This page provides guidance to the Garden 3 volunteers

Roy's recipe for refurbishing a 50' by 2' garden bed

1 20-qt bag of worm castings
½ bag of chicken manure
9 cups of granular fertilizer (this refers to a regular 8-oz measuring cup)
3-4 five-gallon buckets of compost


1. Inspect all the plants:
........a. Remove dead leaves (Put dead leaves in composting area of Garden 1)
........b. Check all plants for insects or insect damage (insects present or munched areas).
........c. Check all plants for signs that they are suffering - drooping, yellow, curling leaves, etc.

2. On designated harvest days:
........a. Harvest and weigh produce that is ready.
........b. Coordinate delivery with the other gardens.

3. Check the watering:
........a. Check for signs of leaks in the irrigation tapes, especially where they connect to the pipes -- larger than normal wet areas.
........b. Hand water if needed (the new plants may need hand watering until they get established)

3. Pull any weeds that appear in the garden beds, the paths, or the fence perimeter

4. Clean up any trash that may be there. Take it to the Garden 1 trash can.

AND -- enter your report on the blog in plenty of time for the next day's team to see it.