- For each day in the garden, please tell WHO WAS THERE, WHAT YOU DID, WHAT YOU OBSERVED, and ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.
- Rows are numbered Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, and Row 4, with Row 1 closest to the street.
To post an entry, click on EDIT, put the cursor just above the previous entry, click the mouse, hit Enter a couple of times to give yourself some space, type your message, and click on SAVE.

WISH LIST -- Please report needed items before they run out.. BE SPECIFIC as to brand, size, etc. for our shopper.
--------------------Needed item------------------

Notes / Resolution--------------------
10/18 SS: Done

Mixed compost for refurbishing
Bruce & Lori picked up Miramar compost.
Mixing takes place at the garden site.
Any compost -- mixed or not -- is fine. JR

Row Covers
1/22 SS: Done (purchased roll that needs to be cut)

Never mind ..found one in back of cabinet

ONGOING TASKS -- Posted by Jane 9/1/17
Thank you to Jill and Lori for compiling a list of ongoing tasks at the garden. When you can't think of anything to do at the garden, please refer to this list, pick one or two tasks, and work on them. Thank you! Ongoing Tasks

Note from Jane on Wed, Mar 14 -- It's been brought to my attention that, while all the gardens are using the same recipe for refurbishment, different teams are using different procedures. It was suggested that I post the recommended procedure. I checked with Roy, and here is what he said. I've also posted this under Gardening Guidelines elsewhere on our web site.

Instructions for Refurbishing

1. Turn the soil all along the row with a shovel, as deep as possible, starting from the valve end and walking backyards flipping each shovel full. Go farther along the row than the previous crop to prevent rows from getting shorter with time.
2. Spread 3 5-gallon buckets of compost evenly along the row (using the wheel barrow)
3. Spread 1/2 bag of chicken manure evenly along the row
4. Spread 1 bag of worm castings evenly along the row
5. Spread 12 cups of Gardner and Bloome granular fertilizer (or Bio Flora) evenly along the row
6. Turn the soil amendments one more time with shovel and break up clumps. .Mix well with a rake.
7. Shape the bed, forming a neat level row.
Thank you!
REQUEST FROM JANE on Thurs April 19 -- The nursery that donated the bell pepper seedlings in Row 5 has asked for photographs of the plants from time to time. Will someone please take a few nice photos of the newly planted seedlings in Row 5 next time the row cover is pulled back and email them to me (jradatz@att.net)? Include a person in the photo if you can. Thanks! (yes we will)

Note to teams...When applying sluggo, make sure you don't get it on the leaves...it will burn. Places it around the base of the plant. Thank you.

Note from Jane on Saturday, May 19 -- We're beginning Monday and Thursday harvest this coming Monday. Probably nothing from Garden 1 yet, but Gardens 2 and 3 have a lot of zucchini. The Garden 1 Monday team will join in when appropriate.

Thursday, May 24 (Barbara, Lisa)
  • 14 lbs Cucumbers (First harvest)
  • 17 lbs 4 ozs Summer squash
  • .5 lbs rosemary
Found a few snails in row 4 squash put sluggo down.
To do:
Sluggo on row 5. Careful not to get on leaves of peppers
Saturday team - Fertilize cucumbers with Bio flora. Water in.
Sunday and Monday teams - Weed outside perimeter of fence to about 3 feet.
Abhi, thank you for fixing the gate and Beanpole Betty..I don't know why I thought her name was Beatrice. It was Beanpole Betty:)

Wednesday, May 23 (Barbara, Ana)
Planted Basal in herb bed, watered
Watered front of gate
Weeded outside of fence up to 3 feet...did not get it all
Hand watered peppers and tomatoes. they looked a little dry
Everything looks great..We have lots of new cucumbers to harvest tomorrow.
All teams please Continue weeding just outside fence up to 3 feet (south side )

Monday, May 21 ( Cindy and Marion)
Harvest: 7 lbs Squash
Applied FE to row 5
Delivered squash to Becky's house

Sunday, May 20 - (Geeta, Abhi and Anagh)
- Row 4 - used Serenade as instructed
- Garden inspection, and pulled weeds
- Abhi fixed scare crow. Thank you. .
- Note from Jane: Abhi also fixed the gate by sweeping away the dirt that was blocking it and lowering the latch.
Thanks, Abhi!

