Guidelines for Handling Insects at the Garden

BYP Garden uses Integrated Pest Management

Goal: To Keep our garden ecosystem healthy by following best practices

  1. Identify pest
  2. Monitor and assess pest numbers and damage
  3. Guidelines for when management action is needed
    • Level One: Minim

      al damage-Physically remove pest (hand, water spray, soapy water)
    • Level two: Increasing damage-Apply appropriate pesticide according to directions
    • Level three: Weekly spray by appointed team
  4. Always
    • Place an Insect Observation sign at plant
    • Note observation in blog
    • Fill out info on Pesticide Chart

Other Pest management Methods:
  • Biological control- attracting beneficial insects to the garden
  • Cultural Controls- proper water & fertilizer management
  • Mechanical & physical controls- row covers, traps, mulches, barriers

What Products Do We Use?

- Safer Insecticidal Soap - for aphids and other sucking insects
- BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) - for caterpillars (moth and butterfly larvae)
- Neem Oil - for chewing insects, beetles, mites, aphids
- Sluggo / Sluggo Plus - for snails and slugs, earwigs, crawling insects
- Diatomaceous Earth - for ants, sow bugs, earwigs, crawing insects
- Antpro Bait Station - for ants