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WISH LIST -- Please report needed items before they run out.. BE SPECIFIC as to brand, size, etc. for our shoppers.
Paring knife for harvest - disappeared from shed drawer
SS: Done 1/10
U-shaped anchors used for irrigation tapes and row covers. None left.

The shade covering work bench is in bad shape
SS: Done 2/3
Hooks that hold the shade cord at the side are broken or gone
SS: Done 2/3
Clippers -- a lot of the existing ones aren't working
LS: Done 2/11
WD40 for lubricating tools
SS: Done 2/11
Peanut butter for traps almost used up and very dry

----------------------Guidance -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please pull out cauliflower there are three of them in R3. Than k you.


Harvest some of cabbages in row 1.
(NOTE: Done: 2-15. Guidance would be appreciated on when cabbage is ready to harvest. Will a smaller but densely formed head continue to grow in diameter, or is it ready? -- Elliot and Naomi). The next time cabbages are ready to harvest, I will state the size of the head of cabbage to harvest. (Sandra)
I marked 3 cabbages in row 6 with bamboo sticks; these 3 are ready to harvest. Any that are this size or even a bit smaller but already firm can be harvested. The warm weather and start of aphids are why I think even slightly smaller heads can be harvested. Could also call Roy to get his opinion when you get there on Thurs. Hope that helps.

NOTE: If you have dried leaves and/or coffee grounds, please leave them at the composting area. Thanks!

THURSDAY, February 22 - posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Harvested Row 1 and 6 cabbages, 18.5 pounds. There should be more next week in both rows. Did not see aphids. There was some white granular material on one of the cabbages harvested from row 1: brushed it off.
  • Checked row covers and refastened in a few places where necessary.
  • Made sure the three cauliflower plants had been removed from Row 3; only cabbage plants remain
  • Reset/baited two of the traps at the end of rows; the other two were undisturbed.
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky's house

TUESDAY February 20th posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Checked under rows that were covered -- all seemed to have pulled through the cold night
  • Rows 1 and 6 were uncovered and when we were there there was frost on the plants in both rows
  • Row 6 cabbage - if it had any aphids probably were frozen last night -- we did not see any
  • The white row cover on row 2 had blown off. The small starts did not look badly damaged -- so perhaps the cloth blew off in the morning. We could not replace the cloth because it was frozen together and we would have damaged it if we tried. Tony is going to stop by the garden later today and replace it when it it thawed out.

Monday, February 29 - posterd by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Watered the native garden.
Sprayed off aphids in some cabbages in row 1. Applied Safer soap to the cabbages.
There are no cabbages to harvest this week.
Planted some radishes amongst the cabbages in row 1.
Planted a native CA plant in the native garden. Planted a Sugar Bush. It produces little berries that can be used to make lemonade.
Checked row 6 for aphids. They were clean.

Sunday, February 18 - posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
  • We checked all rows. Not going to replace plants that don't make it in rows 5, 7, & 8. Too late in the season. We'll just go with survival of the fittest.
  • Sprayed Safer insecticidal soap on a few cabbages in row 6 that had aphids.
  • Set 3 mouse traps at the end of rows 7&8. Most of the damage in those rows looks like mice or rats. 1 rat trap still set also in that area.
  • Turned, added to, and watered Biostack and Composter 2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden maintenance. Look under row covers for any major developments. Check row 6 cabbages for aphids. If you see them, can try to knock them off with hard spray of water or spray with Safer insecticidal soap. (It's the concentrate that says 3 in 1 on the label.) I'll drop off a couple new smaller spray bottles. The bigger pump sprayers are in the locked shed but don't always need the big ones.

FRIDAY, February 16- posted by Annette with Bernadine
Broccoli was planted this week(Row 2). Watered the seedlings by hand. Looked for white row cover, but none found. We think that Row covers for Row 3 or 6 (Cabbage) can be moved to Row 2.
Do we have more white material for row covers? REPLY FROM JANE -- I was told we didn't need more -- I'll be happy to buy more if we need it. Let me know.
We put all the bags of plant cuttings out to be picked up. Some of the bags (from garden 3) were very heavy and had to be divided up. NOTE FROM JANE -- did you post this on the Garden 3 blog? They don't read the Garden 1 blog and won't see it here..
Watered outside the garden.

THURSDAY, February 15 - Posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Harvested Row 1 cabbages, 28 pounds. Several smaller heads left to develop in east end of the row (see query under harvest guidance). Plants in half of row 1 closest to orchard are smaller and not yet forming heads. At Roy's suggestion applied fertilizer (fish emulsion) to entire row. Noted small plants growing between the cabbages, many with many holes in leaves, but have no idea of what they are. Labels reflecting multi-crop rows would be useful.
  • Checked under row covers and did some tightening of drooping covers. Plants seemed mostly OK, although
    • about a dozen of the cauliflower plants in Row 8 were seriously chewed. Is it too late in this planting season to replace them with new seedlings?
    • Row 6 cabbage plants are getting pretty big (no heads formed yet though). Can't the cover be removed?
  • Traps at end of Rows 1 and 8 were still baited and un-sprung
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky's house

NOTE FROM JANE ON FEB 13 -- I saw the announcement that is shutting down. This is unfortunate. Suzanne has offered to look into other options for us. Luckily, we have until September to get ourselves set up with another site.