Thursday, May 17 (Barbara, Lisa)
  • 23 lbs summer squash
Watered plants at front gate
Weeded rows
To do list:
Saturday team - Refurbish herb area. Pull up drip system and turn soil. Add one 5 gallon bucket compost, sprinkle worm castings, chicken manure and chicken fertilizer in bed and turn in soil. Please ask Kim if you have question as to the amount. Replace the drip tape
Sunday team - We are going to treat for powdery mildew on summer squash row 4. We use Serenade. it is in a red bottle in our cabinet. Use 2 oz per watering can, for half the row and another 2 ozs and can full for the other half. Complete coverage on leaves.
Monday team - Fertilize with FE row 5 peppers with 1/2 cup (4 ozs) in silver watering can (We want to give them a good blast.
Wednesday- General maintenance and Beatrice clothing day. If anyone has a skirt for Beatrice the scarecrow..please let me know. Otherwise I am heading to thrift store:) we need someone to put her up after we put her cloths on.
As soon as we refurbish we are ready to plant basal along drip tape in Herb garden ..checking with Roy
Have a great week.

Monday, May 14 (Cheryl, Cindy)
Watered plants in front of gate and placed twine on tomatoes

Sunday, May 13 (Geeta Vedanti)
Garden inspection, Pulled weeds, Cleaned Cobwebs from chairs.

Saturday, May 12 (Diana, Barbara)
Fertilized the tomatoes and zucchini with Bio Flora. (Thanks to Barbara for the gardening lesson on how to do this)
As something still seems to be eating on the green beans, diatomaceous earth was put down.

Thursday, May 10 (Barbara, Mike)
  • 13.5 lbs summer squash (Zucchini and yellow squash)
  • 3 oz parsley
We cleaned up all white cloth and put away
Collected all metal wire and put down by garden 1
Collected all metal stakes and put in drawers garden 3
Fixed 3 leaks in water line
Watered all plants outside gate
Put chicken fertilizer and compost in geranium pot.watered well
To do this week:
Saturday team - Fertilize tomatoes and zucchini with Bio Flora
Monday team - twine the tomatoes.
All teams please get your tickets for the annual Fund Raiser coming up June 3, 1:00-3:00.We rely on this event for all the funds needed to sustain our project and it is a lot of fun. Please plan to come if you can. If you can't come, please consider buying a ticket anyway and letting it be a donation. Tickets to the event are just $10. Hope to see all of you there:)

Monday, May 7, (Cindy, Cheryl, Marion)
FE'ed Row 5.
Weeded, removed dead leaves, watered plants by gate.
Also watered tomato plants as bottom leaves were droopy.

Sunday, May 6 (Abhi)
Checked all the rows and they looked good. Put one of the covers out to dry on the fence. It was wet.

Saturday, May 5 (Diana)
Took off row covers as requested.
Put some Sluggo down on the green beans since it looks like slugs were eating them.
Checked rest of garden and all looks good.
Thursday, May 3 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)
  • 5 lbs summer squash (First harvest)
Replaced sickly bush beans with new seedlings in row 1. Watered
Keep covers on rows until further notice.
This week general maintenance and make sure rows have enough water.
Next week Monday FE row 5 peppers

Note to Jane...we will need harvest 2 days a week very soon.

Monday, April 30 (Cindy, Cheryl, Marion)
Removed yellow leaves from squash plants, weeded and watered plants by gate.

Sunday, April 29 (Abhi)
Checked all 5 rows. They all seemed to be well watered and moist. There is one Summer Squash plant on the east side which is ready for harvest.

Saturday, April 28 (Diana)
Checked all the rows. The plants are doing well. There is one pretty big zucchini about 3 plants in that probably should be harvested.
It looks like we have the weeds under control. Thanks to everyone for their weeding!

