2 deep. The place for the workbench /table should be leveled off more - I started it when it was raining one day when the ground was soft. I placed the raised bed on 4 square tiles, and someting similar should be done for the bench/table - tiles, bricks or concrete slabs so it can be leveled. The landscaping mesh should be put down before the wood chips - perhaps some grading is necessary first, and then trim the mesh to fit the sloped area(s) - the main place would be in the area between the ends of rows 1&2 and where the workbench will go.

Jan 27 (Girl Scouts) A revised budget was posted on the Project Plan section this evening.

Jan 27 (Lynn) The Girl Scouts will be in the garden from 2:00-4:00 on Sunday. Pease confirm that we are to add bark to the paths and deliver landscaping mesh and other items recommended by Roy (staples, stakes, etc). Is there anything else that needs to be done for the raised bed? Do we need to get and spread sand to put around the gate area? Kim and I have been communicating about the potting bench and seedlings. Kim was to deliver the wood to Arturo, the ROP instructor at Hoover High School, today. The students at Hoover will build the table for us. Kim will be in touch with me about seedlings that the Girl Scouts can plant. Am I missing anything? Thanks, all.
Jan 27 (Jane) Now that the beds are formed, Mark is going to install valves on the vertical pipes in each bed. These valves will control water to the drip tape. This will probably happen late Monday morning. Bruce is going to purchase the parts needed to install the drip tape. Roy is going to provide the drip tape. Bruce and/or Mark will complete the installation of the drip tape so it will be in place when the seedlings go in. I assume that will include hooking the system up to the timer. NOTE to planters: the drip tape is somewhat fragile, so it should be gently moved aside if there is danger of it being "wounded" during planting. It can then be put back in place. I've told Mark no water lines need to be brought to the raised bed because it will be watered by watering can. Another exciting step!

Jan 25 (Transition) I haven't seen anything in the blog lately about meeting today. I know we originally said something about meeting every Wedsnesday at the garden at 3:30. I (Janice) have an extremely busy week at school and will not be able to make it today. Kim has been keeping in contact with Lynn so I think we are all set for this week without an actual meeting.

Jan 25 (Transition) - We stopped by today and pulled a few weeds. The garden looks great and ready to plant. The next step is irrigation tape. (Roy, you said you have plenty, what do you need from us, help wise, to get this ready or done?) Our students also worked at smoothing out the paths, in preparation for adding bark. Our typical crew is 4 students and 1 staff on Mon., Wed., Fri., mornings this coming Friday, January 27 there is no school. Therefore, no student/staff workers.
Jan 24 (Bruce) - Fred said he took the protrubing screws out of the raised bed!

Jan 24 (Roy) Let me know when you need drip tape. Have plenty here.
Jan 21 (Bruce) - the Transition Team did a fantastic job yesterday mixing and leveling the rows and mixing for the raised bed; they also put some more landscaping blocks on the inside of the fence to continue the short retaining wall. The rain today gave the mixture a good soaking; next Friday would be a good time to get them ready for planting, as well as the final irrigation steps (hose watering may be necessary until then). I think the paths need to be smoothed out a little bit before the wood chips are spread out. I noticed that there are still some worm casting bags - are these leftovers (after Roys formula mixture)? It may be a good idea to spread some sand around the gate area to avoid mud and uneven soil after rains. Wood chips wouldn't work here because the gate would continually get stuck. A place will have to be leveled just inside the gate up the East side for a workbench. It might be necessary to put down some landscaping mesh for the steep places - Home Depot has a 25' long, 4' wide strip for $25.

Jan 20 (Transition) - Today, we sent a crew out to add the compost and other goodies to the beds. The rows have been mixed and leveled. There is still a little work to be done - mainly a bit of leveling in one or two rows. Next (I think) is to clean up the walk ways and add the bark chips.

Jan 14 (Jane) Way to go, Fred!

Jan 13(Fred) I'll meet Bruce Wed 1/18 to move the raised bed. Now I can say I'm a blogger (Bloggian?)

Jan 13 (Jane) -- I've checked with Lynn, Bruce, and Fred about the raised bed. Bruce had the Scouts mark two raised bed sites only to show the choice of locations, not to indicate that there would be two raised beds. The consensus is to have one raised bed located near the gate. Not knowing about the change in plans, Fred surprised us with a raised bed at the upper site, but he and Bruce will move it to the site near the gate.

Jan 13 (Transition) - A couple of big thank you's goes out to Bruce for using the garden tiller and Fred for building the raised bed.
The transition crew was able to come in and really define how the garden will look. The rows still need work and we will definitely be able to come next Friday. We thought that where the raised bed is now may not be a great spot because that bed will take quite a bit of dirt to fill. If we were to keep only one bed, we should move it to the first row. It has been marked for a second raised bed, and we could retro-fit the already built bed in that area. If Fred has already built the second bed, then we need to think about were we will get the fill dirt but our plan is to only have one raised bed. The next step would be to figure out what the girl scouts are up to and their plans, so that we can work around them.