Note from Kim in Garden 2. Feb 10:
- checked row 3 and we got one gopher. Hopefully, that will do the job.

TUESDAY February 13th posted by Maureen with Janie
  • Checked under rows 4 to 8
  • Labeled Row 5 "Cauliflower"
  • Row 6 cabbage had some damage on the plants - mainly near the garden entry -- we applied some Sluggo Plus - Later realizing we should have used plain Sluggo and we tried to remove some of it.
  • Row 7 broccoli had quite a few severely damaged starts - Checked with Roy and he had already supplied replacements on the garden table - so we replaced about 15 plants and lightly sprinkled some regular Sluggo

MONDAY February 12 - posted by Sandra
Watered the native garden.
Washed off the aphids on a few cabbages in row 1. Applied Safer Soap to all the cabbages.
Once the cabbages are done in row 1, we'll plant cauliflower. Talked with Roy at the garden and he suggested we could plant cauliflower, a cool season plant.
Some of the cabbages in row 1 need to be harvested this week.
We have daicon radishes growing between the cabbage plants in row 1.
I fertilized with fish emulsion on Feb. 5, as I noted in this blog on Feb. 5th.
Wednesday Team: Keep up with the good work.
Friday Team: Keep up with the good work.

Sunday, February 11 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Note: And we got a small rat or big mouse in rat trap at the far end of row 7. We reset the trap.
Another Note: rusty garden clippers in all 3 gardens have been cleaned, sharpened, and oiled.
  • Checked all rows. We pulled out a few of the seedlings that had no leaves after being chewed on. Not worth planting new ones. Getting late in the season for these cool weather plants. We'll just grow the ones we have. We still have plenty growing.
  • Once the cabbages are done in row 6 (probably in 3-4 weeks) we'll refurbish the row and plant tomatoes there. Roy has already started seeding tomatoes.
  • Turned, added to, and watered Biostack and started new batch in the other composter.
Tues team: do you that cabbage you guys planted in row 5? Whatever is its, could you put one of those little signs at the end of the row?
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance; check and reset traps if needed.

Saturday, February 10-Posted by Geeta with David, Karen and Tish
- Garden Inspection
- Damaged saplings in Row 7 and 8. Leaves are bitten. Mostly row 7
- Worked on Compost bin 1 and 2
- Thank you for the dry leaves.
- Set two traps

Note from Sandy on Feb 8:
I don't want to plant tomatoes in row 1. We grew tomatoes last summer in garden 1. It isn't good to plant tomatoes two years in a row. Maybe we could plant green beans in row 1. Usually we have a choice what to plant in our row, from what other rows are planting. I will talk with the other gardeners I work with, as to what they might want to plant in row 1. Maybe Jane can tell me what the other rows are planting for the spring, as she usually does. We will go from that, and get Jane and Roy's okay.
REPLY FROM JANE -- I'm afraid I don't know the plans for the individual garden rows My only request is that all gardens grow a nice balance of the crops Becky likes. I rely on the Lead Gardeners, in concert with Roy, to achieve that balance. Tammy will see your suggestion here, Sandy, and may agree with your idea of planting beans instead of tomatoes in Row 1.

FRIDAY, February 9- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Linda
Pulled out the remainder of Pea plants. Bagged up the plants and put them out with the trash. Refurbished the row and wet it down. The soaker hose that is there will have to be replaced, since it is too
short. It had been cut off at the damaged place.
I talked to Roy and he has Broccoli plants to be planted in Row 2. Monday or Wednesday teams can plant. Call Roy (858-472-6059) to find out where he has seedlings for that row.
I agree with Sandy about not planting tomatoes on Row 1. Eventually, we want to plant Tomatoes in Row 2, since we had Squash there last year. Roy is planning to get Roma tomatoes that we can plant later in the spring.
Fertilized Rows 3 and 4 with FE.
THURSDAY, February 8 - posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Harvested Row 2 peas, 2.75 pounds. Pulled some of the dead plants (brown and brittle) and left the remainder for one more week possible harvest. Pulled plants had been infected with powdery mildew so placed in green waste rather than compost. Might be a good idea to treat the remaining row 2 plants the same way.
  • Inspected Row 3 for damage and pulled out one sprung trap (no gopher) and attempted to reset but even with Roy's help unable to do so. Roy will bring another ("green") trap and set himself. Replaced tattered cover with another cover that was in better condition.
  • All of the other row covers appeared to be in good condition
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky's house. A very small harvest today, only 2 boxes and a small bag.