Thursday, April 26 (Lisa)
Cleaned up Parsley
Removed dead leaves

Wednesday, April 25 ( Ana and Barbara )
Watered all rows.
Supported tomatoes with twine
Added G&B garden soil to row 1

Monday, April 23 (Marion, Cindy and Cheryl)
  • Watered plants in front of gate
  • Weeded

Sunday, April 22 (Abhi)
Lori guided me to the things to be done. Checked on Row 1 beans. They are starting to sprout. The ground is moist. Weeded all the rows. Noticed that in Row 5 some of the green leaves are turning pale white. Not sure if it is due to over watering or something else.

Saturday, April 21 (Diana)
Sprayed row 2, tomatoes, and row 4, summer squash, with BT and Safer soap.

Thursday, April 19 (Barbara, Mike, Diane)
we staked the tomato plants and supported them with twine. Checked progress of pepper plants and did weeding.
Note from Barbara - Saturday team - please spray Tomatoes(Row 2) and Summer squash(row 4) with BT and Safer soap combination spray. Garden 2 is doing the same thing on Saturday.
It is a slow week. Not much to do in the garden....General maintenance
Make sure the row 1 bush beans are getting enough water. Let me know if any of the new covered plant don't make it.
Please welcome our new Sunday volunteer Abhi to the garden. Sunday will be general maintenance. Please check list in drawer and/or talk with Lori. Call Barbara if you have questions.

Wednesday April 18 ( Ana and Barbara)
Planted peppers every 12 inches in row 5 in two lines. Row was water well before and after planting, and was cover with white cloth.
A leak was fixed on row 5 before planting.
Replaced 4 tomato plants that weren't growing well and pruned tomatoes.
Treated wooden post (for tomatoes) overnight with bleach solution.

Monday, April 16 (Marion, Cheryl, Cindy)
weeded garden areas and east of garden fence. Watered by gate. Plants for row 5 not ready yet. Helped garden 1.

Sunday, April 15 (Barbara & Abhi)
Planted Bean seeds every 4 inches in Row #1 in two lines. The row was watered before and after planting. Also put the white cloth cover on this freshly planted seeds.
Fixed one leak in Row 5 hopefully that is it.

Saturday, April 14 (Diana with help from Rachel)
Refurbished row 1. Did not have any time to check drip line leaks in row 5.

Thursday, April 12 (Barbara, Diana, Mike)
  • Broccoli 24 lbs 4 oz (Final Harvest)
Pulled out broccoli plants
Put them in compost bin...it started to rain. We did not get it all in 4 inch pieces. Did as much as we could. Please check.
Row 1 is ready to be refurbished. We are planting bush beans.
Row 5 is waiting for peppers..We will update you when they are ready.
Please label all rows with tags
Check irrigation in row 5 and fix leaks
east side of fence needs to be weeded.

Wednesday,April 11 (Barbara, Ana)
Replaced one dead cucumber plant
Watered tomatoes
Weeded west fence area

Monday, April 9 (Chery, Cindy and Marion)

  • Found enough stakes for tomatoes
  • Tomatoes not ready for pruning today
  • Pulled yellow leaves and helped Garden 1 pulling leaves
  • Uncovered cucumbers halfway

Saturday, April 7 (Diana with help from Dave, Rachel & Tricia)
Refurbished row 5
Cleaned out some yellow broccoli leaves

Thursday, April 5 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)
  • 65 lbs 8 ozs - Napa cabbage(final harvest)
  • 14 lbs 10oz - broccoli (first harvest)
Pulled out all cabbage leaves and cut up in compost bin
Broccoli plants that have been harvested can be pulled out.
Saturday team - Row 5 is ready for refurbishing.
Sunday or Monday team - plant peppers if ready in row 5

Wednesday, April 4 (Barbara, Ana)
Planted cucumbers in row 3-watered well put down sluggo and covered
Weeded rows
Changed bleach bucket
Checked other rows - new plants look good
Big leak in row 5 turned off water. will fix later
Thursday team Harvest all row 5 napa cabbage and half of broccoli in row 1
Refurbish row 5 on Saturday or Sunday
Monday team - Plant row 5 with peppers if ready

Monday, April 2 (Marion)
Removed dead leaves from broccoli and cabbage plants
Watered plants by gate
Cabbage plants are full of holes