Jan 12 (Bruce) - I noticed that the raised bed maker has already made one to fit the upper site, and has started the installation, digging out some soile to set it in the ground. It could still be moved to the other site without much change/adaptation. It does mean that the Scouts don't have to purchase raised-bed material.
Jan 11 (Bruce) - Today's meeting was was short and sweet. Kim discussed seeds and planting with Roy. Kim and Janice agreed to the new location of the raised bed and to extend the top 2 rows; Roy said since it's so small it's not necessary to have a soaker hose - a watering can would suffice; and Kim/Janice said their kids would rather use a watering can anyway. K/J said that if I marked where the steps would go they would dig it out on Friday. They also said their staff guys would do the rototilling if I showed them how to get it started, etc. They'll move the top row of sands backward a little so it's not just a stepping stone for rabbits to hop over the fence - so it'll be two bags wide instead of two bags high; I told them the bags would disintegrate over time and spread out anyway. I watered the garden to soften it up, and I'll do a little more tomorrow and Friday morning. Their crew will show up at 9am on Friday; I'll be there until 11am. I told them the next step after creating the rows would be adding amendments, that it'd best to mix in wheelbarrows, and then dump/spread in the rows. Then it'd be watered down and let set for a couple of weeks, and then it'd be ready for planting. Kim has started some seedlings and will continue to do more. We need to have a decision on whether they want to put their workbench on the fence line; if they're not ready by planting time, we can secure the fence at the gate area for the time being - right now it's still unsecured.

Jan 10 (Girl Scouts) - The EZ Green was delivered to the garden and the donated seeds were delivered to Janice this evening.

Jan 9 (Girl Scouts) - Thank you, Mr. McCoy, for your help on remeasuring and staking the beds yesterday. We look forward to a final decision on the placement of the raised bed. We unloaded the wood chips and placed them next to the other supplies south of the sumac tree. We will pick up 3 bags of the E-Z green manure and deliver them this week.

Jan 8 (Jane) Nice going, Girl Scouts! Note that Roy's recipe for each bed (on our Garden Info page) is 50 lbs EZ green, 10 cups Dr Earth 4-4-4, 2 bags Worm Gold Plus, and 10 cubic ft (2 bags) Kellogg Soil Building Compost. It sounds like you're there on the compost and worm castings, but not on the E-Z green and/or Dr. Earth. depending on what your bag of fertilizer is. Also -- Bruce has some new thoughts on the placement of the raised bed so be sure to get with him before measuring and staking it.

Jan 7 (Girl Scouts) - Today we brought some of the materials to the garden. Thank you Mr. McDaniel from Kellogg Garden Supply for the donation of 35 bags of compost, 20 bags of worm castings and a bag of fertilizer. Thanks also to El Plantio Nursery for the donation of seeds (see list under Becky's wishlist on the garden info page). We will meet tomorrow at the garden at 2:00 to unload the wood chips and to measure and stake the raised bed. Mr. Wilburn, if you have time to look at the supplies and let us know if we need to get anything else, we'd appreciate it.

Jan 7 (Jane) - we said 3:30. So -- 3:30 at the garden, everyone!

Jan 7 (Bruce) - what time did we say we'd meet on Wednesday? Should we start at the garden, then move to Sycamore?

Jan 6 (Bruce) transition team did a great job today - reminded me of ants building an ant hill. When the time comes to dig out the paths to form the row beds, I'll rototill the paths to soften it up (it has started to firm up with the rain, hot sun, and walking around a lot). I'll be there on Sunday to help layout the raised bed precisely. I will look at starting the couple of steps just inside the gate - since there are few extra landscaping blocks brought today, they made be better for the steps than the railroad ties Roy offered. Fred suggested today we use cedar fencing for the sides of the raised bed - cheaper and last better than treated wood.

Jan 6 (Transition -Janice) went to the garden today with a large work force. We laid out the sand bags along the top fence and staked out the garden rows. We also dug out dirt and placed retaining wall blocks next to the gate to prevent erosion. Thanks to the crew and Bruce for an eventful day.

Jan 5 (Jane) - At Laura's request, I have written up my notes from Roy's workshop on germinating seeds. I've posted those notes at the bottom of the Garden Info page. I hope they'll helpful as the Transition students begin the magic! I can email a pdf version if you like.

Dec 31 (Jane) - Chuck sent some photos of the new gate. I posted them on the Garden Photos page. Also -- I have posted the wish list from Becky Palenske at the bottom of the Garden Info page. These are the crops that are most helpful to her and to the families she helps.

