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---item needed---
--------------------------------------------Extra jobs--------------------------------

Weed around the succulents

Water the succulents

Inventory pruners (what is working or needs cleaning) done 10/15/17

Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

Water rosemary, thyme and lavender plants

clean out and reorganize Tupperware container in the garden

  • Please don't put ice plant / pickle weed in the pre-compost bins, put it in black trash bags for garden debris pickup.
  • Please do not put tree branches or tree leaves or other debris from the nearby trees in any of the precompost bins. Just toss in the green waste can.
  • When you toss garden waste into the pre-compost bins, please chop up big stems, roots, & leaves. There's no specific size but large pieces decompose more slowly than small pieces. And very large stems/roots (from broccoli, for example) should be tossed into the green waste can rather than the bins. If you run out of time, ask the next teams to help finish the job.
  • if there's a sheet of cardboard on top of the green waste, toss the new stuff under it not on top. It's a cover to keep moisture in.
  • only Sat and Sun teams should be putting anything in bin #3. Thank you.

DELIVERY THURSDAY'S -- all harvest deliveries go to Becky's house at 12382 Pathos Lane in Penasquitos. Delivery by 10:00am

Note from Jane on Jan 8 -- I keep ordering the right proportion of worm castings to chicken manure (two bags to one), but in short order, our ratio of these supplies seems to gets messed up. It makes me wonder if all the refurbishers are using the right "recipe." Each row should get one bag of worm castings and 1/2 bag of chicken manure And these products should be used only for refurbishings. Thanks!

Saturday, Jan 13 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • reinforced trellis, but feel that it should be looked at often and reinforced as needed.
  • checked row 2 and pulled a few weeds as well as added FE
  • reset rat traps, one in the back corner of garden and the other by the front gate

Saturday 01/13/18
  1. check pea trellis for sturdiness, reinforce as needed.
  2. FE to row 2 cabbage
  3. continue to weed, especially under row 2 cover.
  4. check mouse & rat traps and reset, please :) Thanks!

Monday- No students, MLK holiday

  1. harvest peas & carrots
  2. check plants under row covers
  3. weed
  4. check with Roy re: seeding new plants for planting row 2 when done

Thursday, January 11- posted by Jill, with Cheri and Wanda
  • harvested peas and carrots. Brought 11 lbs of Mexican limes from home to add to delivery.
  • Raised pea trellis up, added more stakes for support.
  • noted animal activity in garden with holes dug but plants intact, looks like a critter digging for grubs.
  • weeded
Wednesday 1/10/2018 Paige Lugo
  • Snaps peas blown over
  • Harvested snap peas - per Tammy

Monday 1/8/2018 Mike Sedrak
  • we plant row 4 then we watered it.
  • We put Sluggo Plus around plants.
  • We covered roe 4 with the white cover.
  • Thanks a lot of helping us today. Your welcome!
  • changed tape on north side of row 4. Saved attachments and placed in bin under workbench.- Jill

Saturday, Dec. 6 posted by Kim, with Rachel
  • refurbished row 4. Noticed that the drip tape on the north side of the row could stand to be replaced
  • Added FE to row 1

Saturday 01/06/18
  1. Refurbish row 4. 1/2 bag of Chicken manure is under tarp outside of garden 3, bag of worm castings is outside garden 2, under tarp.
  2. FE to row 1 peas
  3. Kim, Thanks for the compliment and thanks to you & Rachel for all you do in Garden 2!.
Monday 1/8
  1. plant row 4. Roy will bring down plants. Water row well with hose prior to planting. Plant 18" apart zig zag.
  2. Sluggo Plus around plants, careful not to get on leaves. Sluggo found in Rubbermaid container along fence.
  3. If you have time cover with white row cover, if not I will put on Monday afternoon.
  4. Thanks!
Thursday 1/12
  1. harvest peas and carrots
  2. check new plants under row covers
  3. weed

Thursday, 1/4/17 posted by Cheri, Janet, and Wanda
  1. harvested cauliflower, peas and carrots
  2. removed all the cauliflower plants and roots, composted leaves, disposed of roots and stems
  3. checked row 2 & 3 moisture levels were "moist"
  4. planted 2nd half of carrot row

Saturday, Dec 30 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • added a few rows of twine to support the peas
  • FE row 2 cabbages
  • checked row 4 for aphids and didn't see any
  • reset rat traps

Saturday 12/30/17
  1. FE to row 2 cabbage
  2. add more twine to support peas
  3. check row 4 cauliflower for aphids, hose with water and spray with safer if seen
  4. reset second rat trap.
Monday- New Years holiday

Thursday 1/4/18
  1. harvest; peas (lots of them!), carrots (with shoulders sticking out), harvest all cauliflower row 4. Document weights in blog please :)
  2. remove stems and leaves from row 4, stems to green waste, chop leaves to compost bin 1 (if you run out of time, Saturday team can finish)
  3. re-seed carrots from where harvested, Carrot seeds in small white bottle in basket in Rubbermaid container along fence.
  4. Check new plants under rows 2 & 3 for moisture.
  5. Thanks!
Thursday, December 28- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet
  • harvested cabbage, peas and carrots, delivered all gardens Harvest to Becky's.
  • seeded carrots from where harvested. Looks like some of the carrot roots have nematodes.
  • weeded
  • noted dead aphids on one cauliflower, hosed off all with water
  • peas are heavy on south side of trellis, need more support
Saturday, Dec. 23 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • seeded more carrots in row 1
  • fixed a leak in row 3. Then planted broccoli, applied sluggo and covered with row cover
  • put FE on row 4
  • Jill, thank you for all that you are doing. Merry Christmas