Thursday, March 2 (Barbara, Lisa)
  • 75 lbs 2 oz - Napa Cabbage Wow!!!!(this includes the one from yesterday.)
  • 10 oz herbs (Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme)
Did Nematode treatment to row 3.
Row 3 is ready for planting. Hopefully peppers will come tomorrow
Saturday team plant peppers if they come in. Check with Roy.
Sunday general maintenance. There are a lot of weeds around the perimeter..Especially around the fence area.
General maintenance this week.
Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 28 (Barbara, Ana)
Straightened and flattened row 3. It is ready for planting. Waiting for peppers that are arriving on Friday.
Saturday team plant peppers. Check with Roy.
Checked squash and tomatoes ...they look great
Napa Cabbage is ready to be harvested. Take either 1/3 or 1/2 row depending on readiness.
Also, harvest half of parsley
I took one cabbage out to check it and it is huge 6.5 lbs for one!Wow! Delivering it to Agnes.Please add this to Thursdays harvest record.
Hope you-all have a very Happy Easter!

Monday, March 26 ( cindy)
refrubished row 3 with the help from garden #1 - Cyndi and Heidi. Yay for teamwork. Thanks ladies. Followed the instructions above and I think the row looks good.
watered by gate.

Sunday, March 25 (Barbara)
Planted row 4. Zucchini(left/east side) and yellow squash(right or west end) Covered row with white cloth.
Tomatoes row 2 had a huge leak at far right/west end and no water was getting to tomatoes so I hand watered. I think I fixed the leak but it should be checked.
Added sluggo because i see that we have snails in row 2
Pulled out all the remaining broccoli stalks from row 3 it is ready to be refurbished.

Saturday, March 24 (Diana)
Refurbished row 4.
Took a bag of broccoli leaves home for the chickens. Pulled up some of the broccoli plants but did not have time to do many of them.

Thursday, March 22 (Diane)
Fertilized row 1 with FE. Started pulling out broccoli stalks and dumped leaves in compost bin after tearing them in smaller pieces and disposed of stalks in green trash bin. Next group will need to finish it up.

Wednesday, March 20 (Barbara, Ana, Diana)
I checked the forecast and it looked like it would rain tomorrow so we decided to harvest the broccoli and some chard/kale because it couldn't wait a week. I put it in garden 1 shed. It is ready to be delivered.
  • 2 lbs chard (Final Harvest)
  • 5.5 lbs Kale (Final Harvest)
  • 15 lbs Broccoli (Final Harvest)
Pulled out all chard and kale roots and plants. Diana came by and picked up the bug infested kale/chard to feed to her chickens.
She may come tomorrow to take the broccoli leaves as well.
I took a bag of broccoli leaves to Agnes.
Roy treated row 2 and 4 for nematodes.Still needs to treat row 3.
Note to self: we will need 15 stakes when first flowers show in row 2 tomatoes
To do:
Thursday team: Fertilize row one with 4 oz of FE. Use two buckets with 2 oz each for row 1. Roy wants us to give it a good boost.
Saturday team: Refurbish row 4 Please follow directions above. (Diana please take broccoli leaves from row 3 home for your chickens)
Sunday team: Plant row 4 ..if time Pull out broccoli leaves/roots it any left
Monday team: Pull out broccoli leaves/roots it any left and refurbish row 3
Wednesday team: Plant row 3
Might be a wet week so please check blog carefully to see what has been done and needs to be done.
Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Spring:)

Monday, March 19 (Marion, Cindy, Cheryl)
  • FE Rows 1 and 5
  • Weeded rows and around gates

Saturday, March 17 (Diana)
Put FE on row 3.
Started pulling the chard and kale but it started raining too hard so only got a couple of plants pulled.