Dec 31 (Bruce) - I will dig a shallow trench for the sand bags at the South side of the garden, with a bend to run around the West (downhill) side. I will also dig out some more space around the gate for the landscaping blocks, and will lay them out later in the day on Friday. We will need 20, to match the ones in the old garden. Something to think about while we're landscaping the area around the gate (per Roy) - the area just inside the gate would be a good location for a raised bed. Also, the location and construction of a workbench could be in the same area since Mark put a spigot just outside the gate - for a temporary workbench (like we did initially) you could use some sawhorses and the wooden planks that are still located near the gate.

Dec. 31 (PUSD Transition - Laura) - Thank you Roy for the impromptu seedling workshop this morning, it was very informative and a lot to remember. Thanks to Jane for taking such copious notes. The gate is in at the garden, thanks so much Chuck it looks fantastic. I will check with Janice P. to see if we can get a group to go to Home Depot this coming Friday to get blocks for retaining wall and another group to place sand bags.

Dec 23 (Jane) Hurray! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Also, I visited the garden yesterday -- the fence looks great!

Dec 23 (PUSD and Girl Scouts) We submitted the "I Can Grow" Burpee grant today. Hopefully it will be funded.

Dec 20 (Jane) Our irrigation volunteer, Mark, gave this report:
- I've installed a spigot for hoses on the east (cul-de-sac) side of the garden. But please don't use it yet.
- I've configured the valve area so one valve will waters 4 rows in the new garden, so I think we are pretty well set-up for irrigation after the rows, etc., are created. Let me know when it's ready.

Dec 18 (Jane) Hurray! So happy to hear things went well today. Nice going, Scouts! And I love the photos! Bruce, the PUSD Transition folks are off until January.

Dec 18 (Bruce) Holidays are coming up, but we should be thinking about next activities. Next step is to publish final plot and irrigation plan this week, and then lay out the paths/rows with stakes and string. Mark Devlin has completed the preliminary irrigation so we could get the fence in - he also put a spigot just outside the fence on the East side, having dug a trench for a water pipe just south of the old garden (next to flowers).

Dec 18 (Bruce) Girls, with help of moms, dads and brothers did a great job - it looks really nice, and now ready for the final layout of the rows and paths. They left a space for the gate. They wanted to move the sand bags to the south side of the fence, but I suggested that be left for the transition team.

Dec 18 (Girl Scouts) We finished putting up the fence today!

Dec 17 (Lynn) thanks; see you tomorrow morning.
Dec 17 (Bruce) - things look good for tomorrow's fencing

Dec 17 (Lynn) Will do. Thanks.
Dec 17 (Jane) If you don't hear otherwise from Roy, you can leave the forms in the left-most drawer of our covered workbench.
Dec. 17 (Lynn) I have all but one. Can I leave them on the property this evening or tomorrow morning? If so, where is the best place to leave them? Thanks.
Dec 17 How we doing with the release forms?
Dec 16 (Girl Scouts) - Thank you again, Mr. McCoy. The materials for Sunday are in the playhouse/shed. Hopefully the rain will hold off until Monday.
Dec 13 (Bruce) - I checked the new garden after the rains; no puddling anywhere. The trenches have eroded some, so they'll have to be dug out a little more before fencing.

Dec 10 (Bruce) - As a heads up, here is a list of things to do for the fence installation. We can work out detail and adjustments as we go. It's important to measure and remeasure as we go. (We'll be leaving two gaps next to the old garden corners for irrigation and the gate):
  1. Make sure the trenches haven't washed away or caved in, and smooth/level out if necessary
  2. Lay out and straighten out the fence segments in the garden area to take out the curve from the roll
  3. Bend out at a right angle the bottom end about 6"
  4. Pound in the two corner posts into the edge of the trench exactly at 24' from the old garden corners and 48' apart - drive down so there's 2' above the ground
  5. Pound in one post 8' from one corner toward the old garden (maybe start on east side) - 2' above the ground; ensure there will be a straight line for the fence in the trench.
  6. Stretch and wrap one segment of fence around the corner post 3-6"
  7. Secure with 3 zip ties (near the ground, middle and top)
  8. While holding the corner post, stretch and tighten the fence segment to the second post, and zip tie first at the top
  9. Tuck the bottom bend out fence into the trench and straighten out any slack
  10. Put zip ties in the middle of the fence and on the bottom near ground
  11. Pound in another post in the trench 8' further on, 2' above the ground.
  12. Repeat steps 6-11.
  13. This will leave an 8' gap for the gate, so we'll put in a temporary post until the gate is completed (repeat steps 11 and 12).
  14. Pound in one post 8' from the corner toward the other corner - 2' above the ground; ensure there will be a straight line for the fence in the trench.
  15. Stretch and wrap one segment of fence around the corner post 3-6"
  16. Secure with 3 zip ties (near the ground, middle and top)
  17. While holding the corner post, stretch and tighten the fence segment to the second post, and zip tie first at the top
  18. Tuck the bottom bend out fence into the trench and straighten out any slack
  19. Put zip ties in the middle of the fence and on the bottom near ground
  20. Pound in another post in the trench 8' further on, 2' above the ground.
  21. Repeat steps 6-11 until reaching the other corner. Overlap the center post by 3-6", starting a new fence segment.
  22. Repeat steps 5-13, leaving a gap for irrigation.
  23. Go around all posts and straighten, tighten and re-tie as necessary and possible
  24. Fill in and tamp down the side trenches from dirt outside the fence.
  25. On the south side, place sand bags in the trench over the bent out fencing.

