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---item needed---
--------------------------------------------Extra jobs--------------------------------
There is no more in garden 2's bin
Weed around the succulents

Water the succulents

Inventory pruners (what is working or needs cleaning) done 10/15/17

Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

Water rosemary, thyme and lavender plants

clean out and reorganize Tupperware container in the garden

  • Please don't put ice plant / pickle weed in the pre-compost bins, put it in black trash bags for garden debris pickup.
  • Please do not put tree branches or tree leaves or other debris from the nearby trees in any of the precompost bins. Just toss in the green waste can.
  • When you toss garden waste into the pre-compost bins, please chop up big stems, roots, & leaves. There's no specific size but large pieces decompose more slowly than small pieces. And very large stems/roots (from broccoli, for example) should be tossed into the green waste can rather than the bins. If you run out of time, ask the next teams to help finish the job.
  • if there's a sheet of cardboard on top of the green waste, toss the new stuff under it not on top. It's a cover to keep moisture in.
  • only Sat and Sun teams should be putting anything in bin #3. Thank you.

Note from Jane on Saturday, May 19 -- We're beginning Monday and Thursday harvest this coming Monday. Probably nothing from Garden 1 yet, but Gardens 2 and 3 have a lot of zucchini. The Garden 1 Monday team will join in when appropriate.

DELIVERY THURSDAY'S -- all harvest deliveries go to Becky's house at 12382 Pathos Lane in Penasquitos. Delivery by 10:00am

Instructions for Refurbishing

1. Turn the soil all along the row with a shovel, as deep as possible, starting from the valve end and walking backyards flipping each shovel full. Go farther along the row than the previous crop to prevent rows from getting shorter with time.
2. Spread 3 5-gallon buckets of compost evenly along the row (using the wheel barrow)
3. Spread 1/2 bag of chicken manure evenly along the row
4. Spread 1 bag of worm castings evenly along the row
5. Spread 12 cups of Gardner and Bloome granular fertilizer (or Bio Flora) evenly along the row
6. Turn the soil amendments one more time with shovel and break up clumps. .Mix well with a rake.
7. Shape the bed, forming a neat level row.
Thank you!

Monday, May 21 posted by Kim
  • Harvested zucchinis - spent time teaching how to harvest and weigh
  • didn't get to spraying row 2- Thanks, we'll take care of Thursday!

Saturday, May 19 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • Sprayed row 1 with Bt and safer
  • fertilized zucchini
  • pruned the Rosemary
  • I agree. The lavender is way to big in that area and needs to be taken out

Saturday 05/19
  1. Fertilize zucchini with Bio-Flora
  2. spray row 1 with BT & Safer
  3. Kim- what do you think about removing the lavender plant? Lot's of old wood. I was thinking we could plant a new one. Let me know your thoughts. If you agree we can remove Thursday.
  1. harvest zucchini, confirm that there will be a delivery
  2. spray row 2 with BT & safer (if not enough time we can do Thursday)
  1. harvest
  2. spray row 2 with BT & safer
  3. add row of twine to tomatoes if needed
  4. remove lavender
Thursday, May 17- posted by Jill with Janet
  • harvested zucchini, a couple very large, ready for twice weekly harvests. Trimmed lower leaves.
  • tomatoes inadvertently received extra fertilization with Bio-Flora, Roy aware.
  • weeded
  • stressed pepper plants looking better, no fallen leaves, and new green growth noted.
Monday, May 14 posted by Kim
  • sprayed rows 3&4 with safer and Bt
  • peppers at the end of the row are looking a bit sad. They are turning yellow, leaves are falling off. There are about 8 plants that look more stressed than they did on Saturday.

Saturday, May 12 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • replaced pepper plant, noticed that a few were losing leaves. But the plants look healthy, not dying.
  • fertilized both tomatoes and peppers

Saturday 05/12/18
  1. fertilize tomatoes with 10 cups Bio-flora
  2. fertilize peppers with FE, use triple the amount
  3. replace missing pepper plant that died on south/west end. Call Roy to get replacement.
  1. check tomato plants to see if need an extra row of twine, add if needed
  2. Safer to rows 3 & 4
  3. hand water plants outside garden, rosemary & lavender

  1. harvest zucchini
  2. check with Roy re: fertilizing cucumbers and zucchini
  3. weed

Thursday, May 10- posted by Jill with Janet
  • harvested zucchini, cut leave below harvest & trimmed brown, excess lower leaves.
  • Several green tomatoes noted on plants, hand watered plants, leaves were curling- checked with Roy after, stated normal for plants.
  • weeded
  • put away row arches and threw out the two tattered covers

Saturday, Mat 5 posted by Kim
  • sprayed row 1 with Bt and safer
  • cleaned up around the succulents

Saturday 5/5/18
  1. spray row 1 with BT & Safer (since there's not much to do in the garden your call Kim, if you'd like your students to spray both rows 1 & 2 on Monday)
  2. weed
  3. clean up around succulents
  1. spray row 2 with BT & Safer
  2. water plants outside garden
  3. rake pepper leaves from outside garden gate & pick up around outside gate
  1. harvest zucchini
  2. check plants under row covers

Thursday, May 3- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet and Wanda
  • harvested zucchini
  • Added another row of twine to tomatoes
  • weeded
  • checked plants under covers, doing great!
  • removed some dried flowered stalks from succulents

Monday, April 30
  • watered succulents and other plants.
  • weeded throughout the garden

Saturday, April 28 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • planted 4 new zucchini
  • checked plants under row's 3&4
  • frame on garden gate is split, starting from the bottom on the hinge side, and goes up to about the middle of the frame. Thanks! I've emailed Jane with the info.