Thursday, March 15 (Barbara)
  • 23 lbs broccoli (First harvest)
  • 2 lbs 2 ozs Kale
Saturday team FE row 3
Monday team Fe row 1 and 5
Wednesday team pull out Kale. Put in green trash not compost..it has nematodes and bugs
With the rain please be aware of all weeds not only in the beds but along the fence. If each team does a little we can keep up with it.
Thank you for all you do and have a great wet week:)

Wednesday, March 14 (Barbara, Ana)
Planted Tomatoes in row 2..covered with white cloth

Monday, March 12 (Marion, Cheryl and Ana)
  • Weeded
  • Refurbished Row 2
  • aphids found on kale and small black bugs on chard. Ran out of time to treat.

Thursday, March 8 (Barbara, Lori)
  • 4 lbs 5 oz cabbage (These snuck in the cauliflower row)
  • 1 lb 10 oz chard(Final Harvest)
  • 2 lbs Kale
  • 24 lbs 6 ozs Cauliflower (Final harvest)
Napa Cabbage was not ready
Only had time to pull up a few roots-cut up the leaves and put in compost.
The chard is done (Saturday team - please pull out and discard into green trash. They are full of bugs and nematodes) Do not compost.
Saturday or Monday Refurbish row 2 (It might rain this weekend)
Plant Tomatoes on Wednesday or Thursday. They are in greenhouse.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 7 (Barbara, Ana)
Uncovered row 1 and 5
hosed off row 4
I think the chard is done.
Thursday team - please harvest row 2 (all) and take a few napa cabbage (check carefully for bugs and report)
Saturday or Monday Refurbish row 2 (It might rain this weekend)
Plant Tomatoes on Wednesday or Thursday. They are in greenhouse.

Monday, March 5 (Cheryl, Marion, Cindy)
weeded (a 5 gal bucket full).
F E rows 4 & 5
aphids on kale nd chard Hosed really well with water.
Row 5, cabbage has large holes in leaves. Could not find what caused the holes.
watered by front gate.

Saturday, March 3 (Diana)
Put FE on row 3 and Safer soap on row 4.

Thursday, Mar 1 (Barbara, Lisa, Diane)
  • 15.5 lbs Cauliflower
  • 1.5 lbs chard
  • 1.75 lbs Kale
Kale plants have aphids again
Chard plants have little black bugs
Fertilized with FE Row 1
Napa Cabbage not ready yet.
Saturday - FE Row 3 and treat row 4 with Insect soap
Monday - FE Row 4 and 5
Have a great week!

Wednesday, Feb 28 (Barbara, Ana)
Welcome to our new Wednesday volunteer Ana
Everything in the garden looks good. I think it was to cold for the aphids this last week. Yay!
Weeded.. With the rain there are a lot of weeds around the edge of fence.Did not get to them all.
This week feeding schedule:
Thursday -Harvest(Check Napa Cabbage) and FE Row 1
Saturday - FE Row 3 and treat row 4 with Insect soap
Monday - FE Row 4 and 5
Have a great week!

Monday, February 26 (Cheryl, Cindy)
weeded row 1 with help from Cyndi, garden 1. Watered by gate. Pulled some dead cilantro.
found aphids on one kale plant. The leaves looked yucky so just removed the leaves. The rest of the kale and chard looked good.

Saturday, February 24 (Diana)
Found some worms on the Napa Cabbage so sprayed with BT.
Reset a couple of the rat traps.
Weeded and cleaned up some in the broccoli and cauliflower.
Row 1 needs to be weeded but didn't have the time today.

Thursday, February 22 (Lisa)
  • Kale - 1 lb
  • Chard - 1.25 lbs
  • Cauliflower - 9.5 lbs
Found aphids on kale and chard, but I did not have time to hose off or treat.

Monday, Feb 19 (Cindy)
Watered by gate
Hosed off the Kale and Chard. Found a small amount of aphids on the kale. Nothing like before though.
Checked the Cauliflower. Did not see anything but the leaves have been chomped on in some areas.

Thursday, Feb 15 (Barbara, Lisa, Diane)
  • Kale - 2 lbs 12 ozs
  • Chard - 2 lbs 10 ozs
  • Parsley 4 ozs
FE on rows 3 and 5
Weeded perimeter
Removed some of the chard that was infested with aphids..We have lots of nematodes unfortunately in row 4
Keep checking for aphids in the cauliflower row 2 and treat if neccessary

NOTE FROM JANE ON FEB 13 -- I saw the announcement that wikispaces.com is shutting down. This is unfortunate. Suzanne has offered to look into other options for us. Luckily, we have until September to get ourselves set up with another site.
NOTE from Lori on Feb 18: If you have dried leaves and/or coffee grounds, please leave them at the composting area in garden 1. Thanks!

