The Backyard Produce Gardens are on the grounds of Sunshine Care Assisted Living in Poway, CA. Sunshine Care provides the land, the water, and the expertise of its Director of Horticulture, Roy Wilburn.

The gardens are 5000 square feet, plus an adjoining 1000 square-foot orchard. We follow organic gardening practices. The gardens are tended by volunteers, with all produce donated to local families in need.

The garden complex is organized into three gardens plus an orchard, each with its own volunteers. The links below lead to details about each.

Garden 1
Garden 1 was created in spring 2010.
In Spring 2011, an Eagle Scout candidate doubled its size.
Generous Donor to the Garden

Garden 2 - The Giving Garden
The Giving Garden was added in autumn 2011.

Garden 3 - The Millie Edwards Tribute Garden
Garden 3, The Millie Edwards Tribute Garden, was added in spring 2012.

The Backyard Produce Orchard
A 1000 square-foot stone-fruit orchard was added, adjacent to the garden, in February 2013.