Saturday 12/23/17
  1. Plant broccoli row 3. Roy will bring down plants. Apply Sluggo Plus, cover with white shade cloth.
  2. plant carrot seeds to fill in where harvested from row 1
  3. FE to row 4 cauliflower
  4. Check for rodent activity, re-set rat traps, thank you!!!
  5. Merry Christmas!!!
Monday- Christmas off
  1. harvest
  2. check for rodent activity
  3. check plants under covers row 2 & 3
  4. weed & under row 2

Thursday, December 21- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet and Wanda
  • harvested; last of cabbage row 3, 1st cauliflower from row 4, peas and carrots.
  • removed remaining stems from row 3, refurbished and hand watered
  • one rat trap in row 4 still set, a few cauliflower looks like it has dirt on it from rodents or mold growing?

Monday, December 18 posted by Jill with Students and teacher, Kim from Abraxas
  • I stopped by garden, Kim stated a rat was found in one of the traps & disposed of by garden 3
  • students sprayed BT & safer to row's 3 & 4
  • removed stems from row 3

Saturday Dec. 16 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • checked and made a little bit of an adjustment to the trellis
  • put two traps in row 4. ALSO FLAGGED THE AREA
  • saw aphids on one cauliflower. Will need to be sprayed with safer
  • watered the plants not on drip
  • fixed a leak in row 3

Saturday 12/16/17
  1. check reinforcement of trellis
  2. Set 2 rat traps in SW corner near row 4 cauliflower- however many/location you think
  3. water plants not on irrigation
  4. check cover & plants row 2
  5. check for worms & rodent damage to cauliflower row 4.
Monday 12/18
  1. BT & safer to row 3 & 4 (check for worms on cabbage before spraying)
  2. Pull and remove stalks from row 3 previously harvested cabbage & cauliflower place in green trash bags( found in long narrow container near compost bins) leave bags near trash cans. We'll harvest remaining cabbage & cauliflower on Thursday.
  3. Train peas on trellis
  1. harvest all cabbage & remaining cauliflower row 3, peas, carrots that ready
  2. refurbish row 3
  3. check rat traps & rodent activity

Thursday, December 14- posted by Jill with Janet and Wanda
  • harvested cabbage, cauliflower row 3 (3 chewed on it appears by rodents), peas, and first 3 carrots.
  • FE to peas
  • reinforced pea trellis, supporting other side that was placed on Saturday.
  • Monday recovered blown off row cover on row 2.
  • checked cabbage for worms didn't find any, was sprayed with BT past Thursday, decided not to spray.
  • delivered all produce from gardens 1-3 to Becky's home

Monday 12/11/2017 posted by Makram Sedrak
  1. We checked for worms on cabbage and found one.
  2. We trained the peas.
  3. Kyle hand watered the succulents, herbs, plant on vine.
  4. We watered row 2 and left it uncovered same as we found it.
  5. We took off some weeds.
  6. We removed all the yellowed leaves and placed it in the compost bin #1.

Saturday, Dec. 9 - posted by Kim with Rachel
  • added some more support to the pea trellis. With the winds and the weight of the peas, the trellis was starting to collapse in on itself.
  • put FE on rows 3 and 4 checked for worms and didn't see any, but felt that there was enough damage to some the centers in the cabbage to suggest Bt
  • watered all plants

Saturday 12/9/17
  1. FE rows 3 & 4
  2. check for worms on cabbage
  3. check plants under row 2, water if soil is dry
  4. continue, training peas, weeding and removing yellowed leaves
  1. Check for worms on cabbage and remove, one found last Thursday
  2. train peas
  3. hand water succulents, herbs, plant on vine and check row 2 new plants under cover to see if dry and need extra water
  4. Continue to weed (place in green waste trash can) and remove yellowed leaves (place in compost bin #1)
  1. Harvest, check carrots if ready
  2. FE row 1 peas
  3. cont. to check for worms cabbage, train peas, weed, remove yellowed leaves
  4. check garden for dryness and water if needed.

Thursday 12/7 posted by Cheri with Janet
  • picked peas -.75 lds. there are lots of flowers should be peas soon.
  • picked 2 cauliflowers for 3.5 lbs.
  • picked one cabbage at 2.5 lbs.
  • removed yellow leaves
  • white cover had blown off, checked plants, put cloth back on and but U hooks on to hold it
  • found a worm on cabbage, sprayed with BHT all cauliflowers and cabbages

Monday 12/4/17 posted by Makram Sedrak
  • We removed the yellow leaves & and placed in bin #1 compost after cut it.
  • We took of the weed and place in the green waste trash can.
  • We trained the peas up to the trellis.
  • We di water the succulents.
  • We searched for worms but found nothing.

Saturday 12/2 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • trained peas on the trellis,also added twine at the end of the row to help support the taller plant there.
  • removed yellowing leaves
  • check plants and watered where nessar, row 2 looked good

Saturday 12/2/17-
  1. Cont. to weed, remove lower yellowed leaves
  2. train peas
  3. check succulents, and plant on vine to see if needs water
  4. check new cabbage plants under row 2 shade cloth
  1. remove yellow leaves & cut up and place in bin #1 compost
  2. weed and place in green waste trash can
  3. train peas up trellis
  4. hand water succulents
  1. harvest
  2. check cabbage row 2 under shade cloth
  3. remove yellowed leaves, train peas, weed

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