Monday, Feb 12 (Marion, Cheryl, Cindy)
FE rows 2 & 4
hosed aphids on kale and chard.
Looks like rain. Let’s hope so.

Saturday, Feb 10 (Diana)
Put Safer Soap on Row 2 and 4. Saw lots of aphids, hope this helps them go away.
Did some weeding and garden clean up.

Thursday, Feb 8 (Barbara, Lisa, Diane)
  • Chard - 4 lbs 2 ozs
  • Kale - 4 lbs 4 ozs
  • Parsley - 4 ozs
Uncovered row 2-3
Hosed the aphids from row 2 and 4. Everything else seems ok.
Something large is still eating row 2..still not sure. They caught a rat in garden 2..hopefully he was the problem. The rats don't seem to like our traps..
To Do:
Saturday - Insecticidal soap row 2 and 4
Monday - FE row 2 and 4
Wednesday - FE row 1 and 3
Thursday - Fe row 5
Hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day!!!

Monday, Feb 5 (Cindy, Cheryl, Marion)
Weeded Rows 3 & 4
Row 4 had aphids, mostly chard. Hosed plants, then applied safer soap.
Watered plants outside gate.

Saturday, Feb 3 (Diana)
Raked and cleaned the bark out of rows 1 and 2. Weeded and checked for bugs, saw none.
Hosed some aphids off of the kale.

Thursday, Feb 1 (Barbara, Donna, Lisa)
  • 5.25 lbs chard
  • 4.75 lbs Kale
Hosed aphids on row 2 and 4. Used insecticidal soap.
Covered all rows except the kale and chard.
Saturday team check for bugs and weed row 1 and 2. Make sure there is no bark in the row.
Monday team check for bugs and weed row 3 and 4. Make sure there is no bark in the row.
Hope you have a wonderful bug free week!!!

Wednesday, Jan 31 (Anny)
  • Hosed off aphids from row 4 (chards)
  • Checked all rows, still can't find what's eating on row 5, left it alone as there is still sluggo on row

Note from Jane on January 29 -- Barbara asked me to make more crop marker signs for broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. I made them and delivered them today. They're in the box of crop markers in the second drawer from the left in the Garden 1 workbench

Monday, Jan 29 ( Cindy, Marion, Cheryl)
  • Put FE row 2 and 4
  • Watered plants in front of gate
  • Checked for bugs/rodents
  • Put cover back on row 1
  • Secured cloths on other rows but didn’t cov
  • Lightly watered rows

Saturday, Jan 27 (Diana)
Treated row 2 with Safer Soap.
Put FE on rows 1 and 3.
Looked like a rodent might be eating on the cauliflower so put a rat trap in the row.
Row 5 looks like maybe bugs are eating there but didn't have time to really look at it or do anything with it.

Thursday, Jan 25 (Barbara, Donna, Lisa, and Diane)

  • 3.25 lbs Kale
  • 6 lbs chard
  • 8 oz cilantro
Hosed off aphids on row 2
Covered rows with new white cloth.
Replaced some missing plants row 1.
Saturday team - treat row 2 with insecticidal soap and fertilize row 1 and 3 with FE.
Monday team - Fertilize row 2 and 4 with FE.
All teams continue to weed and check for bugs.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, Jan 24 (Anny)
  • Hosed off aphids from row 4 (chards & kales)
  • Watered plants by gate

Saturday, Jan 20 (Diana)
Put some labels on the far side of the rows, didn't find enough to put on both ends.
Checked the rodent traps, nothing found.
Garden 1 asks that if anyone has dried leaves they could bring to the compost bin, it would be a big help.