Dec 10 (Girl Scouts) - Thank you, Mr. McCoy. We will have all fencing material and tools stored in the playhouse before the 18th. We'll let you know when they are there. See you on the 18th!

Dec 9 (Bruce) - the Transition Team did a fantastic job in leveling, smooting and raking the garden today, and the sand bags stand by ready for use!

Dec. 9 ( Transition -Janice) a large transition group went to the garden this morning and continued to level out the plot. We took sticks and rocks out of the soil. We put a pile of the debris outside of the plot and plan to move it out on another visit. Kim will take into consideration the suggestions for the plot lay out and irrigation plans and revise the current plan. We do still want to incorporate one raised bed to fit the needs of our students. Two other groups went to Poway Lake and to the Midland site and filled approx. 50 more sand bags and delivered them to the garden site. This is the last day Transition will be able to work on the garden until the beginning of January. The next work day will involve the girlscouts on Dec. 18

Dec. 9 (Transition - Laura) - Thank you Roy for the seeding trays, planting medium and words of advice today.

Dec 8 (Bruce) - Scouts, that sounds great that you'll be at the garden on the 18th. I'm trying to do things to make it easier for you - the trenching will be done for you (really hard digging), but there will be a lot of cleaning up and marking for you. I can be there on the 18th too to help with the fencing as will another volunteer helping in our garden. It would be good to bring all the fencing materials and tools you'll need at least a day before the 18th so I can check it all out; you can store them in the blue playhouse. Don't forget your gloves! Things you'll need: pliers, wire cutters, zip ties, string.

Dec 8 (Jane) - I'll let Bruce respond to the Girl Scout's question. I have a question about the garden layout that has been posted on the Project Plans page. It seems complicated from an irrigation point of view. The straightforward approach would be four long beds, making it easy to bring water to each bed and string drip tape along each bed. I thought we agreed at the last meeting that there was no need to split each bed into two halves. And we've been sorry we put the square beds into our first garden. We went with four long beds in the second part of the garden. That's what Roy recommends for your garden too. Is there a reason for this more complicated design? Mark confirmed that the current layout will add expense and complexity because of the need to run underground pipes to all the extra beds. Note also that the current plan calls for your entire garden to be on a single timer. Having all the separate beds will not result in added flexibility in watering.

Dec 8 (Girl Scouts) - Just a reminder that the Girl Scouts will work in the garden on the 18th. We had planned on trenching, cleaning, remarking the area, and if time, installing the fence that morning. Please advise. Thanks.

Dec 8 (Bruce) - I took a couple of passes with shovel and rototiller on the fence trench for the South side, and still need at least one more pass after it's raked and smoothed out a little more.

Dec 7 (Bruce) - I finished digging fence trenches on the east and west sides of the garden. Fence segments could go in here anytime - what's the status of purchasing fencing and posts? Fred (of the BYP Garden) said he'd be glad to help out with installing the fence. I'll start on the top, South side on tomorrow (Thursday). I also dug up the old sand bags on the North side (outside the South side of the old garden), and created a shallow drainage ditch; this is where a path will be created to separate the two gardens.

Dec 6 (Bruce) - I started hand-digging a fence trench on the east side of the garden. Tomorrow (Wed) I'll use our rototiller to dig further down into the hard-pan soil, and I'll start digging across the top, South side, hopefully getting a chance to rototill there as well. On Thursday, I'll try to get to finish off the West side. I'll stop by on Friday morning to check out the raking, smoothing, etc.

Dec. 6 (Transition - Janice) Bruce, we will be at the garden about 8:30 and plan to stay until 10:00.

Dec. 6 (Transition) - Thank you Fred for coming by Transition yesterday to discuss and help plan our planting and seeding table.

Dec 5 (Bruce) - what time will the raking/moving crew be at the garden on Friday (9th)? I might be able to be there too.