WEDNESDAY, Feb 7th posted by Tammy with Kerry
  • We weeded.
  • Big gopher issue in R3, we put traps down in the holes. The traps are at the west end of the row. I will try and check on it later. If Thursday or Friday team can check the traps that would be great. Be careful of the traps they got big teeth! If you find a gopher, call Roy if you are squimish. If not then depose outside of the garden, the hawks or owls will get it.
  • We had 3 leaks in R3 that we fixed. The two were not caused by us but just wear and tear. The third was caused by the critters chewing through the tape to get water.
  • We lost about 10 cabbage plants to critters in R3. Roy said too late to plant anything else right now to replace the lost plants.
Friday Team - Please keep up the great work. The sugar snaps look pretty sad even though they are producing. Roy said to get that row ready to plant squash in three weeks. Call him Friday, to see if he had seeded squash for you, if not then I would go bug him for you to seed squash in the greenhouse this Friday. His number is 858-472-6059. Also if your team can check the last time we fertilized R 3 & 4. If it has been a couple of weeks, could you FE both rows? Thank you.
Monday Team - Please keep up the great work. Per Roy, he said to get your row ready for Tomatoes when your cabbages have all been harvested.
IWednesday Team: Please keep up with the good work.
Friday Team: Please keep up with the good work.

TUESDAY February 6th posted by Maureen
  • Applied FE to row 5 cabbage

MONDAY, February 5 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Watered the native garden.
Fertilized with fish emulsion row 1 cabbages.
There were aphids on two cabbage plants in row 1. Washed off the aphids and applied soapy water to rid the plants of aphids.
There are gopher holes in a small part of row 1. Kim said she would take care of them.
Left a few baskets on the counter for anyone to take or to use at the garden when harvesting or etc.

Sunday, February 4 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Checked under row covers; replaced a few plants. Most looked ok. Also straightened up row covers and put extra pins back on fence. There are still some new ones in a bag on the workbench.
  • Turned, added to, & watered Biostack.
Tues team: apply FE to row 5 cabbage.
Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden maintenance.

Saturday, Feb 3 - posted by Geeta with David
- Garden inspection
- Worked on compost bin 1
- Set one trap
- Suggest to pull the snap peas

FRIDAY, FEB. 2- posted by Annette
Checked for aphids and didn't see a huge infestation in Row 1.
Replaced seedlings in Row 8. Row 7 only needed 1 replacement, but left the extra plants under the row cloth in case needed in the next few days.

Thursday, Feb. 1,-posted by Naomi
Harvested 1.25 lbs. peas. Peas still remain on plants. Roy said the plants will not be completely pulled and to leave the smaller peas.
Checked rows 7 & 8 first so Roy would have time to bring plants down. Did not have time plant because my first responsibility is to harvest and left them under the row
covers of the row they replace. Extra plants to be left on table.
Row 7 was exposed, cover very tattered. No replacement available but was able to salvage because excess fabric at end of row. Added hoops and hooks to rows 7 & 8.

WEDNESDAY, Jan 31st - posted by Tammy with Kerry
  • I spoke w Roy about the gopher issue. He said he would get his guy to take care of it.
  • In the open shed that is facing the garden, the bag of peanuts were broken into by the critters. I cleaned up the mess. I bought a plastic bin with a top on it to keep them out.
  • We weeded and checked on the rest of the garden and looks good.
Friday team - check for aphids in R1. G3 said they are having aphid issues. Please keeping doing what you are doing in the garden. It looks good.

Monday Team - check for aphis in R1 and other rows. Please tidying up the shed if you can. Thank you for doing a good job of gardening.

Note from Lori on Jan 30: There should be a whole bag of new metal pins for fastening the row covers somewhere on the workbench or in one of the drawers. At least it was there on Sunday morning.

Note from Jane on January 29 -- As you'll see when you arrive this week,and as Sandy notes below, the shade covering the entrance to the Garden 1 shelter is in tatters. A new shade has been ordered, but it will be another week or so before it arrives. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
TUESDAY January 30th posted by Maureen with Tony and Janie
  • Planted row 5 and covered with white cloth -- getting very low on fasteners for the cloths so we used a few stones to help
  • replaced a few plants in row 7
  • Tried to put things in order that the winds had knocked down in area near the compost bins

MONDAY, January 29 - Posted by Sandra with Heidi

Watered the native garden.
All the row covers had been blown off and we placed the covers back.
The sign over the entrance had been blown off. I placed the sign next to the fence. I couldn't attach the sign to the board.
The covering at the entrance to the shed was half way shredded. I rolled it up and tied it with the cordiing. I gathered up the shredded covering, and placed it next to the trash cans.
Both hoses in row 1 were chewed up at places next to each other. Jill and I repaired the hoses. They need to be looked at for drainage while watering.
There were several mounds of dirt along the cabbage plants in row 1. I spread out the dirt. Later Kim told me they were gopher mounds. Gopher traps need to be placed along the cabbage plants in row 1.