Thursday, Jan 18 (Barbara)
  • Kale 4 lbs
  • Chard 5.5 lbs
13 lbs of Manderines from my neighbor..There is lots more.
Checked all rows..they look pretty good. I put sluggo on all rows. Weeded
I replaced one missing broccoli from row 1.
This week continue weeding and checking for bugs. Keep up the good work on the kale and chard.
Saturday team please make sure that all rows are labeled.

Wednesday, Jan 17 (Anny)
  • Hosed off aphids from row 4 (chards & 1 kale)
  • Fed rows 2 & 4 with FE

Monday Jan 15 (Cheryl and Marion)
Planted brocolli per Roy's instructions row 1
Hosed few aphids off Swiss Chard
Watered plants by gate

Saturday, Jan 13 (Diana with help from Rachel, Kim, Dave, Karen & Tricia)
Refurbished row 1 after raking away the bark and pulling all the roots and stems.
The roots are in 2 green trash bags sitting near the compost bins if someone can put them out on the street for trash pickup later in the week.
Redid the white coverings on rows 2 and 3 that had blown off or were falling down.

Thursday, Jan 11 (Barbara, Donna, Lisa)
  • Kale - 4.5 lbs
  • Chard - 6.5 lbs
  • Cauliflower - 59 lbs (Final Harvest)
  • Cilantro - 10 oz s
What a nice rain...3" in rain gauge
Saturday team - refurbish row 1..We need to be able to plant seedlings on both sides of both tapes ...so we will have 4 rows of marathon broccoli in row 1(Roy said it is a small variety)... First rake away the bark in the walk area so it doesn't get mixed in.
Monday team - plant marathon Broccoli in row 1 (get it from Roy)...
Wednesday FE row 2(cauliflower) and 4 (kale/chard)
Keep an eye out for aphids and treat as necessary with hard spray of water and insecticidal soap. Tis the season

Monday, Jan 8 (Marion, Cindy)
Hosed off aphids from row 4 (chard & kale)
Checked cauliflower in row 2 - did not see any worms. Ground has some mold. Roy said it was fine to keep it covered.
Checked cauliflower in row 1 - did not see any worms. Heads are large.
Did some weeding
Watered by gate

Thursday, Jan 4 (Barbara, Donna, Lisa)
  • Cauliflower - 33 lbs
  • Chard - 8 oz
  • kale - 14oz
Found green worms all over the new cauliflower in row 2 - sprayed with BT...
Planted napa cabbage in row 5/covered row
Covered the cauliflower heads in row one with the big leaves to protect from the sun.
Saturday - set traps in row 4 for the rodents that are eating our chard and kale.(Kim usually does this)
Have a great week

Wednesday, Jan 3 (Anny w/ help from family)
  • Hosed off aphids from row 4 (chard & kale) and row 1 (cauliflower x3)
  • Fed rows 1 - 4 with FE
  • Watered geraniums

Monday 1/1/18 (Marion)

New Napa cabbage did not arrive to be planted
Aphids found on chard and kale. Hosed off and applied safer soap
Hose at top corner has a major leak at the black tape area. Tried adding more tape but didn't help
What are the brown spots on the cauliflower leaves?

Saturday 12/30 - posted by Diana
Refurbished row 5 with the help of Trisha, Karen and Dave from Garden 1. Sifted compost prior to using on the row.

Thursday, Dec 28 (Barbara, Donna)
  • Chard - 5 lbs 8 oz
  • Bok Choy - 38 lbs 2 oz (Final harvest)
  • Kale - 1 lb 8 oz
  • Cauliflower - 14 lbs 4 oz

Hosed off aphids from Row 1 cauliflower and treated with insecticidal soap
Labeled row 3 broccoli
Added sluggo on new rows 2 and 3
To do:
Saturday - refurbish row 5 (Please use the screen sift to separate big pieces out from the pile of compost.)
Monday - Plant napa cabbage
Wednesday - FE row 1-4
ASAP I forgot to set rat traps up at the chard and kale(row 4) I think we have a rodent feasting for the holidays.
Have a great week

Wednesday, Dec 27 (Anny, Suzanne)
  • Checked all rows including herbs, nothing found
  • Watered geraniums and herbs underneath
  • Discarded mouse caught in garden 2 and reset trap
  • Dead leafed cauliflower in garden 2

