Garden Maintenance Team

This page records the work of the Garden Maintenance Team from the Transition Program at Abraxas High School. The team comes to the garden each Wednesday when school is in session. Please record what you did, what you observed, and anything you think requires action. To add an entry, click on Edit, position to cursor where you want to start your entry, press Enter a couple fo times to give yourself some space, type your entry, then click on Save. The newest entry goes at the top, just under the dotted line. The example shows the format.
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Wednesday, April 4 - posted by Kim
swept the sidewalk and cleaned the tables under the pepper tree. pulled out a few more broccoli in garden 2 to help out with refurbishing.

Wednesday, March 7, posted by Kim
Started to mix the miramar compost with the bagged compost and the bio-stack compost. It has been put in the pile labeled mix compost. And it looks so nice.

Wednesday, February 14 - posted by Kim
The side walk needed to be swept. And we also cut up some plants in compost bin #1 into smaller piece. Noticed that the ice plant behind garden 2 is almost dry. We will start pruning it into small pieces next week.

Wednesday, February 7 - posted by Kim
We swept the sidewalk, pruned the pepper tree and cut up pea plants in compost bin #1. Helped garden 1 find tunnels made by gophers and set some traps.

Wednesday, January 31 - posted by Kim with Sean,Sonia, and Taylor
We pruned some of the peas that were in compost bin #1, into smaller pieces. Then checked garden 1 for gopher damage. Couldn't see any new dirt mounds in the rows. Did see some in the corner by row 1. Tried to find the tunnels and couldn't find them before it was time to leave. Left the traps on counter in garden 1.