Saturday 04/28/18
  1. replant 4 zucchini in row 2, from where removed. Plant along north sides of drip tape. hand water, sprinkle Sluggo Plus around new plants. (plants are in 6 pack just inside garden gate, leave the other 2 for Roy)
  2. Check plants under row's 3 & 4, hand water if needed.
  1. water succulents outside of garden, plant on vine, rosemary, lavender and check new zucchini plants and pepper plants for need of hand watering.
  2. weed
  1. check zucchini for harvest
  2. check plants under row covers

Thursday, April 26- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet
  • removed 4 zucchini that were not doing well, Roy stated they had mites. He'll bring replacements down. Stated no fertilizer to zucchini for about a month.
  • harvested 1.5 lb of zucchini
  • weeded
  • checked all plants looked good

Saturday, April 21 posted by Kim with Rachel
  • Sprayed tomatoes and zucchinis with safer and Bt
  • watered peppers

Saturday 04/21
  1. ESpray Tomato & zucchini plants with BT & Safer
  2. check pepper plants and hand water if needed
  1. check new pepper plants, hand water if needed.
  2. water succulents, flowering vine and rosemary/lavender.
  3. weed
  4. remove dead/yellowed leaves from zucchini
  1. check pepper plants, hand water if needed, check if any need replacing
  2. cut 2- new row covers, approx 54' each.

Thursday 4/19- posted by Jill with Janet
  • planted pepper plants, every 12" along north side of both irrigation tapes, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus and covered with white row cover
Monday 4/16- posted by Jill with Kim and students
  • Roy had pruned the tomatoes, we staked (using the stakes disinfected overnight with bleach) every second plant and placed twine below the bottom leaf.
  • removed row cover from zucchini, flowering with small zucchinis.
Saturday 4/14 - posted by Rachel
  • Watered the succulents, vine, lavender and rosemary
  • Opened row covers on rows 2 & 3 as weather is supposed to be warm this weekend. Perhaps they can be recovered on Monday
  • Tomatoes look great and are starting to flower!
  • Helped Garden 3 refurbish their Row 1

Saturday 04/14/18
  • water succulents, flowering vine, lavender and rosemary
  • weed
  • check plants under row covers
  • check with other gardens to see if they need help. Thanks, Rachel, cakes look great!!
  • Stake tomato plants, I'm planning on heading to garden and meeting with Roy, he'll go over staking, trimming & twining
  • Stakes in bucket with bleach Kim, let me know if this is something that will work with your students, I plan to be there to help as well, otherwise I can take care of Tuesday*
  • weed, check plants under row covers
  • spray Tomatoes with BT?

Thursday4/12- posted by Cheri, with Wanda and Janet
  • refurbished row 4
  • put drip tapes back on and tested, one has a small leak by valve we did not know where repair pieces were.
  • turned on water
  • tomatoes looked good not flowering, left cover off.

Saturday 4/7 - posted by Rachel
  • Planted cucumbers, hand watered, applied Sluggo and covered with white row cover.
  • Roy stopped by and said we should open the covers on Monday since the weather is going to be hot Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday 04/07/18
  • plant cucumbers 12" apart along North side of drip tape, hand water (or water before planting), apply Sluggo Plus around plants, cover with white row cover (in plastic storage tub along fence) Thank You!

Monday- no students: Spring Break

  1. Refurbish row 4
  2. check under row covers 1-3, hand water cucumbers if needed.
  3. If tomatoes have flowered insert 6' stakes

Thursday, April 5- posted by Jill with Cheri (nice to have you back!!), Janet and Wanda
  • finished refurbishment to row 3, added amendments, hand watered, checked irrigation tape for leaks, turned water back on. Removed about 5 grubs from row.
  • harvested last of broccoli from row 4, removed remaining plants, turned water off, ready for refurbishment next week.
  • Roy to apply nematode treatment to rows 3 & 4
  • weeded
  • checked under row covers- tomatoes and zucchini, all look good!
Monday, April 2 posted by Kim
The students attempted to turn the row for refurbishment, but struggled. Instead we stripped the leaves off of row 4 broccoli keeping in mind the plants with broccoli still on them. And then we proceed to pull out those stumps. Just so you know, I did finish turning row 3, but did not get any admendments on. Thanks for doing all that Kim, made it much easier to finish refurbishment and easier to remove remaining broccoli from row 4! have a nice trip :)

Saturday 03/31
  1. remove remaining broccoli row 3, get ready for refurb. on Monday
  2. FE row 4
  3. weed, Thanks!!
Monday 04/02
  1. refurbish row 3, if you run out of time we can complete on Thursday
Thursday 04/02
  1. harvest broccoli (asses when broccoli pulled, spray with BT & safer if another week?)
  2. check with Roy when peppers are ready
  3. look for 8- 6' stakes for tomatoes up hill by shed & bring down to garden
  4. weed

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