Sunday, January 28 - posted by Lori, with Julia and Dick

  • Great teamwork this week everyone!
  • Strong wind and very warm temps this morning. Row covers were blowing off. We checked all plants and repinned row covers.
  • Some of the new plants in rows 7 and 8 have broken stems and signs of chewing but decided to wait a few days before replacing--til the wind dies down and air cools a little.
  • Also decided to skip planting in row 5 today because of wind and heat.
  • Signs of gophers in rows 1 and 2; gopher mounds in row 2 and roots and bottom of 1 cabbage eaten.
  • We harvested snap peas in garden 1 (2lbs, 9oz) and garden 2 (3lbs, 3oz) because the wind and critters are causing problems. (Half of garden 2 peas blew over.) All delivered to Becky.
  • Watering tape issues in ROWS 1 and 3: When watering started this morning, we had gushers in the downhill tapes in both of these rows. We turned both of the downhill tapes off. Both gashes appeared to have been chewed not cut. I think the gopher might be the culprit. Maybe it's thirsty and smells the water? Just a guess. Both gashes are marked with flags.
  • Oh, and the wooden covers on the sides of the precompost bins kept blowing down this morning so we just left them down. Not going to hurt anything.
  • Turned, added to, and watered Biostack and composter 2.
Tues team: contact Roy about plants for row 5. There is 1 more long white row cover in the small plastic box in garden 2. If they're not using it, maybe we can use it? if not, can take the white row cover that's now on the row 6 cabbages.
Thurs team: harvest; if you have time, contact Roy about any needed replacement plants for rows 7 and 8.
Sat team: if Thurs team didnt have time to check on needed replacement plants, please take care of that; precompost.
Sun team: check under all row covers for problems; biostack.

Saturday, January 27- Posted by Geeta, with Hether, Karen, Tish and David
- Refurbished Row 5
- Planted and covered Broccoli in Row 7. Additional seedlings are placed inside Garden 1 near the inward fence.

FRIDAY, January 26- posted by Annette
Pulled more of the Pea plants (R2) that were covered by powdery mildew. The rest of the row is still producing. There are lots of peas to be harvested and lots of flowers, so we will keep them going for another few weeks.
Have noticed that a lot of the clippers in the drawer are not working. Probably time to replace the old ones.

THURSDAY, January 25 -- Posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Light harvest today, with most of the rows newly planted or awaiting planting with new crops
  • Row 2 harvested 3.5 pounds snap peas. Powdery mildew infestation persists so sprayed liberally with Serenade.
  • Covered rows 8 and 4. (Roy said doing this first was higher priority than planting row 7 today. New seedlings will be ready for next team.)
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens to Becky's house.

WEDNESDAY, January 24th - posted by Tammy with Kerry, Estela, and Vicki
  • We planted "Arcadia Broccoli" in R4. We put Sluggo Plus on our seedlings. And we thoroughly watered the row. If other teams can water the row in the next few days that would be great.
  • We couldn't find any white row covers so we couldn't put it over R4.
  • The drip tape in R4 was leaking at the end, but I fixed it.
  • We did some weeding around the garden.

TUESDAY January 23rd posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Refurbished row 7
  • Planted row 8 with cauliflower - watered seedlings in
  • Roy asked us to cover the newly planted row, but we could only find three scrap pieces of white cloth - so we did the best that we could with it
  • Roy made us a new measuring tool, marked for plant spacing, that we left in the shed

MONDAY, January 22, posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Checked the garden. Pulled a few weeds.
Watered the native garden.
Something is chewing on the leaves of the cabbages in row 6.
There are piles of loose dirt surrounding some of the pea vines. I couldn't find holes where a creature may be digging through the dirt.

Sunday, January 21 - posted by Lori, with Dick and Julia
  • We refurbished row 8.
  • I checked the row 4 watering tape (because it started watering while we were there) and it had too many leaks to repair. So I replaced it with one of the others that had been removed a few months ago. It was working and in good shape. We left the water on so that the soil would be moist. That row should be ready for planting on Mon or Wed.
  • I also turned on the row 2 watering tape to see how it was doing. Big hole in the tape. So I cut that end off entirely and capped it right about where the snap pea plants now end.
  • Row 6 cabbage at the tree end is being munched on but, overall, most of the plants look ok.
  • Turned & added to biostack and other composter.
  • NOTE: our half of the garden has 3 open rows (rows 5, 7, & 8). Am trying share the load, so no one team ends up doing the same thing in all 3 rows. Also, if the watering tapes there now are ok, please don't disconnect them. Just turn them off while you work on the row and gently pull them to the side, out of the way. When you're done, move them back down the center of the row and turn the water back on.
Tues team: refurbish row 7; if you have time, also get broccoli or cauliflower seedlings from Roy to plant in row 8 (on downhill side of both tapes)--close to the tapes (and cover). If not enough time, leave note in blog for Thurs team.
Thurs team: harvest; if you have time, get cauliflower or broccoli seedlings from Roy to plant in either row 7 or 8 (on downhill side of both tapes)--close to the tapes (and cover). If not enough time, leave note in blog for Sat team.
Sat team: refurbish row 5. If either row 7 or 8 doesnt yet have plants, contact Roy about getting cauliflower or broccoli to plant (on downhill side of both tapes)--close to the tapes (and cover). In not enough time, leave note in blog for Sun team. (Do precompost only if you have time.)
Sun team: plant seedlings in row 5; compost; general garden maintenance.

Saturday, January 20 (Dave and Heather with Diana)
Refurbished row 4. Replaced the damaged drip line but did not test it.
Checked all traps, nothing found.
Worked the compost.
If anyone has dried leaves they could bring to the compost bin, it is really needed. There is a lot of wet garden clippings in there.