Dec 5 (Jane) - I saw the rototilled and raked garden for the first time today. It's looking like a garden! Good work!

Dec 5 (Transition- Janice) Laura and Jane, thank you very much for getting the picture posted and the explanation of the garden project on the Wiki Home page.

Dec 5 (Transition Janice) Our students and staff were at the garden on Friday (Dec. 2 and helped level out the tilled soil. We understand that we need to continue raking and moving soil. We plan on sending out another crew this friday, Dec. 9. We will have 8 students and several staff. We will work on the suggestions and markings of Bruce to further work the land. We also filled 21 bags of sand last Friday and will make another trip to fill more this coming Friday. We should have about 50 + bags filled and ready to place as needed.

Dec 5 (Jane) -- Dear Girl Scouts, our irrigation volunteer, Mark, has provided the following cost figures for you:
1-2 shut off valves per row (depending on number of drip lines wanted) – about $5 each
Pipe fittings – about $5 a row
Pipe to rows – about $10 total
Fittings to reconfigure valve area - $5
Drip tape fittings - $2 a row
ADDENDUM: Roy has added that he will provide the drip tape for each row at no cost.

Dec 4 (Bruce) - Note: the longer the earth is left untouched after it's been rototilled, the more firm it will become; and a good rain will impact it even more; it's a lot easier to move around the looser it is.

Dec 4 (Jane) - I checked with Mark on when in the schedule he wants to do the irrigation work. He said he would like to be LAST -- after the beds and paths have been formed EXCEPT no woodchips on the paths yet, since he'll be trenching in the paths to lay the pipes to the beds. It's OK for the fence to be up when he does his work since the valves are already inside the garden.

Dec 4 (Bruce) - I will be at the garden on Wednesday to create a path for the fence trench. I'll do this by shoveling topsoil from just outside the marked area into the garden area. I'll then tie string to the stakes to show the trench line for digging the trench (rototiller?).

Dec 3 (Bruce) There is a need to further smooth the tilled soil; there's still a mound on the southwest side. I put in a couple of stakes to show the high points, and drew some arrows in the soil to show which direction the soil should be moved. I also put stakes to mark the plot corners (24; apart) and stakes where the trench should be dug for the fence (outside the fence) . Since apparently the new garden will abut the old garden, there is no need for a trench on the north side - and therefore only100' of fencing is needed (and no need for posts on the north side of the plot). After more leveling, the three trenches can be dug and fence installed; the irrigation valves will be inside the new garden.

Dec 2 (Bruce) - I will be at the garden on Saturday morning and will assess what has to be done to further smooth and level out the plot. I'll also take my tape measure to layout the 25x50 area, from a designated point next to the BYP garden perimeter and irrigation system.

Dec 2 (Jane) The attempt to post a photo on the Home page didn't work. It appears to have resulted in an external link to PUSD that I for one don't have access to. To post a photo, you need to upload it to wikispaces by signing in, selecting "File" selecting "Upload Files," and selecting the photo from your system. Once the photo is uploaded, position your cursor where you want the photo to be, click on File, and double click on the photo in your menu of uploaded files. Then you can size the photo and align it left or right as you wish.

Dec 2 (Jane) I have posted at the bottom of the Garden Info page excellent thoughts from Roy about raising seedlings, your planting plan, and your garden layout.

Dec 1 (Jane): Good job on the revised budget! I provided some comments on the areas where you said you had questions.

Dec 1 (Girl Scouts) We posted the revised budget to the project plan section.

Dec 1 (Transition-Janice) The weather looks like it is holding up well. I have scheduled a crew of 4 for the garden to rake and 3 to fill some sand bags tomorrow. We are scheduled to do the same thing again next Friday. Trying hard to keep the Garden Project on schedule :) We are also working on getting the process going to get some seeds started when we get back from break in January.

Nov 30 (Transition) When the Transition students were at the garden clearing I, (Janice Pepin) offered to have my husband do a survey of the land to get things leveled out. Unfortunately, he sold his surveyor stick and just found out he will be out of town for most of the month of December so I can no longer offer his services. :(
Nov 30 (Bruce) Roy finished rototilling today - the soil looks good and ready to rake. There is still a nob that has to be smoothed out by moving soil from the nob on the South and Westside, toward the Northeast corner. I'll go by tomorrow to see if someone is there to start the process, and I'll resurvey the 4 corners. There might be need of an earthmover if it's too difficult move by rake and shovel.

Nov 30 (Girl Scouts) We have a meeting tomorrow at St. Michaels with our Vice Principal and the mother in charge of all Girl Scouts at St. Michaels to discuss the garden club. Mrs. McConville will have the volunteer release forms for Mr. Wilburn no later than Dec. 16.