Saturday, Dec 23 (Diana and Miki)
general garden maintenance
Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, Dec 21 (Barbara, Donna)
  • Bok Choy - 22 lbs 10 oz
  • Kale - 2 lbs 14 oz
  • chard - 6 lbs 6 oz
  • Cilantro - 6 oz
Helped Garden 1 with Harvest - Delivered to Becky's house
What a wonderful rain...and it is finally cooling down.
Hope you all have a super happy holiday week and a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, Dec 20 (Suzanne, Anny)
  • Sprayed row 1 (cauliflower) and chard in row 4 with water to remove aphids instead of spraying edible leaves with Safer Soap.
  • Fed rows 1 and 4 with FE
  • Dead-leafed cauliflower

Monday, December 18 (Marion, Cheryl, Cindy)
Planted row 3 with broccoli. Roy checked the row before we planted. Row was watered well before planting. Covered with white cloth.
Watered plants by front gate.
No aphids or worms spotted.
Have a great week and Merry Christmas

Saturday, Dec 16 (Diana and Mimi with help from Karen, Tricia, Naomi, Rachel and 2 grandchildren)

Refurbished row 3 - thanks for all the help

Thursday, Dec 14 (Barbara, Donna, Lisa)
  • Chard 5 lbs
  • Cabbage 67 lbs 8 oz WOW! (Final Harvest)
  • Kale 3 lbs 2 oz
  • Bok Choy 26 lbs 8 oz
Hand watered the baby cauliflower row 2
All teams - If you notice Aphid on any plants please use Safer soap immediately and add it to blog so we know. I can be done every two weeks. We need to keep a close eye on the cauliflower.
Saturday Team - Refurbish Row 3(I put the bags by the row for you. Hose off any aphids in the chard and kale if you don't have the time to use Safer soap.
Monday team - Plant Row 3 - Plants TBD
Wednesday team - FE on row 1 and 4 -Safer soap on row 4 if there are aphids present.
Have a great week:) Let's hope the weather cools down a bit.

Wednesday, Dec 13 (Anny, Suzanne)
  • Checked and deadleafed all rows including herbs
  • Watered geraniums and herbs underneath
  • Replaced 3 dead plants on row 2 with cabbage (all dead plants were on the uphill side of tape; probable cause of death: too far away from irrigation tape...)
  • Found worm bites on cabbage but no worms

Monday Dec 11 (Cindy and Marion)
Watered plants outside of gate
Removed cauliflower dead leaves
Hosed off aphids from swiss chard plants 2/3 of the way down from the east end

Saturday, Dec 9 (Diana and Miki)

checked all rows, found one worm on the cauliflower
rehung the white cover on row 2 that had been blown off
watered row 2
the scarecrow hat and scarf were blown off, put them in the bottom drawer since it is supposed to be windy again this weekend

Thursday, Dec 7(Barbara,Donna, Lisa)
  • Bok Choy - 6 lbs
  • Cabbage - 19 lbs..There was a single cabbage in a box with 2.5 lbs on a note. I think we should add it to our harvest. Don't know where it came from.
  • Chard - 6.75 lbs
  • Kale - 4 lbs
  • Cilantro - 6 oz
Watered Row 2 new cauliflower plants. They need to be checked and watered often with this dry spell.
Everything looks great. Have a great week.

Wednesday, Dec 6 (Anny, Suzanne)
  • Checked and deadleafed all rows
  • Watered herbs by gate
  • Expect cauliflower to appear in 30 days (per Roy)
  • Found a worm on a cabbage and eliminated it. Per Roy, just keep an eye on it, no need to apply anything.
  • Wind ripped some of row 2 covers, broke name plates, and blew off scarecrow hat. Windproofed work area.
  • Weather condition is impairing water hoses, just give it a little twist and it should work

Monday Dec 4 (Marion)

Applied Safer Soap to kale
FE to row 5
Deadleafed cauliflower
Watered plants outside gate

Saturday Dec 2 (Diana)

Put FE on rows 1 & 4
Hosed off the aphids on the kale at the end of the row
Watered row 2

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