FRIDAY, January 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine and new team members Maggie and Linda
We were happy to welcome two new people to our team. We pulled all the remaining plants in Rows 4,5,7 and 8. Leaves were cut off and put in compost bin. Roots and stems were bagged and put out for the trash pick-up.
As we were opening the shade this morning, the metal hook for the cord broke off. It needs to be replaced. There may be hooks in one of the drawers but we didn't have time to fix it.
There is a big hole in the soaker hose on Row 2. We turned off the water. We saw some sticks on the side of the row that may have been put there to mark the spot.
The Pea vines at the end can be harvested and then pulled next week. The rest of the Row is still producing and is flowering.
Checked under the white rows cloths. Something is eating the cabbage in Row 6.

THURSDAY, January 18th -- Posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Harvested Row 2 snap peas (1.5 pounds). Sprayed the powdery mildew with Serenade. Greatest mildew infestation was on plants between the first two posts, which were also stunted. Should they be removed? Overall, there were plenty of smaller peas and blossoms, probably one (or two?) weeks left of smallish harvests
  • Harvested all of Row 4 cauliflower (19 pounds). Removed most of plants to compost but ran out of time before removing all.
  • Roy recommended that we harvest all remaining crops in Rows 5, 7 and 8. We did so: all the plants can be removed and the rows refurbished.
    • Harvested all of Row 5 broccoli (21 pounds)
    • Harvested all of Row 7 cabbage (4.5 pounds)
    • Harvested Row 8 broccoli (4 pounds), cabbage (18 pounds) and lettuce (13 pounds
  • Delivered the above harvest to Becky's house along with harvest from other gardens, 3 bags of oranges left by Roy and 1 pound of baby apples brought over from the orchard.

WEDNESDAY, January 17th - posted by Tammy, Estela, Kerry & Vicki
  • HARVEST TEAM, please don't cut by the drip tape. Either pull the plant out and then cut. There have been too many cuts in the drip and then us fixing it. When the water turned on today there was a big geyser in R4. I turned off the water until we put in new tape and new plants. I have taken a picture of the cut and will send out via email in regards to what I am talking about. Also the tape had at least 3 fix it areas which is too many. The only reason we should have leaks in the tape is because the tape is getting old. So can please pull the plant out then cut.
  • I spoke with Roy today about getting tomatoes seeded for March 1st planting. Either R1 or R2 will have tomatoes planted there. We will gage that when the time comes.
  • Harvest team please harvest all the cauliflower in R4. We will get ready to plant another round of broccoli or cauliflower next week.
  • If the next team can pull out the plants and compost them in R4. Don't compost the hard stalk put in the green waste. Also gently shake the dirt off the roots on the plant.
  • If we can get another team to refurbish R4 for us that would be great. Roy said that he will get the refurbished material by Friday for R4.
  • We will plant by Wednesday.
  • There is powdery mildew on the peas in R2, we did not have time to spray with Serenade.
  • We checked the traps and didn't see any critters, thank goodness.
Friday team - If you can pull all the plants out of R4 to get it ready to refurbished. Serenade the peas if you can.
Monday team - If you can refurbish R4 if it hasn't been done already. If there are no refurbish materials call Roy to get them.

TUESDAY January 16th posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Saw damage in Row 6 cabbage - mainly near the Pepper tree end of the row
  • We sprayed with BT and put some Sluggo on the row
  • There was a pink cast to some of the cauliflower heads - wondered if this is OK?

Monday, January 15 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Trimmed off some of the yellow leaves under the plants and pulled a few weeds.
The cabbage in row 1 is growing and not ready to harvest.

SUNDAY, January 14 - posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
  • Decided to help out with snap pea harvest this morning. They grow fast at this stage and there were a lot of large peas ready to harvest. Harvested 1 lb 10 oz from garden 2 and 5 lbs 13 oz from garden 1. Delivering to Becky this morning.
  • Plus, we found a gopher mound and hole at the end of the snap pea row (row 2, garden 1) nearest the workbench. I marked the spot with bamboo sticks and left Roy a phone message about putting a gopher trap down the hole. I would suggest not covering over the hole so that he can do that.
  • Rest of plants in garden looked ok. Looks like rows 7&8 will be done in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Started new batch of compost in biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: general garden maintenance.
Saturday, January 13- posted by Geeta, with Dave, Trish and Karen
-Applied Fish emulsion in row 6
-Worked on Compost bin 1
- helped garden 3
FRIDAY, January 12-posted by Annette with Bernadine
Pulled out Cauliflower roots and put leaves in compost bin. Reminder: shake off dirt from roots before placing in trash can. Dirt left on the roots make the bags very heavy.
Tied up the Peas with another row of twine. There were lots of Peas that can be harvested and there are still lots of flowers.
We noticed lots of holes around the compost area. Some animal appears to be digging. We checked all traps. Some still had peanut butter and some had none, but no critters.
It looks like the cabbage is ready to harvest and there is a lot of broccoli that could be harvested.

THURSDAY, January 11 -- posted by Elliot with Naomi
  • Harvested snap peas from Row 2. Adding to the 7.5 pounds salvaged yesterday from fallen plants that was a total of 10 pounds of snap peas
  • Massive cauliflower harvest:(including some huge heads): 56.5 pounds from Row 4 and 20 pounds from Rows 7&8. Total 76.5 pounds cauliflower from Garden 1 alone. Many more harvested from Garden 3.
  • Pulled harvested cauliflower plants from all three rows and put in compost bin, with roots into green waste. Heads remaining were quite small, perhaps will be ready in 1 or 2 weeks
  • QUERY: cabbage heads in Row 8 are well formed but still relatively small. Please advise how long we should wait. Also decided to leave the Row 8 lettuce for another week -- ran out of time.
  • Delivered to Becky's house harvest from all three Gardens
  • NOTE: used most of the available boxes in today's harvest.