Nov 30 (Transition) Janice S. sent Kim an incredible on line garden design link. Kim has been working with it and has come up with a couple of great designs. Janice has offered her services to us as needed. Transition staff and Lynn will chat next week to go over proposed designs to see how they will work with our two programs. In a smaller type meeting we will be discussing how the girls scouts and transition program will share the responsibilities of the garden program. We realize the time frame of pulling this together as soon as possible and are working diligently on this next step. Everyone has been so helpful in this garden process. Thank you very much for your support.
Nov 30 (Jane): Does Janice Schock have the job of designing the new garden or has Kim done that? Janice is willing but doesn't want to duplicate. It sounds like Kim has come up with designs for us to consider. It would be good to settle on what the garden will look like -- how many beds and paths, how wide, etc. -- so resulting preparations can be made. Kim has requested a meeting to make those decisions. Is that going to happen?

Nov. 30 (Roy) To all concerned, please take the time to fill out the volunteer release forms and get them to me when you can ASAP. Thanks and keep you posted on the tilling project.

Nov 30( Jane posting a message from Roy at 9:20 a.m.): Started tilling about 10 min ago. Moisture good. Occasional rock. Told Jr. to let me know if it appears to be a problem with the rocks.. Going down as deep as the tiller will go. Domenic came by with a few helpers. Apologized for not completing project yesterday. Should be done shortly. They are going to store some marked tools in the shed. Keep you posted

Nov 30 (Jane posting a message from Roy): Tried to get in yesterday to rototill, but had a few move-ins and Xmas lights needed to be strung. We should be in on Wednesday.

Nov 29 (Bruce) - I noticed that the plot was not rototilled today, so no need to smooth and rake tomorrow.

Nov 29 (Jane) - I have sent you the list by email, Laura.

Nov 29 (Laura - Transition) Thanks so much Jane and Fred. Could I get a list of the raw supplies(wood, nails, etc..) needed from Fred? Also, are we talking about raised beds(on legs) that would be accessible to students in wheelchairs?

Nov 29 (Jane) -- The main difference for planter boxes (vs the garden) is that you will need soil as well. Maybe there's some extra soil there at Abraxas. Jen at Armstrong Nursery recently gave Fred Simons this recipe for a 3' x 12' x 8" box.

Soil --7 bags Ednas Best potting soil
5 handfuls Gro power n bloom mixed in while being filled - but see Roy's note below*
5 handfuls Gro- Power all Organic Soil Conditioner mixed in as well
1 40 lb bag Agrowinn worm castings mixed in
Then 3 hands full of each Gro power product sprinkled over top after planting
Water Well

*Note – Roy advises that Gro- Power n Bloom is not organic. He recommends Dr. Earth 4-4-4 is a safe bet at 1.33 cups per 10 sq ft.
Roy also advises: work the ground that will be underneath the raised bed so the roots have more space to go.

Note that Cindy Hicks at PUSD is preparing a grant to build school gardens at schools that have the ASES program so she is gathering the same list of costs and suppies as you. Fred gave her his recommended list. You could get the list from her or from Fred. (Fred built a school garden of raised beds at Rolling Hills Elementary and is willing to advise others.)

Nov 29 (Transition) - Thank you Jane and Roy, this is very helpful information. I am currently gathering information regarding the raised planter boxes for the Abraxas Campus - cost, supplies, etc...

Nov 29 (Jane) - I began to wonder when the students should start growing seeds into seedlings to be ready for the Feb 15 target date. I asked Roy for his advice. Here it is -- I'll also post this under Garden Info.

Tomatoes, eggplant and peppers take 5-6 weeks from seed to transplant
Cucurbits ( squash and cukes) take 2-3 weeks
Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage take 4-5 weeks.

Hope this helps. I was thinking about warm season vs cool season. One advantage the cole crops have is that if they are planted in Feb, harvest should be prior to summer vacation. Harvest time is much more flexible than that of zucchini, cucumbers and to some degree tomatoes. You could plant some of each.

Nov 29 (Jane) - I promised to count the rakes in the playhouse. As of yesterday afternoon, there were 2 leaf rakes and 1 regular rake.

Nov 28 (Bruce) - I'll go by the garden on Tue and Wed to assess the rototilling, smoothing and raking, and what else is needed. There are rakes and shovels in the playhouse and in the storage box near the composting area.

I think it's necessary to have a meeting to discuss garden plan/layout and upcoming activities - next week is probably best, after seeing how the rototilling and smooting/raking will have gone.