WEDNESDAY, Jan 10th - Posted by Tammy with Estela
  • It was quite wet at the garden since it rained all day yesterday.
  • We worked on R2 only because of the stakes were broken. We pulled out bunch of peas plants on the east side of the row. We harvested the sugar snap peas from these plants. There are in a plastic bag and in the shed. I hope the rats don't get them. G2 also harvested a bunch and are in the shed. We put them in a box on the counter. We did not weigh them.
  • We put the rest of the fallen over pea plants that were stake back up. Please check on the stakes to see if they are secure.
  • We were not able to check on the rest of the garden or the rat traps.
  • The cauliflowers in R4 should be ready in couple of weeks.

Note from Jane on Jan 8 -- I keep ordering the right proportion of worm castings to chicken manure (two bags to one), but in short order, our ratio of these supplies seems to gets messed up. It makes me wonder if all the refurbishers are using the right "recipe." Each row should get one bag of worm castings and 1/2 bag of chicken manure And these products should be used only for refurbishings. Thanks!

TUESDAY Jan 9th Posted by Maureen -- No surprise rain day.

MONDAY, January 8 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted daikon radishes between the cabbages in row 1. Applied a little Sluggo under the cabbages in row 1.
Everything looked good at the garden.
Watered the native garden.
Cleaned up some of the plants by cutting off the dead leaves underneath.
When I harvested the garden a couple Thursdays ago I noticed there were no paring knives to harvest with. They are helpful with the large plants. Note from Jane -- When you have a wish, put it in the Wish List! Your dreams can come true. :-)

Sunday, January 7 - posted by Lori with Julia
  • Sorry, I didn't see Elliot's note above before I went to the garden. The cauliflower heads are big but I think they might be ok until Thurs. Maybe Mon or Tues team can check with Roy to get his opinion? We've had rats or signs of rats in the tool shed so not sure that's the good place for them, even temporarily. He might have a place to store them for a few days if he thinks they need to come out before Thurs.
  • Checked all rows; all looked fine. No rats or squirrels in traps. We didnt reset the traps.
  • Strained and dumped contents of Biostack; will start new batch next Sun.
Tues team: Continue doing general garden maintenance; checking for worms etc.
Thurs team: harvest
Sat team: apply fish emulsion (FE) to rows 5-6
Sun team: Biostack, new batch; general garden maintanence

Saturday, January 6 - Posted by Geeta, Heather, David and Anagh
. Row 4 cauliflower heads are huge, please harvest.
. Garden Inspection
. Worked on Compost bin 1 & 2
. Set 2 traps. No catch

Friday, January 5 - posted by Bernadine
  • Pulled up several cauliflower roots and plucked some of the yellow leaves in the garden.
  • Nothing in the traps. Watered some native plants.

THURSDAY, January 4 -- posted by Elliot, with Naomi
  • Harvested row 2 snap peas, many more remain for further growth (3.5 pounds)
  • Harvested rows 7&8 cauliflower (12.5 pounds). Smaller heads should be ready to harvest next week.
  • Row 4 cauliflower: leaves are huge compared to other rows but heads are tiny but well formed. What could be the reason? Were too small to harvest
  • Row 8 cabbage: heads are forming nicely but too small to harvest. Left for next week.
  • Rebaited traps with peanut butter (one each in rows 2 & 5, had not been tripped).. Added peanuts to cage trap at end of row 7.
  • Delivered harvest to Becky's house, from all the gardens plus a huge bag of limes left by Roy
  • NOTE: small paring knife missing from right-hand drawer in shed. Needed for harvest.

TUESDAY January 2nd posted by Maureen with Tony
  • No sign of any raccoon damage today
  • Row three cabbages looked good -- only need a few replaced, if any
  • Nothing caught in the traps
  • Dusted off the furniture under the tree

Sunday December 31 - posted by Lori with Julia
  • Lots of raccoon or skunk holes throughout the garden this morning. We filled in the holes and covered up exposed roots. Row 3, with the newly planted cabbage, was affected the most because several of the little seedlings were completely dug up. We had to toss some of them but we replanted the others. Don't know if anyone will be around on Mon. If not, either Tues or Wed team might want to contact Roy about getting some replacement plants for that row. (We would have done that this morning but we only uncovered the row and saw the damage after Roy had gone for the day.)
  • Nothing in any of the rat traps, although a few of them were sprung. We reset 1 and threw out the others because when we tried to reset them they fell apart. Although rats appeared to be the problem a couple/few weeks ago I'd say the bigger problem now is raccoons or skunks. Sigh. Not much we can do about them. Also, nothing in the squirrel trap, although a few empty peanut shells were nearby outside the trap. Smart raccoon with skinny leg and paw is my guess. We didn't replace the peanuts.
  • Got some nice cauliflower, cabbages and broccoli growing. Some might be ready for harvest on Thurs.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun: keep up with all of the usual garden maintenance. Things are kind of quiet now but they'll pick up again once we start pulling out plants and refurbishing rows--later in Jan.

Saturday, December 30- Posted by Geeta with Trish, Karen and David
- Garden inspection - Row 6 Cabbage plants are bitten, Row 7- Aphid on Cauliflowers- Rinsed with water and sprayed Safer
- Helped refurbished a row in garden 3
- Reset 2 traps each in Garden 1 and 3

Friday, December 29 - Posted by Bernadine
Checked all rows and watered Rows 1, 3 & 6. Row 2 with the snow peas required some ties to hold up some of the stems. Pruned some yellow leaves in many of the rows. Traps were ok.

Thursday, December 28 - Posted by Sandra with Naomi and Karen
Snow Peas: 3 lbs.
Napa Cabbage: 2.5 lbs.
Produce was delivered by Garden 2 to Becky
Watered the native garden.
Everything looked good at the garden.

WEDNESDAY, December 27 posted by Kerry
- very little weeding needed
- pruned row 4 it looks very healthy
- checked under the covering of row 3 all looks good
- all traps are empty

TUESDAY December 25th posted by Maureen with Janie
  • Checked plants for bugs - all looked good - removed dead leaves
  • One rat trap had a bird in it - the other undisturbed
  • Nothing much to weed

Sunday, December 24 - posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
  • Nothing in any of the traps this morning but reset one that was sprung.
  • Checked all rows; everything looked pretty good.
  • Turned Biostack and composter #2; will probably dump out Biostack and start new batch next
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: routine garden maintenance, checking for rodents and bugs, resetting traps if needed.
Thurs harvest team: if you happen to see Janice again next week, please ask her if she knows why we were getting mold on some of those cauliflowers. If she's not around, I'll check with Roy next weekend.

Saturday, December 23, 2017 posted by Geeta, Naomi, David and Heather
- Bye Naomi - see you around in the Garden. Happy Gardening with Thursday team.
- Removed remaining Cauliflower roots
- 2 Rodents in trap in row 5 plus 1 sprung in row 2
- General garden inspection and worked on Compost - bin 1

Friday, December 22, 2017 posted by Bernadine with Yuka
We pulled up the roots of cabbage and cauliflower in the last row of Garden I. We plucked yellow leaves in some of the other rows. We watered in rows 1, 3 & 6.
The traps were untouched.

Thursday, December 21 posted by Bernadine, with Janice Schock, Naomi, and Garden 3 volunteers
We harvested cauliflower, Napa Cabbage, regular cabbage and snow peas. We noticed several of the young cauliflower had mold. We decided to harvest other younger cauliflower before mold developed. The cabbage had rabbit bites, so we harvested younger ones again to prevent further bites. The Friday team will clean up.
Harvest figures:
Snow Peas: 2 lbs
Napa 22.5 lbs
Cabbage: 12 lbs 12 oz
Cauliflower 17 lbs

Wednesday December 20, posted by Kerry
Pruned and fertilized row 4 cauliflower.
Checked new, covered, cabbage in row 3, all looked good.
Checked all mouse/rat traps, nothing but peanut butter.
The far east end of row 4 stills dry so I watered there.
Very little weeding needed.

TUESDAY December 19th posted by Maureen with Tony and Janie
  • Found multiple rows with many holes dug in to them and refilled the holes
  • Two rat traps and one squirrel trap empty and undisturbed
  • Nothing much to weed

MONDAY, December 28 - posted by Sandra

Watered the native garden
There was a hole in row 1.
Everything looked good at the garden

SUNDAY DECEMBER 17 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Checked all rows. Pulled out a couple of cauliflower plants in row 8 that had been harvested or had a black fungus in the center. Also pulled out a couple of broccoli plants in row 7<?> that had been massively chewed on.
  • Rat traps still had peanut butter bait and no rats so we left those alone. I moved the squirrel cage up near rows 7-8, which is where we saw the most holes from digging and plant damage; added peanuts in center as bait.
  • Turned biostack and turned and added to composter 2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: do standard garden maintenance (weeding); check for critters and worms; check traps.

Saturday, December-posted by Naomi with Dave, Heather, Karen, and Tricia
Dave and Heather added Miramar compost to Row 6 last week so everyone helped where needed. Possum holes were found in all rows, throughout the rows.
Pre-compost bins chopped. Decomposed compost moved to Bin 2.
Two rat traps were place in Row 2.
Several people went to Garden 3 to help refurbish a row.

FRIDAY, December 15- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Yuka
Checked all Rows and there was still peanut butter in the rat traps.
Watered the new plants in Rows 1, 3, and 6.
Picked Peas - 1.5 lbs. and delivered them to Becky.
Watered outside the garden.
When filling the trash bags with cuttings and stalks, please don't make the bags too heavy. It's more work for us to have to empty out half the bag so we can lift it.