One thing to think about: if you buy too much material at once, you won't have a place to store/secure it all, so I'd recommend you buy material as you need it - purchase what you'll need for the next activity. First things are stakes and string to mark the area for the fencing, then the fencing rolls, posts and zip ties. You can store the small incremental material in the playhouse. Don't forget to get the list of tools you'll need for each activity; e.g., scissors, (sledge) hammer, pliers, gloves, post driver (Roy has one), shovel, pliers, wire cutters.

Nov 28 (Jane) I thought Lynn was trying to minimize the number of meetings because it's hard for her to get away from work. But if a meeting is needed, I'm open. As for what tools are in the playhouse, I'm going to the garden today at 3:45 and can check.

I remain concerned that the rototilled soil in your garden will wash into our garden when it rains. Sandbags across the top of your garden will prevent runoff from the hill washing into your garden, but won't do anything about rain that falls on your garden and washes down from there. I don't know if we need sandbags across the base of your garden too. Maybe you can assess this when you rake. Gardening on a slope has some special issues.

Nov 28 (Transition) Kim has put together a couple of garden plans. We would like to vote on one at our next meeting. It is important to have a meeting in the next week so we can talk about schedules and plans. Any suggestions on a meeting date? Also, since Roy will be tilling this Tuesday, I have scheduled a small work crew to start raking it out on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Not sure how much will get done. There will be 3 students and a staff working about an hour. Are there rakes still up in the "little garden house"? If it is not raining on Friday we can fill sandbags at Poway Lake.

Nov 27 (Girl Scouts) Mrs. Radatz - thank you for your comments and suggestions. We will update the budget to reflect the changes and repost it. We look forward to seeing the garden and irrigation plans and we will include these expenses as well.
Nov 27 (Jane) I've taken a look at your supply list and budget, and posted some comments for your consideration directly below it on the Project Plans page. Good work on the part of the Scouts! NOTE: There will be also be irrigation expenses. Our irrigation volunteer is waiting to be told the design of your garden and then he'll give us the figures.

Great move to put a request for tools in your school newsletter!

I'm not sure which trenching you are referring to -- there are two different trenches. One is a trench all around the edge of the garden, into which the fence will be installed (the fence needs to go down at least 6" and then have another 6" bent outward at a 90" angle to frustrate critters trying to dig under. You place the bent fencing in the trench and attach it to posts that have been installed, and then refill the trench.) The OTHER trench is a rain-protection trench running outside the upper edge of your garden. This, in conjunction with sandbags, is to direct rainwater from the hill around your garden.

Nov 26 (Girl Scouts) We just finished and posted our first attempt at a supply list and a budget. Please take a look at it and let us know if it is reasonable. Many of the items are listed at retail costs but we know we are all going to try for discounts and donations. We've also posted through our school newsletter a request for tool donations. This newsletter goes to all of our school families. Finally, we plan on trenching, cleaning and remarking the area on December 18 in the morning.

Nov 16 (Jane) Sounds good. Regarding a work bench -- for our first year, our work bench consisted of a found panel of dry wall resting on some found saw horses. We thought it wonderful because it got us off the ground. When a volunteer's husband offered to build us something better, we just pictured a nicer work bench. He had a grander vision, incorporating materials he had accumulated (like kitchen cupboards!) and a roof to protect them. We love the result, but things can be quite simple to start with -- just a work surface made from found objects or objects from home. You can improve from there as you see what you need.

Thank you, Ms. Radatz. We think using the playhouse is a great idea:that's what will do. We will also ask our family and friends about tool donations.

Nov 26 (Jane) -- I'd like to suggest to all parties that there's a very useful step called "Who has extra garden tools lying around at home that could be donated to the garden?" Parents? Grandparents? Aunts and Uncles? Others at school? You'll be amazed at how much stuff is lying around unused, eager to have a new purpose in the garden. It's a good lesson for the kids in "Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle rather than buying everything new."

Nov 26 (Jane ) -- Lynn, I have moved your post from the Discussion Tab to the blog itself (immediately below this posting). It won't get seen in the Discussion Tab. It works far better for all comments to be posted in the blog itself.

Regarding sandbagging-- There is no need to price anything having to do with that. It's all free at Lake Poway. The number of sandbags depends on how full you fill them and thus how big they are. When I did the sandbagging myself, I had to make many small bags. When the Eagle Scout and his dad did it, they made large bags and thus needed fewer. I have posted instructions about the sandbagging under Garden Info (see the menu at the left).

Regarding the storage shed -- is there a reason you don't want to use the playhouse as your shed? Our volunteers, being mostly retirees, weren't too thrilled to hike up to it, but your volunteers are much younger. Also --it would be good to hold off and see what your needs really are before making a big purchase like that. You could end up with something that doesn't meet your needs. For example, we found that our big need was a horizontal work surface. The vertical storage shed wouldn't meet that need at all, and even the horizontal ones don't have a flat top usable for a work surface.