THURSDAY, December 14 - posted by Pam
  • Cabbage 4 lbs. Row 8
  • Cauliflower 5.5 lbs. Row 7
  • Snap peas 1 lb. Row 2
reset rat trap endow row 4
noted the damage in row 3

WEDNESDAY December 13 posted by Kerry with Estella

pruned Row 4 it looked very dry so we hand watered
"watered the crap out of Row 3" as Roy asked us to,
then planted cabbage and sprinkled Sluggo.
Roy also asked that we cover Row 3.
Noted that the east end of both rows are dry, Roy said he'd check it

TUESDAY December 12th posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Roy checked the eaten plants in row 5 -- he thinks it something tall like a squirrel or a raccoon - possible rats
  • We set a couple of rat traps
  • We uncovered row 6 and checked all plants for any worms - none found - there were some holes in leaves in plants near the pepper tree - recovered row

MONDAY, December 11 - posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Watered the native garden.
Sprinkled some Sluggo around some of the cabbage on row 8 that had little edges eaten by little things.
Everything looked good.

Sunday December 10 - posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
  • Checked all rows; replaced cover on row 6 and removed cover on row 5.
  • Looks like row 5 broccoli at orchard end of row is being eaten by something--rats? squirrels? Not sure. Row 7 cabbage showed some possible signs of worms...but not sure about that either.
  • Turned Biostack and composter 2.
Tues team: ask Roy to look at row 5 broccoli, especially at orchard end to see if he can tell what's eating those plants. Might need to set rat or squirrel traps again if he thinks those are the culprits. Also check row 6 cabbage plants if see more signs of worms, can spray with BT again.
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat team: if you didnt have a chance to spread Miramar compost (as mulch) over row 6 on Sat, can do that this coming Sat. Also check for worms other critters attacking plants; precompost.
Sun team: check rows for worms, etc. Biostack.

FRIDAY, Dec. 8-Posted by Bernadine with Yuka.

Placed another row of twine toward the top of Peas in Row 2 as the winds from 12/7 did some damage.
Refurbished Row 3 with fertilizer, worm castings and compost after we had turned over the soil, raked the row and sprayed with water by hand. ~ thank you Friday team for doing this! Tammy
Recovered some rows where covering blew off and we plucked yellow leaves.
The gardening gloves noted from Tuesday's group were placed on the shelf where the other gloves are housed, and I checked this morning, and they were there.

THURSDAY, Dec. 7 - Posted by Pam
  • Cauliflower - 3.25 lbs. Row 3
  • Red lettuce - .25 lb. Row 3
  • Cabbage - 4 lbs. Row 8
  • Snap peas - 1 lb. Row 2
Cleared row 3
Tied twine already placed to posts as peas are getting heavier
Bagged up cauliflower plants as not enough time to chop up

WEDNESDAY, Dec 6th - Posted by Tammy with Kerry
  • We pulled out most of the broccoli plants in R3. Please harvest the rest of the plants which are cauliflower and pull them out. We would like to get that row refurbished and replanted by next week.
  • We threw the old stalks of cauliflower in the green waste. I apologize for throwing them in the compost last week. My bad.
  • We spoke with Roy about R3 to get it ready for next week. He said he will have plenty of plants for us next week.
  • Can either Friday or Saturday team refurbish row 3 for us? Thank you.

TUESDAY December 5th posted by Maureen with Tony
  • Winds are kicking up - we replaced the white row covers in two rows that had been dislodged, weighted down plastic covers near our compost, and layed down empty can to keep from blowing away
  • Sprayed rows 5 and 8 with Bt
  • If anyone saw some gardening gloves left out last week - please let us know where you put them - thanks

MONDAY, December 4 - posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted Dakon radish seeds between the cabbages in row 1 to repeal insects.
Watered the native garden.
Everything looked good at the garden.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3 - posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Lightly sprinkled Sluggo Plus around the newly planted cabbages in row 6 and covered the row.
  • Checked all rows in the garden; everything looks good.
  • Turned compost in the Biostack; will probably let it go 1 more week and then dump it out and start a new batch.
  • REMINDER TO ALL TEAMS: Please don't put thick broccoli and cauliflower stalks in the precompost bins unless you are willing to chop them up into little pieces. They don't decompose quickly enough for our limited composting operations. Just toss them in the green waste can. Thanks.
Tues team: spray Bt on rows 5 and 8. In row 8, try to spray directly on the cabbage heads. I could see worm holes and other signs of worms in the heads but not the worms themselves.
Thurs team: harvest; general garden maintenance. Please let me and/or Jane know if at any point you think we need 2 harvest days for the snap peas. Doesn't look like there's quite enough for 2 days yet but could be once the garden 2 peas start producing. Becky usually likes Sunday pea and bean deliveries so that's always an option.
Sat team: spread mulch around newly planted cabbage in row 6. There's now plenty of Miramar compost to use for this. No need to strain it. Just shovel an inch or two all down the row; precompost.
Sun team: check on row 6 seedlings; replace any if needed; Biostack.

SATURDAY, December 2 - Posted by Karen with Tricia, Naomi, Dave, Geeta, Anagh, and Heather
Garden inspection, weeding
Applied FE fertilizer to rows 5 & 7
Anagh helped Garden 2

FRIDAY, December 1-posted by Annette with Bernadine and Yuka
Tied up Peas with a row of twine and reinforced the trellis with twist ties This should help keep them from falling over.
There are lots of Peas ready to harvest! Fertilized with FE.
Watered outside the garden.
All rows were looking good.

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