Nov 26 (Lynn) Great news on the tilling! We (the Girl Scouts) went to the garden yesterday to see the cleaned site and then to Home Depot to see what materials will be needed. We are meeting today to develop the budget and to plan a date for trenching, cleaning the area and remarking the perimeter. How many sandbags are needed and do you need us to help fill and transport them to the garden? Also, we priced out a vertical storage shed for the materials. It was a bit expensive ($299). Do we need a large vertical one or will a small vertical patio container work?

Nov 26 (Jane) Roy plans to rototill the plot on Tuesday, Nov 29.

Nov 21 (Jane) Tip on filling sandbags -- take along a bathroom scale. It's hard to tell how much sand you're putting into each bag. They can get really heavy and unmanageable fast. A scale helps you keep them to a manageable weight, whatever you decide that is. Also -- it's tempting to think you should fill the sandbags all the way up, but the instructions from the City of Poway are to fill the bags halfway, fold the top half of the bag down, and lay the folded bag on its side so it resembles a pillow. What secures each sandbag is the weight of the pillow holding down the folded-over part.

Nov 19 (Laura) Thank you Jane for the sand bag information.

Nov 19 (Jane) I stopped by Lake Poway today to be sure they have the sand and sandbags. They do! Take Lake Poway Road heading for the lake. Just before the gate across the road is a parking lot to your right. Turn into the parking lot and turn right again to get to the "back half" of the lot. You'll see a big pile of sand and a "trash can" with white bags in it. There should be shovels there but it wouldn't hurt to bring your own. It's a do-it-yourself operation.

Nov 18 (Jane) Roy has given us the recipe for what to add to each bed to prepare the new garden for planting. I've posted the recipe on a new page called Garden Info.

Nov 18 (Transition Garden Team) We went to the garden for the first time. A crew of 6 students along with staff started to clear the land. We pulled weeds out. Then raked the weeds into a pile. And put them into Farmer Roy's truck. After that, we took a tour of the established garden. It was a great day. Thanks for all who helped.

Nov 17 (Jane) As you can see, I've set up a wiki for the new garden and moved this blog to it. Everyone is still welcome to read the first garden's wiki at http://volunteer-garden.wikispaces.com

Nov 16 (Janice Pepin) We have access to a large quantity of compost from a horse ranch and a hydrolic trailer to get it to the garden.

Nov 16 (Janice) thank you for the info about logging in to receive emails when someone posts on the blog. That will be very helpful.

Nov 14 (Jane) A reminder that you need to give Roy a signed liability release form for each person who works at the site.

Nov 14 (Jane) If you become a member of this wiki (see upper left), you can click on the Notify Me tab above and ask to receive an email notification every time someone posts on this page or anywhere on the site. That's a handy way to know if there's been any action.

Nov. 14 (Janice Pepin) I have already scheduled a work crew of staff and students to start raking the area on Friday morning (Nov. 18). We will be out there from approx. 8:30-10:30.
Where is a good place to put all of the raked up debris?
We have been told that we have access to a Tractor with a scoop on the front and a gannon on the back (Dean Weese, another Transition Teacher will bring it over and operate it.) This will not be happening this Friday but we need to schedule a weekend day to do it. The tractor will be coming down from Ramona so we will need some lead time to get it down here.

Nov. 14 (Laura) - Just wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone at Sunshine Care for hosting a spectacular fund raising event yesterday for expansion of the garden. There were many wonderful people in attendance, great conversation and awesome refreshements!

Nov 13 (Jane) - Just home from the wonderful fund raiser put on by Sunshine Care. It was a great success and a fabulous jump start for the new garden! Thank you, Sunshine Care!

Nov 12 (by Bruce) - with all the rain, the ground should be soft and much easier to work. Maybe we can get some work crews over the weekend before the ground starts to dry up.

Nov 12- (Roy) For those attending the meeting on the 16th- it will be at the Sycamores Activities Office. Go to the end of Monte Vista Rd. cul-de-sac. Go up the driveway to the four Monte Vista Homes and follow the signs to the Sycamores. See you there.

Nov 10 (Jane) - Roy has already marked out the site. The garden is underway!
Bruce has drawn up a list of tasks to be accomplished each week. He's refining it.

Nov 10 (Jane) - Janice Schock has suggested including some raised beds. She has drawn up a plan.
Roy thinks he has some railroad ties we might be able to use.

Nov 8 - (Jane) Welcome to the blog for Garden 2. I've included a couple of stock photos to set the stage.
We'll change them to real ones once we get going.

Monday 9/18/2017
  • We did plant as Roy showed us.
  • We hand water the plants.
  • We put the black cover upon row #1.
  • There was no Zucchini to be harvest.